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  1. http://www.exo.net/~pauld/activities/food/countingcalories.html I am not supporting or disputing this piece. What I am trying to point out is READ between the lines on how EXPERIMENTS are conducted with certain ASSUMPTIONS. Does burning equate 100% M (Mass) > E (Energy) conversion? You forget.. we also burned Oxygen (It has a mass), Item Burnt (Has Mass) and released Gases (Have Mass), Released Ash etc Debri (Mass), Release HEAT energy. If you've studied physics you'll remember in school they say that All Molecules vibrate differently... in Solids, Liquids & Gases. I think ANY PROCESS just changes the VIBRATIONAL aspects of the FINAL ENERGY CARRIER (Assuming its Atoms or Sub Atomic Protons / Electrons /Neutrons etc + Quarks). Be it.. BURNING: SPEAKING: Mechanical Vocal Movements create SOUND.. Now has that energy disappeared into vacum? Its there in a vibrational energy that we cant tap to convert to electricity yet.. Someday.. But we can RECORD it onto a Magnetic Tape. PLANTS & PHOTOSYNTHESIS: Plants create (oops.. convert) energy from Earth, Water, Light (Sky & Fire), Air elements. Its the one best ENERGY > TO > UTILIZABLE MASS process of nature. I am not claiming the following for a fact.. Just a thought. And given the laws of nature, most things are simple & harmonic even if complicated to the naked eye. DIGESTION: AIR + WATER + FOOD + SUNLIGHT > HUMAN > ENERGY (MENTAL & PHYSICAL) + WASTE (LHS = Left Hand Side) Now if we look at LHS > RHS, we hope that to maximize ENERGY ABSORPTION (as per Law of Conservation of Energy) following things must be conducive: 1) Minimal Waste excreted from the system 2) Efficient Human Digestive System 3) Efficient Food Inputs must be conducive to 1 & 2 Now if you look at different food items realize that Fruits make you feel empty in the stomach pretty fast.. Fast digestion, efficient energy conversion & LESS waste (You don't crap as much or feel like crapping as much when eating a MEAL that is HEAVY / LARGE in SIZE and Less in Energy Conversion Efficiency).. Thats the LOGICAL MATH. The EXPERIENTIAL is MORE IMPORTANT. How you feel during & after that ITEM CONSUMED. Elevated? Light? Refreshed? Energized or Sluggish? I think this SHOULD BE the best EXPERIENTIAL benchmark to determine the best foods for our system. BOTTOMLINE QUESTION: Does burning food to raise water temperature equate energy conversion by DIGESTING food via chewing and digestive processes (saliva, stomach acid, pancreatic enzymes, liver... etc.. intestines (where nutrients are absorbed into the blood stream) )? So, how do "burning" Calories really mean anything when it comes to Digesting / Human Nutritional value? Since we have a DEDICATED bunch of OPEN MINDED, SMART PEOPLE here who THINK FOR themselves we should try to see the above EQUATIONS and see from our EXPERIENCES of which foods provide more REAL ENERGY for less bulk.
  2. Okay another praise.. Share the KNOWLEDGE Give us your scoop & learnings.
  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Food_energy So by burning something to heat water you figure out its NUTRIENT ENERGY VALUE to a Human Being ?? Do you see the FLAW in that? I am freaking suprised that I MYSELF.. NEVER EVER looked up this information ever. I used to wonder how they took something that has Bio-Chemical significance and convert it into a unit of "Thermodynamics" Physics? I guess it was so prevalent and commonplace and followed by everyone that EVEN I MYSELF.. took it for granted. Damn!... What a fool I've been. And then use that Unit of Physics to determine the kinds of and amounts of food we need to / should eat? And then come up with variations of Calorific Ratios (20:40:40, Low Fat, Low Carb) for Fats, Proteins & Carbs that we should eat over the decades? And then come up with good & bad fats? Empty calories? Good & Bad sugars? Do you see the fundamental unit of measurement is flawed.. It has not even been questioned.. and We INCLUDING ME are following this crap. And I ask this of a crowd that chooses to realize past the common and defy the Meat Lobbies. Well here is another BLUNDER... Are you going to step up and break the limits again...? This is a perfect example of certain things that become so common place that they are taken for FACT and from that Stupid Fact a 1000 of other theories are created. I think Modern Western scientists spent too much time playing with Flasks & Bunsen Burners that everything is MEASURABLE only in some LABORATORY INSTRUMENT. If it cannot be measured or observed from their experimental point of view then it does not EXIST??? So, before the creation of Wireless Frequency sensors, Infrared, UV rays etc did not EXIST? This is where Western Science needs to realize that everything they discover and measure is SUBJECT to FUTURE shift in paradigm. I remember reading about atoms & protons etc in school. Guess what they came up with quarks & anti matter. What next?? Fun part.. atoms, etc and Theory of Relativity had been discussed in the Vedas thousands of years ago. Might I mention Einstein was a vegetarian and a reader of Bhagvad Gita & other ancient scriptures. At higher levels.. Science & Spirituality merge together.. and become one. And the Matrix is not FICTION... there is a realistic source to it. And how did they come up with that? So all the minerals & enzymes have no ENERGY EFFECT ? Because they do not BURN & heat water? Do you see the FLAW in that? Try having a piece of watermelon low in Calories or Coconut Water low in calories and see how that feels. PS: So from their point of view I should Drink Jet Fuel & Eat Charchoal.. Ah! thats all inorganic & poisonous.. How about dried Wood? Its the best organic thing to heat water.
