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  1. Good suggestion. Avoid foods that increase kapha...
  2. The point of yoga is not JUST to be acrobatically flexible. If thats what you think, then you've got it all wrong. There are tons of people who never become as flexible but their bodies benefit from the Asanas because every asana has a specific effect on the internal organs of the body in addition the muscles, joints etc. Even more subtly, it has an influence on the mind and the spirit. Yoga = Union... with yourself.
  3. [ Suryanamaskars ] (Do this single exercise sequence slowly.. and you're off to a great start... No gym, no nothing.. just you... Try 5 rounds TODAY.. and then see how you feel..), Yoga & Ayurvedic advise from a proper practitioner.. I lost 4 inches on my jeans in 3 weeks. There's no kinds of excess weight.. - One that will take you time to lose - the OTHER - Is toxic junk that your body is holding on to... To clear that out you need to invoke the Internal System Balancing mechanisms of the body.. through yoga & ayurveda. Most people do not know or are not aware of how much Yoga works on INTERNAL ORGANS, and not just the external aesthetic. Which is why tons of people follow it once they realize the benefits and are now rebranding it as they want to sell it.
  4. It cannot be beneficial if it has "cons". Organic fresh fruits and vegetables only have pros. Concerning ayurvedic diet, I like it and use it, mixed with other diets like veganism, low-fat raw vegan, Taoist nutrition, etc. Many Indian meals are not Satvic, most Indians eat way too spicy, we can smell the spices coming out of their skin because their body detoxify of all those spices. There's a lot more to Ayurveda that I dont think you have a grip on, as yet. Everything has V, P & K... Every item in Ayurveda has Indications & Contra-Indications. Each food item is not recommended for every person. Its based on body type. Different dairy products are recommended for different people in varying proportions Even fresh fruits & vegetables have their Cons.. If they aggravate V, P, K. Anything in excess or OUT OF BALANCE with your body can imbalance the body as per Ayurveda. Sattvic, Rajsic, Tamsic is a different balance & scale as compared to V, P, K. They are completely separate quality factors but combinations of these factors can be done for a persons diet. Meals that are not Sattvic can be pretty healthy as long as they are V, P, K balanced and not super high rajas, tamas. Sattvic, Rajasic, Tamasic is a quality of energy... whereas V, P, K are qualities of '5 basic elements' combined in different forms... Most Indians do eat too spicy..(sadly) because Red/Green Chili infiltrated these diets and its especially not recommended for Pitta types. But the "principle" herbs & spices.. and their usage in most dishes.. is a mark of great food fundamentals passed on from Ayurveda; e.g. Turmeric, Hing, Rai, Jeera, Dhaniya (Right amounts.. they are best digestive herbs).. (look up their english names) PS: There is no such thing as Ayurvedic Diet (like vegan, raw.. any extreme fad diet etc). Ayurveda is all-encompassing and has guiding fundamentals around everything... In fact, it can account for pretty much every positive or negative results anyone has had with any food.. or any diet they have had/ tried. Because of the fundamental premise that no food is a perfect or imperfect in any & every scenario. PS: The herbs that fix gas issues & induce better digestion for any Veggies, beans, chick peas, legumes & lentils... or anything else.. have been documented in Ayurveda for 1000s of years... Doesnt mean every Indian is eating as per Ayurveda guidelines... But probably the reason why BLAND eating Europeans & the rest of the world went to India & the east to trade spices... Funny that they made a company just for INDIA.. East India Company. PS: Yeah.. I dont like the extra spicy smell.. but it was much better than the fish, eggs, chicken & barbeque smells of Death that I had to endure in the US of A.. Man I used to walk away from those grills..
  5. Straight leg.. Ardh & Purna Salabhasana.. Boat & Superman.. They well all help your muscles grow strong and be good stabilizers. ... Its called Statics in Gymnastics.
  6. Lactose intolerance and allergy to casein is the truth and the reality, not studies. I guess to each his own truth and reality. As per my 80+ year old Vaid and another 60+ year old Vaid.. Milk has its pros & cons.. But is beneficial for me and several people.
  7. There was a mainstream article on CBS or CNN or MSNBC.. or some website I read.. where they talked about Vitamin water.. being worse then Cola.. and its made by the same people who make it.
