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  1. Beginning Resurrection - Experiences of a Peaceful Warrior Bodyweight & Gymnastic Training Friday, July 24, 2009 4:42 AM Age: 31, but look like I am in my early 20s. Genetic gift of sorts. Sex: Male Location: India. Formerly, TX, CA, CO etc. in the USA for 8 years (2001 - 2008) I'd like someone to create me a starting workout plan that I don’t have to think about much. Just go with it. I'd like to combine Gymnastics Progressions (From Coach Sommers Book - Building the Gymnastic Body), Bodyweight Culture type exercises & I already do some Yoga for stretching & relaxation. I want to focus on Function over Aesthetics in the long run as per Coach Sommers - Strength over Size fundamental. BUT I need certain aesthetics fixed since I've lost a lot of size on a whole bunch of clothes fast. Please do point out any warm up, cool down, joint prehab / rehab etc & suggest appropriately so that I can just go with it. I just received my Xtreme Rings but I have yet to open up the box put them up since I'm under the weather. I have a pullup bar lodged in a Passage way 3ft (Wide) x 8.5 ft (High) I am planning to get / build PVC Paralletes as well FITNESS GOALS: LONG TERM FUNCTIONAL FITNESS - Based on the following: Body weight related exercises (CURRENT SCHEDULE) * Gymnastic Bodies (Coach Sommers) - Strength & Aesthetic * Calisthenics - Functional Fitness, Strength, Aesthetic (BodyweightCulture.com, etc) -- Always enjoyed Pullups, Dips etc. -- Prefer COMPOUND exercises v/s Non compounds * Yoga - Overall fitness, posture, Mind-Body Union, Relaxation, Stretching Martial Arts (SCHEDULE PERMITTING SOMETIME IN THE FUTURE) * Capoeira (Love the dance martial art form) * Krav Maga (Self defense aspect) * MMA / Muay Thai / BJJ / Kickboxing etc? - MAYBE!!! If I get the time from the above SHORT TERM GOALS: - Burn the Tyre and hopefully get a flat tummy.. Even better if a 6 pack - Fat Loss, Cutting - Need to increase Size of following : - * Arms - * Shoulder - * Chest - I'd want STRENGTH over SIZE but SUDDENLY all my clothes got loose due to weight loss - I went from 34" to almost 30" waist while doing some minimal yoga and my Arms, Shoulders & Chest lost a bunch of size. I think I lost a lot of muscle with the fat - Pictures show how my arms have gotten way SKINNY. - People and friends think I look weak. - I might have lost some good muscle while trimming up. But I feel more energetic than I used to with a lot of flab on me. Lighter. SPECIFIC GOALS & MILESTONES: I am open to suggestions on SPECIFIC MEASURABLE GOALS and MILESTONES. CURRENT TAPE MEASUREMENTS: Height - 5'9" / 5'9" (Varies measuread at various places) Weight - 64 kg (on empty stomach as of 8/11/2009) Neck - 17" Bicep - 12.5" Forearm - 10.5" Wrist - 6.5" Chest - 42" Waist - 30/ 32" Hips - 36" Thighs - 21" Knees - 13" Calves - 12.5" Ankles - 9.5" Bi-Deltoid - 17-18" CURRENT PICTURES: http://lh6.ggpht.com/_DSCgTU6qhpw/SoFpJ5P5HNI/AAAAAAAAAfA/NCxzT30xf8o/s288/IMG_0383.JPGhttp://lh3.ggpht.com/_DSCgTU6qhpw/SoFpLK2NkGI/AAAAAAAAAfE/MQSCn-zZWjw/s288/IMG_0384.JPGhttp://lh6.ggpht.com/_DSCgTU6qhpw/SoFpMR9HIoI/AAAAAAAAAfI/QRDnMNRn0j8/s288/IMG_0385.JPG CURRENT LIMITS: (To be Added) - Pullups Max: - Pushups Max: ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: * EXERCISE LOGGING CHART from forum member 'niftyvt': http://good-times.webshots.com/photo/2357091780068627946FZvQIU DIET RECOMMENDATIONS: ??? Please do make some diet recommendations as well if you can. PREVIOUS WORKOUT HISTORY: 1993: * Age 15/16: -- Gym workout 2000: * Age 22: -- Gym Workout 2001: * Age 23: -- Summer - Heavy Gym Workout and Good heavy Food habits -- Put on a bunch of Muscle. 