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  1. Currently visiting Dallas.. Would love to meet BigBWii and others who are around here. I should be between Carrollton then going down 75 to Mockingbird. . Talk to u then.
  2. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/777430/300_spartan_workout_training_fitness_band_version_5/ 300 Spartan Workout Training. Fitness Band Version 5 - Awesome video clips here This is one version - www.iwantsixpackabs.com There are a whole bunch of 300 Style workouts out there. Any thoughts?
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tw4ZkdR6sw Find another addiction ala Kramer style. Kramer: The Mackinaw Peaches! Jerry .. the Mackinaw Peaches.. Oh!..This is fantastic. Makes your taste buds come alive. It's like having a circus in your mouth.. ..This is a miracle of nature that exists for a brief period. Its like the Aurora Borialis..
  4. Potter - influence of media, air brushing & pop culture - a lot of celebs look not so great in real life
  5. No those things are way off. I've got a friend thats a competive strongman competitor and he skin folded 4%...theres no way he's under 15%...its just way off. As for the tape measure thing...it works a bit better but its still off. Hmm.. I guess the measuring tape would help me measure any gain / loss in size of body parts. Looks like you are AGAINST the caliper method that pretty much MOST fitness people at any / every gym use. Any other thoughts here? Would it help to measure CHANGE in bodyfat even if the original one was off say by X.. so the new measurements would be proportional?
  6. I think i missed typing it. It cost me $30 in the BodPod. Given that the 2 biggest universities here are - Rice University - University of Houston The next further away in Austin - University of Texas, Austin What key words would you recommend when I go searching on their websites / google?
  7. What kind of yoga stretches & similar things would you recommend? Any links to simple stretches you are talking about?
  8. I get super stressed by work. I dont think there's anything better than some PHYSICAL ACTIVITY to get that NEGATIVE ENERGY - Stress, Tension (esp in back & neck) & other parts OUT - Be it running, working out or doing something like a Group X kickboxing class. I used to work 10-16 hour days managing teams across a couple of continents esp .. odd times. The only thing I had on my schedule at the time that HELPED DeTox - DeStress was the following: I had no mental focus & energy to follow a workout or even go running. Mentally DRAINED & BRAIN DEAD to do anything... but it was EASY TO FOLLOW the CROWD. 24 hr fitness: 6-7pm - Turbo Kickboxing 7-8pm - PiYo - Pilates Yoga 8-8:40 - Shower etc Cook, Eat... Pass out or get on a late night conference call with the teams on other shores.
  9. That's too funny. Welcome back. I love that attitude. I am a sexy athletic guy who got trapped in a pizza, pasta & cheese driven body when he moved to america.
  10. Gold! Interesting - I had no idea. Since spinach is a green leafy OPEN veggie susceptible to pesticides & insecticides / chemicals - Would the organic one be a better option?
  11. Are you dancing by yourself? with a group? or at some class? Whats the arrangement for so many classes pretty much everyday?
  12. I would too if I didn't have a vagina. He he.. Connect with someone at various levels.. other than physical. Try a slow warm oil massage + candles + aroma etc. .. Take a how shower with someone.. who knows how to go really slow.. making it a sensual experience for all the senses.. and your skin.. on every part of your body. That is sort of the receipe.
  13. I bet I can.. I bet this little one can beat your kid anytime with his Tai Chi moves & Judo Slaps.
  14. Interesting. Is this generally recommend to everyone or only for certain reasons?
  15. Also Potter - Should I try to get one of these Tape Measure + BF Caliper packages? Any recommendations? https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/SFA6P5ZOL0XU/ref=wl_web Please let me know when you have had a chance to look at some of these
  16. Potter - I got one of those BodPod http://www.bodpod.com/ BF assessments done around 6 months back - Cost me . Is that the same as the Tank assessment. How do I go about searching for one of those Tank assessments in Houston / Austin or Dallas ?
  17. Amazing. I want your workout routine & diet.. he he.. My new hero.
  18. I would think the surgery thing points to people getting OPEN HEART & Angio Plasty etc. I know a doctor - a top Cardio in India who is actually against getting surgery done - and instead encourages HEALTHY DIET / EXERCISE to help people get back on track. Ofcourse, he does surgery but is of the opinion that there is a better way out - unless someone is at the point that one has to operate. But I do agree about the MoD.. Merchants of Death. Only if more doctors & healthcare worked ethically. BTW - Gold! post offense.
  19. I dont consume meat but having grown up in India have consumed dairy. Arguments of veganism aside.. Chimpanzees and Gorillas eat minor quantities of insects & sometimes eggs. I am not going to take potters side or gnosis. I think a 100% blind faith stance in any direction is probably not the best in my opinion. With regards to minor 5-10% consumption of meat. I MYSELF DONT SUPPORT OR WILL CONSUME. That is my choice. Then again, I think if I was on a pacific island with minimal sources of food, some form of animal product will enter the diet in some form (eggs, fish, crab, insects, meat). So, I think there's some weight on that side as well - I would think the body BENEFITS a little bit from that. Again, I am not going eat any of it. But, I think there's always room for open thought & argument.
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