  8. What is Many? There are always people who are not veg... India has one of the largest oldest vegetarian populations in the world. Case in point. .. Problem is people who want to try meat delicacies will find all ways to get around to eating it... so they escape their own guilt by saying they dont eat the Cow i.e. Beef but are okay with other meats. Thats the sad Indian way out... - I disagree with this completely. - Chickens I dont eat so thats out. - In the US or the west.. & factory farms.. yes.. Cows are mistreated. This has to change. - India has had a tradition to revere the cow. The highest God/ Savior in Indian culture was a Cow Herder.. Holy Cow! It is said that after Humans the highest level of consciousness exisits in Cows. This is the fundamental.. Ayurveda & scriptures for 1000s of years have been against consumption of any kind of animal / fish/ meat/eggs. These items are in-harmonious for the human consciousness & body. I know tons of Jain/ Gujrati people who wouldnt touch an egg or potato or onion... who are gorging down Taco bell Beef delights once they moved to America. Their parents might be lied to that they are still veg. Do you know why they dont eat potatoes or any undergound roots.. They fear eating any microbial entities.. In some odd way you are eating these micro-lives. So now they can have a higher moral ground than you if they chose to.. lol! As I said.. we have some 5000 years over you in being Veg.. So, you choose your way and we choose ours. So says your research and sources (50 or 100 years old), not mine 5000 years and more. In fact, everything in Ayurveda is so precise that most things that now Big Pharma are trying to Patent: Turmeric, Neem, Digestive Herbs & Spices etc... are part of daily life in India. It was so integrated. Did you even READ what I posted above on Ayurvedas outline on Milk? I've marked it in colors. Bottom line: Base for all our debates are BASIS. You find your basis in studies of the last 20/50 years.. I've looked at them as well.. But, I have also researched Ayurveda.. I find my BASIS there. And that may always differ.
  9. What's the point of talking about supposed pros of milk on a vegan forum ? Anyways, milk is for calves. And most of the world population is lactose intolerant and many are allergic to casein (Hmm... India & China.. Make a lot of the world population and trust me we have Milk.. We are not blessed with Whole Foods & similar food stores with Fancy SuperFoods & Algae & Brazilian Acai like the US & Europe). No animal species drink the milk of another species, especially not at adult age. Shall we talk about the Cons of milk on human health ? there's many. According to you milk does a man stronger. What's your explanation behind that ? The grownt hormones naturally found in it to allow the calves to grow faster faster (causing serious hormonal imbalance to humans who drink it), and the ones given to U.S dairy cows and found in American milk ? Now a recent study proved that milk and dairy make people fat because of that reason, especially all the "probiotic" yogurts... because the billions of live bacterias found in a small serving of yogurt are the same ones given to animal farms to activate their grownt. What am I doing here? I am not here to change the definition of vegan that you have in mind. We've been vegetarian for generations so when someone came up with the word VEGAN.. big deal. Except for milk & honey I have more in common with veggies here and have more to SHARE & LEARN than an Paleo or Meat pro forum. Are you here to argue... or prove or get proven.. ? or Learn from each other? ... We'd rather drop these small differences and unite if we are to get more people to go Veg & not KILL animals. For this kid and other going veg here.. we need to help.. not be "super policing" about what is vegan and push people off the boat for small differences. Its like 2 Zen Monks arguing over slight difference in meditation technique... v/s the Murderous Blood laced Tomb Raider.. lol!.. I respect your choice (s).. I believe you'll respect mine. .. Acceptance and love goes a long way... even if your friends eat meat.. I dont like it but I dont condone or criticize anyone.. I share my learnings and lifestyle benefits in the most decent diplomatic manner. Then, its their consciousness that shifts whenever.. If meat, beef & veal eating people in the west suddenly woke up and realized their folly them giving up milk / honey and think they are somewhat superior to generations of Indians who have revered, prayed and taken care of cows and been lacto-veg forever... Then please take the podium and make yourself happy. There's no point arguing. I am not even here to prove you wrong or prove myself right. I am here to share what I have learned. Of what I post below you can figure out what matches with your researchers and what doesnt... There are Pros & Cons to everything on the planet. I CANT CHANGE YOUR MIND ... and YOU CANT CHANGE MINE ... So lets AGREE TO HAVE SOME LOVEABLE DIFFERENCES.. and LIVE WITH IT Anyways... lets get to the point... MILK.. Pros and Cons as per Ayurveda... 5000+ years of natural organic PETA-friendly life science.. and respect and prayers to the Holy Cow! (most probably this used term by the west Holy Cow.. comes from the Indian influence on the British when they were so attracted to India that they formed a company in the name of India... East India Company) Ayurvedas take on Milk. Read carefully.. Also, there are way different notes for Curd/Yogurt & other dairy products. Ayurvedic practitioners recommendation of specific dairy products are made as per your body type after diagnosis (usually Pulse diagnosis). (Weather effect is also taken into account to balance your system.. PS: Are you taking your Milk cold or warm?) A nice story...