2003: * Age 25: -- Group X Class @ 24 hr Fitness: 1 hr Kickboxing & 1 hr PiYo (Pilates Yoga) for around 3 months -- Lost / burnt some fat 2007: * Age 29: -- Post from 2007 -- PAST PICTURES: (To be added) POSSIBLE WORKOUT AREA PICTURES: * Stair Area: (PRIMARY) Height - 102" / 8.5 Ft Width - 3 Ft Have a pull up bar put in between 2 beams http://lh3.ggpht.com/_DSCgTU6qhpw/SoFpH7WuCLI/AAAAAAAAAe4/a4v0xHL5hxI/s288/IMG_0378.JPG http://lh4.ggpht.com/_DSCgTU6qhpw/SoFpI1SfLvI/AAAAAAAAAe8/cUPC0Z8RcL4/s288/IMG_0379.JPG * Garage: Height - Width - Have 2 Ceiling hooks mounted in Concrete 1 hook has Punching bag hanging kind of on the side of garage 1 hook is unused at this point but at center of the Garage http://lh5.ggpht.com/_DSCgTU6qhpw/SoFpB0sQcAI/AAAAAAAAAek/IGLDGqanlPo/s288/IMG_0278.JPG http://lh6.ggpht.com/_DSCgTU6qhpw/SoFpDAdUmnI/AAAAAAAAAeo/6clADpfSuPE/s288/IMG_0280.JPG http://lh5.ggpht.com/_DSCgTU6qhpw/SoFpEmUtwYI/AAAAAAAAAes/h6JlhHwPB2g/s288/IMG_0285.JPG * Outside Area (Between Building Columns): Height - Width - http://lh3.ggpht.com/_DSCgTU6qhpw/SoFpFmOrY7I/AAAAAAAAAew/wDPl8AMF_TM/s400/IMG_0290%20Panorama.jpg http://lh3.ggpht.com/_DSCgTU6qhpw/SoFpGuHLvXI/AAAAAAAAAe0/0pKfHna-BiQ/s288/IMG_0295%20Panorama.jpg
  2. We recently got a punching bag installed in our garage. I am going to use that and considering Body Weight Training + This Hammer thing. Really Curious about this. Any such "worker" / "labour" technique for the lower body?
  3. Agree with you. As I said before.. I loved your first question - HOW DO WE MEASURE IT. In fact, I love this post as well - Because, you are thinking on a newer Paradigm. . In fact, I agree.. a Single Unit cannot represent what might actually be "complex" bio-chemical structures that have varying impact on the human body ... which might itself be in such variable conditions.
  4. [Mechanical equivalent of HEAT energy] - Our bodies are not HEAT / COMBUSTION chambers, neither are FOODS necessarily HEAT AGENTS. The whole concept of WORK, ENERGY in Physics is based on Thermodynamics of the Locomotive Era. Read again.. "Mechnical equivalent of Heat Energy". Physical Energy is based in Joules - This is the base of WORK (Physics 101). Electrical Energy is Measured in Watts Thermodynamic Energy is measured in Calories (Note: Thermo-Dynamic.. i.e. HEAT > MECHANICAL / PHYSICAL) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Units_of_energy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Units_of_energy http://www.ac.wwu.edu/~vawter/PhysicsNet/Topics/Energy/UnitsofEnergy.html Once again, note that everything boils down to MECHNICAL EQUIVALENT since its the most ELEMENTARY and BASAL "Context" of WORK that we know of. The word "work" starts with PHYSICAL movement of things. i.e. DISPLACEMENT (d). When it comes to FOOD & DIGESTION, I think "Calorie" is totally useless. We are so used to it that we see that as the ONLY MEASURE of last resort & HABIT. What we need is "Biological Equivalent of Edible Food Energy" and / or "Mechanical Equivalent of Bio-Food & Digestion based Energy" The MECHANICAL EQUIVALENT of FOOD ENERGY (e.g. Water, Watermelon) for a HUMAN BEING (DIGESTION DEVICE) is in line with the PHYSICAL WORK & DISPLACEMENT output like MECHANICAL EQUIVALENT of FOSSIL FUEL ENERGY (e.g. Gasoline, Charcoal) for a COMBUSTION DEVICE. In fact, I'd like to see someone figure out the "MECHANICAL EQUIVALENT of HEAT ENERGY" (Joules) for WATER. How many degrees can WATER raise WATER temperature on burning. Does not compute right? The same WATER that has no SIGNIFICANCE in HEAT Conversion > MECHNICAL has TREMENDOUS SIGNIFICANCE in the HUMAN BIO-CHEMISTRY SYSTEM. Do you see the Paradox? Now, if you wanted to measure Joule (WORK) based ENERGY for FOOD, I'd like to see 10,000 test subjects of varying fitness levels fed SAME FOOD & tested for ENERGY OUTPUT on a specific "PHYSICS LIKE ACTIVITY". Thermodynamics (HEAT to MECHANICAL) have no RELEVANCE to Human Bio-Chemical Energies (BIO STRUCTURE A > BIO STRUCTURE B). In fact, I am glad you came up with arguments, the more I researched the more I realize that the "MECHANICAL EQUIVALENT of HEAT ENERGY" has no meaning when it comes to HUMANS & FOOD BIO-ENERGY.