  4. Guess what sprinters (100-400m) eat before a race.... They'll have a freaking white toast bread with jam on it! It's processed, easy digestable, full of sugars => yes, empty calories. But it gives energy to BURN fast... Personally, I hate the idea that world class athletes actually do that to perform better, but it's not about health at that moment, they need ENERGY. I bet they'd do better if they chewed on a piece of watermelon. The age old Engineering & Physics report I come from a strong analytical scientific background and agree with what offense is saying.. BUT... I also believe there are things beyond the ordinary physics & biochemistry. E=mc2. The Theory of Relativity. Breakdown of the Time-Space Continuum. Seeing someone lose twelve years of stress and months of insomnia in 25 mins of yogic pranayam & meditation techniques. (If anyone has read Autobiography of a Yogi it would register) Life Force or "Prana" is not a matter of QUANTITY but one of QUALITATIVE CONVERSION of Energy. And I am not talking energy in the Physical Measurable "Watt" sense. There have been Yogis and Masters who have spent entire lives without food. Yes, it does not compute but at the same time.. a lot of things that do not compute at one stage, do later on. Be it, earth being round not flat, All planets being round while asteroids being Jagged. Since there is nothing in space to cause friction, why would planets that are said to have come from pieces broken from the Sun... become round. Be it man being able to fly. Be it Germs, Molecules, Atoms, Protons, Electrons, Quarks.. and new subatomic particles. Big Bang experiments, Anti matter. Everytime we make a RULE... That RULE is broken or bent after sometime by someone. People deny it.. then critical mass of understanding & awareness is achieved and we accept it. Then it becomes so commonplace that people do not understand it at all.. but take it as it is. If we are create in the Image of the Divine Spirit (not trying to be religious.. but scientific), there is nothing not possible for us. There are no absolutes in a world of relatives. To vouch for one little incident that I had similar to Big B.. Not the same.. But it was one none the less. I used to play volleyball for 2-3 hours on Saturdays in the Houston Heat last summer. Typical pre game & throughout would be some raw or protein energy bars and gatorade etc. From 10/11 to 1pm we'd play and at the end of it i would be DRAINED and HUNGRY (Famished... empty stomach that would say.. I WANT TO EAT).. I'd take a shower and go stuff myself at an All you can eat India Buffet. Then I'd come home and SNORE... There was this ONE TIME that I ended up having a small chunk of watermelon (lets say a 1/8th Corner Cut) and went to play. Funny thing was that I never felt the kind of HEAT & HEAVINESS on my head that day. My need & craving for water was minimal. I did not have gatorade or energy bars that day so I ate the Watermelon (cutting is such a chore). The funny thing is after that game, even though my stomach was empty, I was not feeling DRAINED or FAMISHED. I did not have this compelling need for FOOD... the Dying Need to Eat. Another time I was working from home and was busy so forgot my lunches & dinners. I just had 2 (medium large mexican) mangoes that day (One at 11 /12 & another 7/8ish). The funny thing was I was surprised that I did not feel CRAVINGS that day or end of the night. These things happened by chance. Lately, I was in an Ashram (lookup online) doing a lot of Pranayama (Life Force Breating) and Meditation and to add to that lot of walking around a scenic but hilly terrain. Basically doing more WORK/ WALKING etc than my usual Desk Job. The thing is I ATE LESS. Way less. One thing that is taught is to chew your food really slow with a 100% MIND FOCUS on that sensations in your mouth. Feel it, Sense it, Taste it. Most of the times we CHUG food down our throat. We do not RELISH it for all the Flavors and Energy it is there to PROVIDE US. Tons of other varied experiences that would not stand standard physics. Meta Physics and Super Physics come into play. Why is it that some Tai Chi masters who are little and less muscle can be more powerful that Big Muscle guys. Not talking in terms of Fighting Skill... We are ENERGY BEINGS. Our Energy Chakras work in ways that Western Science has not been able to quantify. Foods need to be gauged in PRANIC (Life Force) value. Hence overall PRANA conversion is dependent on the SOURCE FOODS & the ACCEPTOR of those foods. Hence, some (so called) Calories are more efficient and cleaner than other calories. Which is why... Meat is the lowest form of Prana.. Because it has NONE. It is DEAD. I do not think everyone and not even Big B can move to such a DIET over night. It is an EXTREMELY TOUGH process to undertake. To BELIEVE or Not TO BELIEVE is your choice. I'd love to work towards it, but the kind of diligence and discipline that might be required is something I might not give in today. I pray I can. For real skeptics.. I'd say... Spend 10-15 days with Big.. Monitor his diet and see for yourself. I cannot verify how true or untrue he is... But I do believe in a lot of things western science says is not. Maybe he's a BSer.. One possibility. What if he is NOT.. What would be the ramifications of that? Would it break your reality? Could you ever believe it?
