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  1. MINORITY REPORT. What if you KNEW what you WOULD 'possibly' do in a scenario that is going to happen to you? Would you DO it differently if you knew ?
  2. More fruits, more fresh juices. If you cant juice them yourself (time, lazy like me) then get Naked or Odawalla.. natural as it can get... or the JAMBA JUICE shop next door.
  3. Reading all this stuff here makes me realize... Is it possible to get PETA type VIDEOS into formats & files that one can carry in an iPod video/ portable media player, pdas, pdaphones etc. I probably wouldnt go and push a statement in anyones face. But, if the topic ever goes in that direction.. all i have to do is CLICK - SHOW.. and SHUT UP. No PREACHING. Let them think it out for themselves.
  4. I know.. Im lazy and need things done fast so I would go to the canned ones too. This what my mom taught me.. 1. Wash & wash properly.. maybe 2-3 times.. to ensure any chemical residue or 'insect / pest' repellant is washed out. 2. Soak overnight before the day of cooking (length depending on which one it is.. CHICK PEAS, KIDNEY BEANS, BEPeas, Black/Masoor usually take longest) 3. Cook in a pressure cooker for faster cooking (still takes a long time). I used to get back from the gym, put the SOAKED kidney beans on the cooker for 3-6 whistles, hit the shower.. come back and cook in a towel . Ofcourse, I was in shape then. Cooking everyday.. . Too lazy and busy travelling now.
  5. Im Indian. OILY? Hmm.. thats wierd.. Cant really tell without seeing/feeling ? Is it just MOIST & hence STICKY? Did you buy it from an Indian Store like that? PS: The best thing I can remember if at all is.. MOISTURE/CONDENSATION can cause stickiness. Thats about it. I did look up hemp. Wikipedia mentions its a derivative of Marijuana plant.
  6. The original question I wanted to place was.. Is it possible to build / gain muscle and lose fat at the same time? (Anabolic, Catabolic ..etc)?? Ive heard so many varying theories here.. I thought might as well get another one.
  7. True. Its not that it does not read every word. The humand mind RECOGNIZES PATTERNS of LANGUAGE LEANT FROM (SPEECH, HEARING ALL THE TIME, PREVIOUS READING) and automatically FIXES them in real time. Namely like a SPELL CHECKER. But here it does more than that. COGNITIVE ABILITIES we develop. Now if this happened to someone who does not know the language well.. and cannot RECOGNIZE PATTERNS well.. then..
  8. Have a goal.. a plan where you see not doing this anymore. I was told by a cab driver in Houston that one his fellow african immigrants had worked crazy days & nights for 2-3 years, lived on bread & peanut butter for that time to buy a HOUSE.. they saved, bought a house, went to school (pharmacy or something) and now have feasts. Ive seen people go through that..Success Stories. So have that PLAN of what AFTER.
  9. I did not read the whole thread.. but will re iterate my stand.. EXTREMISM ELITISM EXCLUSIVISM... are all turn offs.. even if you do have those attributes. The Buddha, Jesus, Moses, & other god/god likes ..none of them went around beating someone on the head to listen. THEY HAD AN "AURA" that spoke for itself. A Leader leads.. does not push. If you want someone to learn from you dont push and teach.. be the BALL.. and things will happen as they are suppossed to happen. Expect nothing.. Be prepared for the worst, Hope for the best.
  10. Ok. I travel a lot for work and my feet hurt a lot due to dress shoes so I was recommended ROCKPORTS since most of them are certified by the American Podiatric Assoc.. PS: I do find them extremely comfortable. Apologies to all people here. But that was honest. I would consider going in a different direction in the future if possible.. Can anyone vouch for ROCKPORT like VEGGIE shoes?
  11. This was the first essay I wrote as a child in India.. (transalted). Cow is our mother.. Cow gives us milk.. Cow is... x ... Cow has 4 legs... etc etc.. Which is why even if you step into a McDonalds in India.. the hamburgers will not have beef. Beef consumption is practically non existant there. Indian food habits.. revlove BIG TIME around milk products. Pretty much every day of my life I've had home made curds (best for SPICY INDIAN FOOD DIGESTION), home made lassi (ultimate summer heat coolant), etc. A bunch of cows & bulls are used for agriculture.. (where people dont have machinery) for ploughing fields, for transporting in rural areas etc. Either ways.. time to go talk to the local ISKCON people.
  12. I gifted someone who is vegetarian a book 'Vegetarian Barbecue' for all you summer barbecue fans. Since its a 'thing to do' this book might help.
  13. The best thing I noticed was ones ability to choose a LOCATION on the TRIANGLE (Proten, Carb, Fat) and see what foods fall into that area.
  14. Hmm.. Is it possible to find a VEGETARIAN/VEGAN personal trainer in Houston, TX?
  15. Jay - I used to do 12 / 10/ 8 pullups (3 sets) (front hold) couple of years back. I stopped exercising, change of life etc. etc.. and find myself unfit.. I recently started with just the following: - brisk walking - pushups - pull ups ( 6, 3/4, 1/2) - 3 sets I have to ofcourse lose a lot of BF that wasnt there before.. But, Im wondering if you have suggestions on improving my pullups simultaneously. I am using the "door gym" thing for pullups in the door frame.
  16. I know . I just dont like ELITEST mindsets.. and that not just for VBB but even other groups totally unrelated to Vegan or body building. Whether it is the guy who supercharged his vehicle to 900 hp or someone who built a gaming rig that rocks. They dont need to go around BASHING others. PS: Are there no HAPPY COWS anywhere in the united states? I recall the times at a village where one relative of ours had their own cows.. and calves and they would feed, pray to the cows etc. What if someone found a holistic way to do dairy?
  17. We are so scary as a human race... that we have to go in this direction and choose between the two.. I dont know which side is right or wrong.. and things apply on peoples scenarios.. I'd rather not see life ended prematurely.. But then hearing about unwanted pregnancies changing & impacting peoplese lives.. thats scary too. A few days back this Non profit guy was talking about an 11 year old pregnant with a child.. that belonged to her father.. It scares me .. to think we are human at all. I can take EITHER side on this front.
  18. wow.. rob.. id love to take part.. but Im wondering if I will have 1) a good enough plan to work with .. 2) and then Execute it..
  19. Cool. we should meet. I am not super pro active on legislation and ARA fronts at this point in my life... maybe some day I might go in that direction.
  20. He he.. Well a lot of the cattle in India feeds on grass & dry hay.. This grass and hay is not really from CULTIVATED land. As in.... if there was an ability to produce some good crop on some land then they would not have grass/ fodder growing there. Anyways.. how about some advise on that workout plan ? Ill try to get pictures & goals in order.
  21. I was just wondering what ideas we have here? I was searching and found this. This make any sense? http://www.dummies.com/WileyCDA/DummiesArticle/id-1827.html
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