  10. Fully agree, in India the cow is holy. As I was on the 100% vegan trip there was something missing, I always was hungry, though I couldn't eat the quantities of beans I have made for myself and stuffed full until my throat I still felt a hunger feeling. With a little fish/eggs/cheese it left. Hey crashnburn, I see in your profiel that you migrated to India, what was the reason and how many years you are living there? What are you doin' sounds very interesting to me! Also, note that foods that are harder on the digestive system.. fish / eggs will stay longer in your system (which is not a good thing) hence you get that FULL feeling. Eggs/Fish (meat also) are not harmonic for our system. Could you imagine biting into a piece of flesh/fish as it was? ... Our teeth & digestive systems are not designed for consuming ANIMALS. Instead of extended debate I'd suggest some things that would / could help... I'd suggest getting some of the following to try & avoid the fish & eggs: - Milk + Almonds (You could find Badam Milk / smoothie receipes) - In fact, if you want to avoid Dairy (lack of organic/grass fed) Almond Milk could be a good base too. - Avocado - Its creamy texture is great but its not satisfying by itself.. With the right items / flavors.. it can be very satisfying - Coconut Water, Milk / Meat.. - Great texture and very satisfying as food / base / smoothie / curry. Very good / clean fats.. in fact has been vouched for by lots of people on Gymnastic Bodies forums. Some guys.. mixed their Protein powders in "thickened" Coconut milk. Creamy texture.. filling & satisfying. - Look at learning some Indian cooking receipes.. Paneer / Tofu/ Dals (Pulses & Lentils) Maybe some Malaysian/ Buddhist cooking.. (who best to learn veg eating from than the original veggies) - Indian spices/ herbs are great digestives as well as give you satisfactory feeling.. Might help consuming lentils/beans and even Palak Paneer (Pureed Spinach + etc) easier and more satisfying. The issue with any kind of food or diet.. Raw or Vegan or Vegetarian (or even those stone age minded Paleos lol).. is that they focus on avoiding X & going extreme on Y. We need a VARIETY of foods.. (not saying u need eat non-veg) to satisfy.. and hence you are feeling unsatisfied. If you only have tons of protein you'll crave carbs & fats.. Even if you balance all 3... Before P, F, C were discovered how did people eat? ... Food & its micro-nutrients are beyond western science and lab breakdowns... Nature created COMPLETE foods.. for us.. Western health science & their labs started breaking them down.. Imagine an Apple... Do you think its value is only that of what its composed of as discovered in a LAB breakdown? When you bite into a Juicy apple.. feel the energy.. "life force"... You wont find the same when you bite on a piece of meat.. or for that matter even in a piece of bread... or even a Power bar.. Food, health is beyond... Lab breakdowns... (And calories are a stupid misnomer from the locomotive era.. ever wonder how they are calculated??).. [LINK COMING UP - Myth of Calories - viewtopic.php?f=6&t=14430&start=210] Also as per Ayurveda.. your body type defines what food satisfies and balances your body dosha (imbalance).. Wouldnt hurt to get a Pulse Diagnosis done... to find out. Then you eat as per your body type & goals. I was born in India.. and I've lived in both continents traveled a bit.. I moved on a Spiritual Calling and its been quite a journey of learning about myself.. mind, body, spirit...(how one affects another)... how thoughts, feelings/ emotions affect us.. what causes us to BE we are... & DO what we do.. For now, looking at doing some socially entrepreneurship work at ground levels. Lets see where things go. Ideally 50% time here to 50% travel/work between US-Europe would be great. Lets see. PS: I'd suggest watching this movie - Peaceful Warrior... Carefully .
  11. Nice. If / when I was in SoCal would've teamed up with you .. PS: Lovely ideas.. You got a good song writer / lyricist for all these themes..?
  12. You dont have to be a teacher to do 2-3-5 minutes of relaxing yoga/ stretch with slow breathing. Add it after your workout.. thats what I do as a cooldown. The Raw diet increases Vata and you need to ground that energy. Raw is not good for all body types & mental states. Like any other FAD diet... extreme raw is not the best. http://www.google.com/search?tbs=bks:1&tbo=1&q=ayurveda+raw&btnG=Search+Books http://www.artoflivingindia.in/support_divineshop.asp - There are Eu/US/UK shops ..check out the Padmasadhna yoga sequence.
