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  1. Quick Scan.. will re read.. Interesting. I guess it needs a really well outlined ROADMAP
  2. He is trying to be cocky ... a hard attempt at being funny.. and cocky like the presidente..
  3. Great for cleansing the system.. all the sytems.. blood, lympho and even the "BEAN" digestive. I know people doing HOT WATER therapy as well to clean the bowels..
  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Honest to god, F***ing great. . PS: Can you lobby for more restaurants to carry "HEALTHY" Veg food. Since you said you would be travelling a lot doing this.. you will have less access to your kitchen like I do. (I travel too much). and control over diet is difficult. I have to scrounge to grab a stupid veg pizza, sandwich, sub or pasta. None of these have had a great effect on my mid section.
  5. cg. my 2 cents. There is a unique art to cooking Indian cuisine. Indian civilization are said to be the only & longest surviving till today. Second to that was the egyptian civilization. Indian traditions are based on Vedas and Upanishads which are said to be the number one source of knowledge in the world. The oldest, the wisest.. they are said to have mapped & documented stuff, the earth, its size, and number of other before anyone else. Hehe .. a little off topic. But, essentially I think cooking has certain benefits in terms of killing pathogens etc (In india its recommeded to boil water as a means of killing bacteria etc). RAW is good. But everything raw may not be ideal. We learnt over time that certain things could be better processed by our systems in certain ways. My mom used to never throw away water or gravy that veggies were cooked in. It absorbs. In terms of nutrients.. there is not elimination but possibly more of a transformation. (Overcooked in oil.. is bad) but light cooking or boiling veggies is not that bad. Ofcourse, balancing the raw (salads.. washed) and the cooked is important.
  6. RIB CAGE Expander from what my first trainer taught me in 1993-94
  7. door gym or everlast multi functional door gym im using it now,, add remove from door frame in 2 seconds. 29 $ shipped on amazon
  8. To answer some of these questions.. Are you skinny? I used to be. Is your face pale? I dont know, I am not white so I cant really tell. You often wear sunglasses and use sunburn protection cream? Nope. You prefer candles to electric light? Nope. Are you tolerant to temperature changes? Cant tell.. You look much younger than your age? Yes. You have a deep, magnetizing look? Yes. You are rarely ill, avoid medicines? Yes. Do you judge smokers and drug users? Not really. But they are better of.. Do you like night-time loneliness? At times.. long drives at night.. or a stroll.. Do you like raw meat? No. You like occult sciences? WHAT IS THAT? You like dressing in black? At times.. earlier on a lot.
  9. I came across this by change.. and it was .. wierdly fascinating.. how true.. I dont know.
  10. Another thing.. about that strong stomach acids.. I think the couple of times I went to Chipotle to have their VEG bowl or fajita.. Ive had wierd stomach the whole afternoon & evening afterwards. I dont remember where but it mentioned that their so called CLEAN BEANS have MEAT in them. Several instances I have asked Chipotle management and they say no. Can I sue them like the guy who sued McDonalds...?
  11. My grandfather used to always tell us.. "You are what you eat". In india there is a concept of saatvik (+ve) v/s taamsik (-ve) (spellings may differ).. where foods have that kind of effect on ur mind & body.. Im not the expert here... but..
  12. Where could I buy these seeds.. ? These seeds that you SPRINKLE on pretty much anything.. ?
  13. At this buddhist zen center ..waste.. is minimized so when we are there.. for the duration of the day we take a disposable cup write our names on it and use it. End of the day its discarded. So u dont end up using several cups during the day.
  14. Robert.. Honestly, Id say in one way it is good if you get featured in a magazine that you might not like.... but only as long as they pass on the complete story / message... your inspirational story of going veg & then building up.. If that reaches an audience that is not INFLUENCED yet.. well.. now they have a shot at being influenced.
  15. Clean the internet cache.. and u can vote as many times. . Ofcourse, if you really want to push the limits.. there are BOTS that can be used. or distributed bots.
  16. I read some article about the UK having really high teen pregnancies.. and largest age group in that was 15-16.
  17. Hmm.. You'd see naked/topless/ barely clothed women pictures in calendars and posters on guys walls.. For a female in the same area.. u'd be hard pressed to put up something of the exact same nature.. they'd put up stuff thats less risque..
  18. congratulations . I'm glad you are out and about and making stuff happen.
  19. I voted once. Would another vote.. be - ethically correct in terms of cheating? - morally correct in saving animals? Id choose this.
  20. We should sticky post this one to continually follow it. Illusions : The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah - Richard Bach Jonathan Livingstone Seagull - RB Sand & Foam: The Book of Aphorisms - Kahlil Gibran TO DO: - Conversations with God - In communion with conciousness
  21. Offtopic.. but I was surprised when someone brought to my notice 'meat eating' apes. My belief was shaken. How did that happen?
  22. NO. We've grown up praying to cows. Either ways.. lets agree to disagree.. because I've seen a different version of a different life somewhere that you havent.. Maybe someday I'll have a self realization and go vegan. Your overselling wont make it happen. Just like when my dad would say ..you should go swimming.. you should workout.. too much pushing.. made me tune it out . Now I know.. about it.. I'll let it sink in and see if I can head in direction somewhere in my mind.. PS: I know u want to have the last word here.. so.. go ahead .
  23. I appreciate your compassion and energy in this direction cpgirl. I still believe in that quote that ends in.. ".. show me and I shall remember". I think we should all carry little portable videos of PETA type stuff on our PDAs, phones, media players etc. If someone is interested.. show them and keep quiet. Let that SILENCE be the powerful thought that resonates through their minds. Trust me .. it is like the slow.. haunting. I think an AGGRESSIVE STANCE is the way to tacklet it. I agree with you on that. But, the psychological GROUNDING into someones head needs to be INVOKED in a SMART manner. BELIEFS CHANGE NOT WHEN SOMEONE SHOVES SOMETHING IN YOUR FACE. BELIEFS CHANGE WHEN YOU ARE INSPIRED AND INTERNALLY MOTIVATED BY WHAT YOU HAVE COGNITIVELY FIGURED OUT AND REACHED A DECISION ... A DECISION WITH A SELF COMMITED SENSE OF TOTAL OWNERSHIP. (wow.. that just came out). PS: This is to some extent how great leaders motivate and convince their listeners.. PPS: But ofcourse every SALESPERSON has a unique way of selling their product or IDEA. Preaching is selling as well. The smart salesperson gets better results.. than the in your face you have to buy this car salesperson. PPPS: Lets agree to disagree on the WAYS that these ideas need to be PREACHED even though the ideas remain the same.
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