  5. In 2003 (the last time I was regular) I had too much work going on... and I could never focus on Working out (weights, exercises, sequences). I'd walk into the 24 hr fitness Turbo Kickboxing & Yoga classes.
  6. Do share which ankle eyelets you are talking about and what shoes you did buy. About the pre-run warmups... / stretches. Someone told me (marathon runner) that stretches are to be done after running when muscles are warm.. before they are cold and you could damage / pull.
  7. It is said that a lot of natural waters have salts & minerals essential to our health in trace quantities. In which case Distilled water might not be the best. On the other hand, if you are using other water sources as well for cooking, drinking at home etc. then you might be covered.
  8. Mr. Pink. Please do post a summary & / list of the research u've done in terms of Food & Vitamin E etc you plan to use for this SKIN thing.
  9. It IS energy. This is a contradiction to the first quote. You say in the first quote that energy is energy nomatter in what form it comes and then in the second quote somehow redefine it so that the energy becomes "different" depending on its form. Energy is energy is energy. It doesn't matter if it's potential, static, nuclear, etc. It's energy. The sun converts matter in the form of "leftover" neutrons (from fusion of H + H to He) to heat and light (energy). Plants convert this sunlight (energy) and CO2 to carbohydrates (energy) and O2. We eat the plants and we convert the carbohydrates together with O2 to muscle power, brain power, heat, what have you and CO2. Same ole' energy that came from the leftover neutron. So far Newton is right. Disproving him might be out of scope for this board. Its not a contradiction. ENERGY is ENERGY. Applicability or Usability of energy varies. And my dear friend this comes from an Engineering Background. The keyword in any Engineering is "Application". Plants use the ENERGY they want, the way they want from the elements (Earth, Water, Wind, Light (Fire)) and so on.. eaten by Humans. ENERGY moves forward.. but it CHANGES FORM (Law of Conservation) and that CHANGE is brought about by DIFFERENT "PROCESSES & PROCESSORS" along the way. In fact, if anything.. your example (Sun:FUSION, Plants:PHOTOSYNTHESIS, Humans:DIGESTION) strengthens the point I was trying to make. ENERGY changes form, the Processors: PROCESSES pairs change. Can you MEASURE the amount of ENERGY obtained by a PLANT from EARTH & WATER by BURNING THE PLANT? Jetfuel will kill you and Fruits will spoil a JetEngine. All I wanted to emphasize was we cannot equate BURNING FOOD to DIGESTING FOOD. Maybe you are too attached to the "Burning based Calorie" measurement of food. Exactly the reasoning every meat eater, polluter, politician and corrupt person gives out there.. Why bother cause its too hard. In fact, most likely the "Burning" Calorie as an energy measure was devised by people who were testing different kinds of "FUEL" for locomotives / automobiles etc. And then they carried on using it for Bio-Applicable-Energy. JetFuel means NOTHING to my STOMACH. What if I told you this little Calorie discussion could break the fundamentals of Nutrition and be one of the basis for further reasoning & future proof to make more people LEAVE MEAT & Go Veg? PS: With all due respect, was there a point you are trying to make with the "contradiction" twist up there? PS: I loved the ladies question. What are we to use and how are we to measure? Honestly, I dont know the answer. But, every answer begins when we QUESTION the fundamentals of something. (or you take CRAPPY facts for granted e.g. Earth is Flat) QUESTION, EVERYTHING - EINSTEIN.
  10. He he.. dropSoul Love what you've written. But, I think talking about the Yogis, Maya, Advaita will make our readers drift further away. Very few people even begin to ponder and understand the borderline between spirituality and science. Which is why EINSTEIN reached where he did where most people did not. Most people never understood the levels at which he was operating but take his greatness based on the fame that is present in popular media. Everyone thinks he was great because it was the popular thing to do. When he talked about the breaking of the Time-Space Continuum... Most people had no idea he had read the Vedas & the Bhagvad Gita. The Matrix is Everywhere
  11. Great pics. FIT. PS: What is the font that you used on your Website for the "index" word? I'd like to find it and maybe use it. Can you please let me know?