  13. Eat whole wheat Rotis (un raised) and add some digestive Indian herbs/spices and your gluten problem will go away.
  14. bodyweightculture.com gymnasticbodies.com giveittomeraw.com & here as well Google.. Suryanamaskars.. try it out.. & feel all ur muscle groups at once
  15. Ayurveda talks about Pros & Cons of meat/fish/eggs. Mostly the Pros are outweighed by the Cons. Also talks about Cow Milk & Ashwagandha as "Guru" for growth. Also, recommends Cow Urine for lots of benefits. Ayurveda fundamentals are so brilliant that once you understand them you can see why each & every so called DIET (fat diets..) worked / works for various people... from the angle they are looking. Not meaning that FAD diet is the best but HOW it works.
  16. Sometimes I also eat stuff with trace amounts of whey, eggs or other animal products in it - does that make me a vegetarian? I just don't see any point in obsessing over such miniscule things. Those ingredients are simply by-products of animal agriculture which would go away together with the industry. As I see it, trying to avoiding such ingredients 100% of the time doesn't do anything to change the situation, so I don't bother. Besides, as I've mentioned above, it is, after all, impossible. We would even have to give up books as they're usually bound with animal-derived glue. You can't make perfect decisions in an imperfect world. To me, veganism isn't about purity or following rigid rules, but, rather, about minimizing animal abuse. And there's more to it than just doing this and not doing that. Riding on a leather seat is pretty lame, though Refusing animal products all together is the way to get companies to only make vegan options. And i would not eat a product of torture. Take more pride in yourselves and you beliefs. If markets would only SHIFT this way.. They dont. People do things for themselves.. not JUST FOR animals. Most people here are doing that... the add-on is that you are not eating animals.
  17. The current Wrestler from India who won the Gold in World Wrestling Championships... is lacto-Vegetarian. Gets Almonds+Milk drink from his family village cows. A lot of old strong men used to drink litres of milk... So does this guy. I know there's a lot of Anti-milk debate here.. but if you take it from the largest VEG population on the planet.. in India.. milk has been a staple. It might help pack on those pounds. Then again... Milk is crappy in the US.. due to factory farming.. unless you for Grass-fed / Organic / Not super processed via pasteurization.
  18. It will make a man healthy and wealthy but wisdom is something someone is born with. The bible is just a compendium of wise sayings by wise people. People that follow religions aren't wise. Experience doesn't equal wisdom. As per Ayurveda, the Natural Body cycle is important for the body.. and for the mind. Ayurveda has been saying for 5000 years that any issue/ disease in the body starts first in the mind. Body affects mind & mind affects body at much greater levels that understood by Western medecine. Ayurvedic doctors can hold your wrist for 30 secs & read your pulse and tell you what your emotional / mental situation is and was.. pretty much outline your medical history.
  19. - Early to bed & early to rise.. makes a man.. healthy, wealthy & wise Natural rhythm of the body is tuned to the sun... and getting up early helps keep energy better.. Water before Bed (8 hrs of no drinking water..so prevent dehydration) & when u rise..(body is in kapha phase - piss/excretion, mucus...fluid removal timing) is critical..
  20. I never figured out what kind of type I am. I seem to have characteristics of all types About yoga: we always do yoga nidra after asanas on yoga classes, and after that I'm more than ready to sleep I'm definitely going to "cheat" on gym with my yoga classes soon Thanx for answering! I had been through a bout of 2 months of Insomnia.. so 2 years later now.. I am a qualified Yoga, Pranayam & Meditation teacher.. Lol! What you describe is - Excess Vata (mental thoughts / anxiety), - Excess Rajas (physical restlessness & fidgetiness).. Some points.. Yoga was helping you neutralize some of that mental Vata & physical Rajas.. Do you do any kind of slow stretching / relaxation / cool down at the end of your workouts? If you dont have time for extended yoga class, maybe doing some short set of asanas / stretches with deep long breathing (pranayam) would help. Follow it up by a short yoga nidra (you can do it yourself cant u?) Ideally yoga should be done in the early hour or prior to sunset/ dinner, but some of the above helps. More than anything some Pranayam should definitely help with the THOUGHTS PS: Careful if you're also eating something STIMULATING after that evening workout. Try this out...at a local center..
  21. Mary Moo Pig? lol! Cows & Pigs not on your Menu now ... Goodie.. Welcome.. Yeah sometimes between the GPA rush & parties workouts get lost.
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