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  1. water and the right temperatures. I remember my mom used to soak legumes/lentils in a big bowl and then tie them up into a wafer thin cloth. I could ask her for the exact thing if you cant find a procedure. I dont know about seeds and nuts.. if they can sprout
  2. The dried ones have been in use for ages. Ancient times did not have refrigeration.. so "dry fruits" are big in India. - Figs - Walnuts - Dates - Almonds - Cashew Nuts - Dried Grapes (Kish mis) - etc..
  3. 2 facts: 1) A human tooth kept in overnight in a cola dissolved in 24-25 hours 2) My dad used to travel to europe and had business associates there. At lunches he would drink colas instead of all the people who'd have wine.. They'd tell him.. mr. x u shouldnt be having so much colas..he was like why? We clean our car parts with it.. its the most amazing de greaser. Ive read a lot on HFCS.. and the fact that american obesity stems from it.
  4. Children are less CONDITIONED and/or JUDGEMENTAL. They are more PURE at HEART hence all things said and done they are as close to ENLIGHTENMENT we can get.. atleast.. without meditating.
  5. If I ever get into a "swingers" thing then Im gonna look you guys up. LOL!
  6. where did you get all the ingredients? Is this at some asian store?
  7. I used to get the Veggie Bowl.. but Ive consistently had a bloated stomach after eating that. I stopped going and eating that stuff. Wierd.
  8. We sit her talking and debating. Do we know what is really happening there? Is a local vegan group / member out there doing anything? All debates here become pointless.. atleast from the perspective of his immediate health.
  9. Definitely old school. Grandad keeps having it all the time with warm milk.
  10. Rob, I know this is a vegan board but if someone like me who is a vegetarian wanted to find the best non-vegan but vegetarian proteion period in terms of nutrition then which ones would you point towards? PS: My only experience was with Labrada Lean Body a couple of years back. I am wondering why we dont have the HEMP proten stuff here? Shouldnt we have a good organized thread on this ? Like an FAQ ?
  11. What about SPROUTS? My mom used to feed me green sprouts all the time.
  12. What about FRUITARIANS who want protein intake ?
  13. I'd love to take part.. in the Beginner category.. hehe.. I havent worked out in AGES. Im starting to do some body weight stuff at home... not to consistently I might report though.
  14. wow will.. natures way of creating something like that for us.. hydrating delicious and .. nitrating
  15. I am just curious.. what do a lot of visible veins show? does it indicate low body fat or something? Rob mentioned VASCULARITY. Can you elaborate?
  16. Hmm.. kicking probably not.. but in the last few pull ups my body crumples up into a curve. Is that bad? I get 1-2 more out of this in the 2nd set. 1st set is all clean.. 2nd in the end starts body curling position. Is it that the CoG of the body is changed and the moment (mass x displacement) changes so it becomes easier since im decreasing displacement.
  17. I came to read this thinking it was some positive way to keep track of animals and keep them safe. Disappointing
  18. Honestly I prefer the compound free style (body weight) variety. I used to do these as a max: Pull ups (front grip): 12 10 8 Parallel Bars : 10 8 6 (cant remember these as well) The thing was I had hit a plateau with them.. and could not figure out a way to go beyond. So I thought weight training was the only way to get stronger.. Not to say that I havent enjoyed the preacher curl.. but prefer free body / compound exercises. They feel more COMPLETE. Then again to change its SIZE / STRENGHT plateau..
  19. Big B you are my new idol for fitness & endurance.
  20. If you want to go really holistic. Its a yoga thing called 'Jal Netri'. Jal = Water. You use that aladdin like pot to "drink" water from the nose. I dont think you really drink it.. but circulate it in some way. My grandfather has been doing it for ages.. and is the least likely member to get a cough/ cold in the family.......EVER. PS: You could learn it from some local yoga / hindu experts. Wasabi can kill.. so I'd go with spicy indian receipes LOL. Feel free to try some GINGER Honey or GINGER laced milk (well if ur vegan.. ginger with something). Traditional remedies.
  21. Holy B.. B.. You need to give me a workout / diet plan.. Im in H.. and next time I drive up there.. You think you could create one?
  22. I very much agree with what you say crashnburn apart from the above quote. When thinking about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it is easy to forget ( maybe less so for Americans ) that Japan was the aggressor in the Pacific. Whilst I sympathise with the innocent victims of the atomic bombs, maybe many thousands, possibly millions, of lives were saved by the prevention of an attack on the Japanese mainland - Allied troops, Japanese civilians, Allied POW's who would have been executed ( many of whom had already dug their own graves after being informed they were digging 'swimming pools'). If the war had continued many more lives would have been lost than if the bombs were not used. There is deep controversy whether or not Japan was going to surrender anyhow - if the bombs were necessary - and were they really used as a marker in the coming Cold War and with an eye on the Soviets? The Japanese were absolutely ruthless, brutal and apart from the odd exception totally without mercy in their conquest of the Far East - The Rape of Nanking, The Bataan Death March, The Thai-Burma Railway etc etc. What if the Japanese had atomic weapons? - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_atomic_program http://fas.org/nuke/guide/japan/nuke/ http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Gulf/4963/jnuke.html http://vikingphoenix.com/public/JapanIncorporated/1895-1945/japan_abombs.htm Yes there has been ( usually inaccurate ) war movies about the fate of Allied POWS/civilians in Japanese hands. I'm not aware either of any mainstream movies about the effect of a barbaric Japanese occupation on the populations of China, Korea, Malaya, Siam, Burma, The Phillipines, Singapore etc etc. Everyone is ruthless. Japan, US, Everyone.. But mass murder is not justified under any circumstances. I wont even get into the debate of them having atomic potential back then. Maybe they did .. The example was not to point out Japan but the US ability to move forward on nuclear bombs. PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH. If I am not vegetarian in practice I cant preach it to someone else. DO AS I SAY.. DONT DO AS I DO.. is the motto everyone has.. Either ways.. we are pointlessly self justifying species.
  23. Beans cannot be and should not be consumed raw. When we would eat raw lentil pieces as kids our elders would scold us ..and tell us we'd have stomach problems. This is ancient knowledge. One other way is soaking and sprouting the legumes / lentil items you want to eat without COOKING.
  24. I'm reading the ingreds panel now & they list all the spices as "spice." Onion powder, black pepper & paprika get mentioned separately. I've tried one other chick patty & the Boca is better. Here is a recipe for vegan fried 'chicken' from VegWeb. A friend raves about this recipe & there are lots of online raves, too. http://vegweb.com/index.php?topic=7534.0 Please also post in receipes section so that people dont miss out on it.
  25. A friend of mine from AMS visited Zagreb and all he talked about was croatian women being very beautiful.
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