  12. I never said ENERGY = COMBUSTION. I meant "burning based calorie measurement" does not equate "digestion". I'd like to have your TAKE on ENERGY. This is mine. Given the law conservation of energy.. It can neither be created, not destroyed. It only converts from one form to another. i.e. All Mass & Energy are inter convertible. All forms of mass are "potentially" energy. If you notice the underlined "convert from one form to another" we have to realize that the FORM of ENERGY defines its applicability to a system. Which is why Burning Gas in a Combustion engine is one form of applicability. Since our bodies cannot use the same Petrochemical Energy via our Biological Processes. The same way an apple or watermelon or spirulina no matter how POTENT in Bio-Energy would not benefit a Combustion engine. Our Human bodies THRIVE on the "SIGNIFICANCE" of a "CERTAIN FORM" of ENERGY. That form of energy is derived from "LIFE GIVING" or "LIVING" or "FORMERLY LIVING" substances. Why? Because those are the forms that WORKS BEST with our systems. As we all have learned over the years.. the DIVERSITY of "THESE FORMS" of "LIVING SUBSTANCES" and their "SIGNIFICANCES" vary a lot. Thereby, my only contention is that we deviate away from the "THERMODYNAMIC" & "BURNING" mechanisms to Understand ENERGY EFFECT on HUmans. What would be best way to measure? I dont know but I am just throwing a thought out. Maybe we take a 100 world class athletes and 1000 fit people. For 2-3 days only give them FOOD ITEM 1 and make them do certain SPECIFIC kinds of measurable work activity. We'd get a measure of how much ENERGY the HUMAN got from that FOOD. Ofcourse, we'd have to figure out how to account for DETERMINATION, MIND CONTROL, STAMINA etc. The human body is not an isolated test tube to be heated on a Bunsen Burner.. Anyways.. love to hear that you have to say.
  13. Good question. I do not have the answer on me but I am sure that with our collective intellect we can find a BETTER WAY. Are willing to work in that direction? Its like trying to capture the VARIETY of human traits & behaviors in a Standardized Test.. in fact worse.. a single unit of measurement like IQ. So many varieties of nutrients and foods and we want a single unit of measurement?
  14. I think we've been through this before. Here. We need to reevaluate the scientific definition since it is too hard and no fun at all. True. But don't all the Veggies keep reminding all meat eaters that they need to WAKE UP. I come from a strong Physics, Engineering and Chemistry background. Life long science & physics afficando, Engineering School, Grad School.. My dad always stressed strong FUNDAMENTAL thinking when it came to Physics & Engineering. My uncle is one of the foremost authorities in Organic Chemistry in his industry. The fundamental FLAW is EQUATING the following 2 bio-physi-chemical processes: 1) COMBUSTION (Burning) in presence of Oxygen 2) DIGESTION (Chemical Breakdown) in varied stages of Enzyme-ic Breakdown & Biological Absorption When a FUNDAMENTAL is flawed you do not stay with it as the basis of your measurements and experiments. That would be the END of real progress & accuracy of that SCIENCE. The goal is to CORRECT the learnings, move forward and change that SCIENCE. Just because some kid in Bio-Chem lab back in 19xx enjoyed burning things and liked to measure how much wood & coal raised water temperature..... You do not allow him to define Bio-significance of food substances for 6+ Billion Earth people. NOTE: A centimeter may have been an ARBITRARILY CHOSEN length but thats a single dimensional UNIT of measurement for PHYSICALLY VISIBLE and QUANTIFIABLE item. Once ASSUMED.. the MEASUREMENT PROCESSES are QUANTIFIABLE & VISIBLE. The dynamics of BIO-CHEMICAL PROCESSES and THERMODYNAMICS do not come into PLAY here. Which is the reason why even ordinary inorganic chemical processes have specific Catalysts and Temperatures etc? (High school chemistry) So, should we at VBB as MORE AWARE, OPEN MINDED, SMARTER THINKING fellows not try to come up with a better way here? Do we suck up what crap gets handed down by some guy at USDA, FDA or who knows where? PS: I welcome a challenge or argument to the above. Please do not come to me with EVERYONE USES IT.. Oh! We need to use something.. argument. Come to me with a Fundamentally Logical discussion without trying to cite Science that is essentially flawed. PPS: You did not upset me. I am just trying to have people step out of the box and see the foolishness in EQUATING the two processes. A closer process would be that of maybe seeing how much Dilute Acid can raise temperature of certain food... LOL! In fact its funny, if the only function of FOOD was to RAISE our BODY TEMPERATURE? I don't think so. So, we are measuring FOOD by its THERMODYNAMIC (HEATING ABILITY) properties and not its BIO-CHEMICAL NUTRIENT influences on the body. I'd say Watermelons and Cucumbers would be really bad burners compared to dry wood. Maybe thats why we eat them as is and use dry wood to burn..