  5. I am wondering if PRANA can really be determined by K photography.
  6. More than anything.. "High Prana" Foods are to be consumed more than anything else. I dont have the full scale on it yet, but basically our LIFE (PRANA) is driven by OXYGEN (BREATH: 1st need) & WATER (Hydration since we are 80-90% water) & then EARTH (The 5 Elements). Hence, fruits foods that are Hydrating (Watermelon > Musk Melon > Apples > Cucumber, Tomatoes > Bananas??) are on the highest LIFE / PRANA scale. They are the most energizing & LIGHT, nutrient (micronutrients are more important than the FAT, CARB, PROTEINS) food items. Whats the point of a food that "DEHYDRATES" you & makes you feel HEAVY & SLUGGISH. If anyone has a Full Detailed scale of PRANA foods I'd love to have it. I created this in discussion with someone but its more of an approximation. The funny thing is Vedic (Ancient) Science & Scriptures talk a lot of food & health but there is no mention of Proteins, Carbs & Fats from what I've heard at all.
  7. Meat and special kinds of meats are still considered a delicacy in lots of cultures. Of course, these cultures now have MORE access to it and can afford it more than before.. due to Change of Meat Acquisition, Storage & Distribution logistics. Which means it was not a daily food item... Until I guess the Wild West came along where Cowboys only had cows to eat in the American desert landscape.
  8. Did I ever ask you for your workout routine?
  9. I did go there twice but was unable to get his contact info / contact him. I'd like to make another trip within 2 weeks or so and maybe drop by, see him.
  10. Hey guys... long time no see One Natural Experience (ONE) Coconut Water Tetrapaks at Whole Foods. The BEST coconut water i have had in the United States.
  11. Not exactly Blood... But Blood Plasma. And the fact that it is PURE enough to be used intravenously. In emergencies during the World War II it was used on islands my medics in case of emergencies. WikiPedia and other sources that I looked it up at. PS: I never said it was replacing blood. Merely, that it was one of the rare naturally occuring liquids that could be used for such a purpose because of pH / composition and purity due to the sealed shell.
  12. Both of you guys celebrate Janmashtami at the local Iskcon?
  13. LMAO!!!!!! That is hysterical! I wish I had read if before yesterday. I'm in an OR yesterday when the surgeon asked my to hang a unit of blood. I would have loved to see the look on his face if I said "Hey, how about if we just infuse the carrot juice from my lunch sack?" Please, Please, Please tell me where you read that!! Actually the only KNOWN naturally occuring liquid that can be and has been used for blood transfusion because it has the same composition as human blood plasma is Coconut Water.
  14. I did Turbo Kicboxing (1hr) followed by PiYo (1hr) for 3-4 months @ 24 hr fitness and it was very effective.
  15. Now I would love to meet a Greek lady like Marianna Menuonos..
  16. Can we have him join us here and recommend a Diet & Fitness program? ?
  17. Ginger - Honey - Lemon have been part of indian cooking & home remedies for ages. Stuff from Bad throat / Cough to Appetite to Bad stomach
  18. Due to their lifestyle? Or other reasons? Work schedules.. meetings.. un planned events.. & activities.. hmmm, i disagree, i think i would put it as "most people have nutrition on the lower end of their priorities" not in a negative sense but in a sense that when it comes to preparing for exam for school or a presentation for work vs. spending an extra hour preparing food for the next day, most would choose the former. however, it is possible, if one is highly motivated to do so. Try working in Consulting or any profession that involves a lot of things like: - Unplanned meetings - Fire fights - Traveling and tell me.. Its easy to talk. If someone in Consulting can show me that.. I'll call them to find out how they do it.
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