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  1. I am marking this for future reference
  2. If she is attracted to you, how your chest looks will be the last thing on her mind. Check out gymnasticbodies.com... Like Yoga.. and more
  3. If you read the hours / sched of his Mat work.. I'm sure he gets hungry
  4. Read up on your Prakruiti. Vata - Air - Low Digestive Fire - Raw Foods may cause increase in Air.. Lots of anxiety, thoughts etc. Pitta - High Fire - Strong Appetite Depends if you are Vata Dominant then you need to take care with your eating. Look up the Vata-Pitta diet recommendations online. PS: If you google for Ayurveda Encyclopedia PDF, you'll have a great reference. Add to that.. Google Books Search... You can read relevant sections in several books. . And ofcourse, buy one.
  5. Good online test....? What for? Ayurveda Prakruti detection? http://www.google.co.in/search?hl=en&rlz=1C1CHMQ_enIN306IN306&&sa=X&ei=jiGOTNCHA4uMvQONgO3nBg&ved=0CBcQBSgA&q=ayurvedic+prakriti+test&spell=1 Ah! India trip
  6. World championship Gold goes to humble Indian Veg Wrestler: http://www.outlookindia.com/images/photoessays/sushil_kumar_20080922.jpg http://blog.petadishoom.com/Sushil%20Kumar.JPG Given that India is probably the worst country when it comes to support Sports Talent, absolute lack of training and funds.. unless you are a highly marketed CRICKET player. Other than that.. Indian sports... suffer.. I say hats off to this guy from a very HUMBLE background. http://www.zimbio.com/2008+Beijing+Summer+Olympic+Games/articles/Jwx8S0pjHrS/WWC+Wrestler+Sushil+Kumar+Wins+Gold+Medal [Read entire Article for his story... of lack of training, funds and of persistence] I have never been to a cinema hall: Sushil Kumar http://www.telegraphindia.com/1090215/jsp/graphiti/story_10534875.jsp
  7. Do it. Go back.. stick with it.. slowly.. and then watch the changes in yourself.. physically, mentally and so on..
  8. Recommended After Stretching.. - Yoga recommends the same.. Warmup & Joints loosening first.. and slowly more.. end with asanas with more antagonistic direction stretches - Gymnastics: Coach Sommers.. pretty much similar ...thoughts - BB (posted above) People might mix some Active Stretching into Statich Stratching.. they are different and the way its done/ degrees etc different. For better understanding.. Coach Sommers is the guy to ask
  9. Crossfit guys are not pro-machine.. So might be a good thing if you look at it from that angle. Their slogan - Dont use a machine, be one. bodyweightculture.com gymnasticbodies.com Might help
  10. Fundamental premise. Foods.. come from Life.. You can do whatever you want to a piece of stone.. You cant eat it or process it to give it "Life Force (Prana)" giving abilities. For exactly the same reason that Veg food is recommended over "Meat" (dead food) in Ayurveda.. is that Meat has zero to no Prana.. Life giving Force. Probably the reason why a lot of people feel a super kick with Raw / High Raw.. or Fruits (very high Prana). OLD FOOD.. Has no Prana.. or low prana.. or zero.. Which is probably one reason why ... throughout traditional Indian Cuisine you'll be hard pressed to find anything thats Baked or Fermented... (typically done in other places to make FOOD with LONGER.. SHELF LIFE).. Ayurveda... highly recommends eating freshly cooked foods.. not older saved.. longer shelf life stuff.. Is very against foods fermented with yeast. Then again.. Prana is not the only parameter when it comes to Food attributes as understood by Ayurveda (5000 year old Health & Life science).. Might help to look it up.
  11. Bombay/ Mumbai. I was born in India.. spent a lot of time out of here.. now a spiritual calling pulled me back . I'll say this.. Do Suryanamaskars.. (Google it.. ) It has 10-13 (Antagonistic) Asanas depending on variation. And the sequence pretty much hits every muscle group in your body... PS: I ask anyone here to try them out and see how the feel after.. Its wierdly burning and energizing .. Anyways.. I dont see a point in debating or proving how effective / good it is. Try it for a few weeks and then tell me how they feel. Simple as that folks Whats a got online test? PS: Just noticed that pink .. is that an Indian outfit?
  12. Do share / summarize in short this Armstrong training thats been working well for you ?
  13. Alternate and do both or keep some relaxing yoga stretches at end of workout. Joint strength, Tendon Strength, Stability... Yoga / Static body calisthenic holds rock Hypertrophy - Weights and other calisthenics If you were into yoga, you should check out the Gymnastic Strength stuff I linked in prev post. tomorrow I am flying back home from the vacation, and guess what is first on my last the very day in the evening? YOGA! Those gymnastic exercises you posted are great, but I am not that advanced. Unfortunately, it took me 30 years to realize I love sport. I started with yoga when I was 30 and with weight lifting couple of months ago, in the age of 37. I wish I was wiser and used all that years for sport and nt for drugs and alcohol... Hope you join the forum at gymnasticbodies.com ... Brilliant stuff.. Brilliant Coach (America's no.1 Gymnastics Coach talking to you Mano Armano)
  14. Op - Major different between how you workout & food.. for Strength, Hypertrophy or Met con.. look it up.
  15. Lots of Suryanamaskars and Yoga You'll come out better toned & fit than with all the other stuff.. Nothing better for a womans body unless she wants to start looking "manly" PS: Eat as per your Ayurvedic bodytype - Check online test
  16. Alternate and do both or keep some relaxing yoga stretches at end of workout. Joint strength, Tendon Strength, Stability... Yoga / Static body calisthenic holds rock Hypertrophy - Weights and other calisthenics If you were into yoga, you should check out the Gymnastic Strength stuff I linked in prev post.
  17. in freezer. i think 1 or 2 months is OK. I've kept beans in my freezer much longer than that in a freezer bag. DONT DO THAT! God... its bad to freeze food that long.. No life force remains.. No Prana.. And with prior cooked beans .. Gas Ideally cook on the day you want to eat. But for practicality.. you can do alternate days (I used to cook lentils / kidney / chick peas.. for 2 days of meals). Or maybe twice a week.
  18. I do a mix of Gymnastic Strength + Yoga Building an Olympic Body through Bodyweight Conditioning http://dragondoor.com/articler/mode3/229/
  19. We Indians have been soaking & cooking tons of beans and lentils forever. For a detailed list on which one and how... look around / search..
  20. I found some amazing ayurvedic substitutes. For application Kshir Bala Taila (Oil) Pinda Taila (Oil)
  21. A gymnastics training blog that I follow. Do guide me on a veg substitute.. for it.
  22. Lot more where that came from. Ayurveda is the worlds oldest (5000 years) health & nutrition science. I was surprised that this was the only mention to Ayurveda & Ayurvedic lifestyle, nutrition, health & treatment on the entire forum.
  23. Holy hell.. Im late to the party but.. AWESOME TRANSFORM. Quite committed I bet. Do share your story with details so I can send it to other people & inspire them to transform.
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