  15. BOTTOMLINE QUESTION: Does burning food to raise water temperature equate energy conversion by DIGESTING food via chewing and digestive processes (saliva, stomach acid, pancreatic enzymes, liver... etc.. intestines (where nutrients are absorbed into the blood stream) )? Definitely NOT! So, how do "burning" Calories really mean anything when it comes to Digesting / Human Nutritional value?
  16. Anyone have BigB's contact info? Email address or something? I believe he's gone from this site and I'd like to contact him.
  17. For everytime I heard that something could be proven or disproven purely by publishing in a Western Journal then I'd discount every Natural Remedy (ayurvedic) commonly known to every household in India. - Turmeric - Tulsi - Ginger - Cumin Seeds - Ajwain - Asafoetida These are basic to every Indian household. Turmeric is used to cook, to apply for skin benefits, to apply to heal wounds, to drink with milk for a sore throat etc. This is hackneyed knowledge in India. It existed before Allopathy came to life and still remains. I heard that a couple of years back some American Pharma major wanted PATENT Turmeric. Its in the nature of AMERICAN PHARMA & FDA etc to SELL what they can, and HIDE what they CANNOT SELL. Its in their nature to try to BREAKDOWN the active ingredients in hopes that they could repackage and SELL the ingredient even if the ORIGINAL NATURAL item might have a BETTER OVERALL benefit without the ALLOPATHIC side effects.
  18. So you got water and are wondering why you didn't feel drained and famished under the hot sun? You did not get what I am trying to say here... The AMOUNT / QUANTITY of WATER + SOLID FOOD I had was "a lot more" in a quantitative sense all other times than this particular instance. The point I am trying to get at is that QUALITATIVE assessment of FOOD POTENCY on the Body cannot be broken down to the kind of MEASURING SYSTEMS we have evolved over the years. e.g. Arbitrary.. Human of 100mg Poison 1 - 1ml - 1 second - Kills Poison 2 - 10ml - 1 minute - Kills etc.. Lets say the above poisons kill the human being... The difference is QUALITATIVE POTENCY. They may all have different antidotes VERY SPECIFIC in how they work (Varying quantity, time to react, time to recovery) based on varying QUALITATIVE POTENCY The same would apply to varying FOODS. If everything was just FATS, CARBS & PROTEINS we would not be drifting towards MORE NATURAL & RAW FOODS. So for 2 items A & B having the same Calorific Value + F+C+P will quite possibly have different POTENCY for the human body based on its MicroNutrient Structure & Energies. I am not trying to prove or disprove Big B's statements. I am just saying.. What if!.... What if.. it WAS POSSIBLE? Indian Saints and Yogis have been said to go without food & water for tons of years.. I cant prove it to YOU with what I have access to... But, my experience at the ASHRAM was such that despite doing MORE PHYSICAL ACTIVITY (walking around, climbing hills, nature walks etc) I was consuming WAY LESS FOOD... because of some yoga, a lot of SPECIAL PRANAYAMA BREATHING techniques being practised etc. Either ways, I just felt that BigB opened an area of discussion that pushes the limits of our beliefs and experiences.. I wanted to consider the possibility. You never know what you might learn... The earth is round & not flat... The world is made up of energy.. and nothing more.
  19. I am not sure in what the ORIGINAL language it was written by "writers" but apparently when words go from Jesus (words) > (few) Original Disciples > Writers of the (words) > Language conversions (multiple times) .. I am sure the word and its meaning change.
  20. Nice list. Where did you get it from? I'd like to figure out the sources that list foods which are HIGHEST on PRANA. I am sure there might be discrepancies & differences between various sources & their lists. It would be interesting to co-ordinate and put them all together. Thoughts?
  21. A friend of mine point out a Book to me.. I forgot what it was.. Something that was OLD TESTATEMENT or The Non Revised parts of the scriptures.. Basically it talks about eating vegetarian. Also the word "meat / flesh" does not mean animal flesh because the original language from which it was converted the WORD translates to FLESH (which is generic.. Fruit or Animal).
  22. http://www.onenaturalexperience.com Second best Vita Coconut Water. BTW - The last few months I was in the States I was picking up the DOZEN TETRAPAK Boxes. Whole Foods would punch in 10% Off. You wont find them in the local grocer... Whole Foods or places like that... Or Order Online by the Case (cheaper).
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