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  1. Rob.. they dont just come along. Ive been down that path. Not changing what we do and expecting things to change ? You are a workout genius and know that results will not occur without putting in efforts. Just go out, be more social, talk to everyone at a bar, at a fair, at a mall. Make friends.. Even go for BBQs (I know i know).. Through one of those people you met.. u will meet others.. and eventually someone you like. NETWORK.
  2. All our emailing wont work. Some people need to go there with FOOD / SOME PRESS and maybe some connections with the DA / COUNTY / GOVERNMENT system. I think Sac has a vegan group.
  3. Why would they want to nuke israel in the first place? Why would Osama Bin Laden want to attack america? No one in the world has time to come and look into your house. But, if someone comes and MEDDLES in your matters, no matter how JUSTIFIED they are your reaction is not going to be positive towards them. Advocating democracy to them UPFRONT is equivalent to talking to a cowboy about veganism or gifting a person who cant read a book. Osmosis. That is the way. Dubai, UAE, Morocco & Bahrain are excellent examples of change in the mid east. It has to happen and it will happen internally.. slowly and steadily. India is not what it used to be 50 years ago, neither is China. Cultures will change.. in their own time.. as generations come and go. CHANGE IS INEVITABLE. YOU CAN NOT FORCE IT. IT TAKES ITS OWN COURSE. As the Zen master says.. IMPERMANENCE. Nothing is permanent.
  4. Behind every INITIATIVE there is a MOTIVE. What is the motive behind any nation wanting nuclear weapons? To annhilate other countries ? WRONG. If everything is annhilated there is nothing to gain. To create a DETERRENT to ensure other countries do not attack it in a large form and create a FEAR FACTOR based on.. I have it TOO.. i.e. IMMENSE FIRE POWER. Why is it that N Korea despite having Nuclear Weapons was not invaded by the US troops? Because you cant JUST invade a country with WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. This is why the cold war was sustained for so long. Ofcourse, it is easier to go to a country that DOES NOT HAVE WMDs ...claiming that they do. Its such simple logic. If the world is a STREET where every country is a thug, then you dont attack the ones who are likely to hurt you.. but you attack and eliminate the ones who you know will not be able to fight back, capture them and their possessions. Why cant you arm twist NK, India, China, Pakistan etc. Because, they care a damn, because they know they have DETERRENTS. i.e. they are not going to take INTERFERENCE into their INTERNAL activities. This is an age old mechanism used by everyone from Alexander to Genghis Khan to the Colonial rulers (Brits, French, Portugesi.e, Spanish). All this talk about spreading democracy to Iraq... Democracy does not come from the outside. It comes from inside the people. Time and again.. people who live inside nations have woken up and made it happen. Gandhi drove out the british with NON VIOLENCE. Thats how India got democracy. Where was the US of A when the British were ruling India as a colony. Where did the values of democracy disappear? Its all about SELF INTEREST. As agent smith said "Human beings are a VIRUS, they exhaust resources.. spread and consume ..exhaust". Remember and dont forget, the only country to have ever used N Weapons on MASS CIVILIAN POPULATION was the United States. We see movies of Germany, Nazis and anti-semitism & Holocaust during WWII. No one portrays what effect 2 nuclear bombs had on Japan. PS: In some fashion our vegan/ vegetarian beliefs are somehow in the interest of our SELF VALIDATION in "being better" humans than non vegs. He he.. I am sure to get some responses to this.
  5. Yes. rinse a couple of times.. thoroughly since there is a possibility of fertilizer, pesticide or some kind of insect repellent.. (as per my mom) To rise lentils faster use a pressure cooker
  6. He he.. sounds like a nice reciepe for indian dal makhani without the cream
  7. I mean the trainer said it was not for entire BW but only for LBM (lesser).
  8. Sending email. Shouldnt some local vegan people go there with a big bowl or rice & beans and give it to them so that atleast he can eat something for now?
  9. I dont have a routine but there are things I remember my sisters, cousins and females in the family doing in terms of natural products. 1. Multani Mitti (its a kind of mud pack with a kind of soft mud.. naturally obtained from some places) 2. Cucumber, and some kind of yogurt, turmeric etc .. for face packs. Cant remember.
  10. SeaSiren. Thanks for the addresses. I had actually looked that up on their website picked up a bunch of stuff from KROGER. Been eating that for a couple of days now. Find that they are a little small.. and do not fill me up. HUNGRY! But delicious. It seems a little expensive. I am wondering its possible to buy in BULK.. from somewhere for cheaper ? Like a Costco / Sams / Big lots That way I can eat more than one .
  11. Hmm.. 2g per lb of Body Weight ? A trainer once told me Protein needs to be (x) grams (cant remember) for per lb of LEAN BODY WEIGHT. ie. Body Weight - Weight of BF%age x weight.
  12. I love fruits. I could live on them except that they dont help the fullness factor for a long time. Get hungry fast.. and in daily work life its not easy to see through the day.
  13. I am not the expert but from some experts.. The body goes into certain rhythms during the day and night. Prior to sleeping it wants to minimize all processes, activities etc. and go into hibernate mode. Activating it physicall or mentally.. i.e. action film, loud music vs light reading, soft music.. affects things. Ive been told to not sleep or lie down atleast an hour or so after eating. Your body is designed for digesting things.. sitting / standing vertically. Thats probably what makes things better or worse. How much it affects weight gain or absorbtion assimilation of nutrients into muscle or fat or buring of CARBS you ate depends on how and when ur body gets into certain rhythms.. but if u are winding down.. its better to not eat a lot. Breakfast like a KING Lunch like a PRINCE Dinner like a PAUPER.
  14. I've literally raised 2 baby cousins of mine. Love spending time with them. Showed them around for 10 days all the disney / universal parks in Orlando. Wild!.. The most fun I've ever had in my life. PERIOD. ...and on veg food. LOL! Its so funny & sad that disney parks have a lack of veg food despite the fact that they attract people from all over the world. So we used to make (well my aunt used to.. and we'd help) tomato cucumber chutney cheese sandwiches with flat bread. That was the best meal I could have through the day.
  15. Great. I guess I'll have to eat two of them instead of one. Now that we've determined a good brand of food to go with, can I get some insight into the following: WHERE TO BUY? (Cheaper / Value for money) - Stores or Online? Probably buy them in bulk. I have the following stores around here.. I havent heard of WinCo or Fred Meyer around TX. ?? Are they present in TX ? Following stores aboud: Kroger, Randalls, Albertsons, HEB, Costco, SAMs, Walmart etc. ITEMS YOU LIKED OR WOULD RECOMMEND. Can you post items you liked in terms of: - Taste / Flavor - Health Value (Good low fat, Good protein etc.)
  16. so whats a good benchmark on this? 0.5 gm per pound of body weight? Is that for muscle size maintenance / endurance or for muscle growth? I'd love some benchmarks.
  17. Can someone please recommend some? Factors: 1- I am lacto-vegetarian (I hope this does not cause all the vegan core to start bashing me again). My stomach gets upset if I dont have yogurt.. (go figure). Being indian we use a lot of homely receipes that involve yogurt as a good agent for the stomach. (ANYWAYS.. PLEASE LETS NOT DEBATE THAT AND GO OFF TOPIC) 2- This is for a large number times when I have no time to cook and end up having to grab a veggie sub from the local subway 3 - I'd like something that gives.. ... Some Protein ... Is not too expensive ( Please recommend good store to go & buy) ... Is quick & easily microwaveable ... Does not leave me hungry Ideally Id like to be able to cook fresh & eat but at the moment I need something of this sort. I could use your advise. ALSO valuable would be ready to eat bars / shakes etc. / snacks.
  18. Dead stuff stinks. Since I was a child.. I hate these smells.
  19. Firm mattresses are best for your back. Ive slept on the floor (with some sheets to avoid the BONE factor) for couple of years and it was great for my back. Dont ever do soft/pillow top or water beds or pillows. They are BAD. For shape accustom pillow, try a bunch of mustard seeds inside one.. its standard usage for little babies
  20. Drop SALT consumption. - Turmeric ... is the number one home used item in india.
  21. hey.. he he.. its no problem reading the stats of a puerto rican girl. hehe.. just kidding . Keep rocking.
  22. Bio cardian rhythms affected. If affected to the extreme ( I know a former co worker) they cant sleep for months on end without medication. Horribly painful.
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