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  1. This aesthetic + Endurance would be most appealing. Anyone want to be a Spartan? I'd love that kind of strength, endurance and fitness. Spartans - Prepare for Glory! http://www.404secure.com/300_wallpapers/300_1280x960_11.jpg http://www.moviewallpapers.net/images/wallpapers/2006/300/300-9-1280.jpg
  2. Typically its not an issue. But, I read somewhere that if your kidneys have an ISSUE they might be unable to FLUSH out excess Potassium which most normal people are able to do. Sodium on the other hand is more dangerous. But, Potassium is fine because excess gets FLUSHED out without being absorbed unless there's an issue with that.
  3. I think we cant do a one size fits all move. I was reading about the diets of Chimpanzees (closest living species) and Gorillas & Orangutans. They suppossedly dont even have that much FRUIT. They have minimal amounts of INSECTS and maybe EGG on a rare occassion. Chimps are very light in weight compared to us but their muscles are MUCH stronger. Go figure the myth of size & strength.
  4. Robert when you or anyone posts a LINK or an ENTIRE ARTICLE - especially if the article is LONG - It would help to have a summary / what you observed / what direction the article is taking. Just my 2 cents
  5. Damn.. I do it SO MANY TIMES. I hate how some bed stands / frames & tables are designed to hit your TOES, KNEES and SHINS.
  6. First and foremost.. welcome to america.. the land of meat.. he he.. I faced a similar issue when I moved to the United States. I bumped into a guy at local Whole Foods who said he went VEGAN in college because he could not stand the kind of meat they had in the Cafetaria. Go figure. Anyways - I'd ask them to focus on more BEANS, LENTILS, GARBANZOS & some EDAMAME, GRILLED VEGGIES etc. I am sure they can do that without breaking a budget. I would not hope that they will add more expensive FARE for you, but try to get them to get the BASICS done. Something more REALISTIC that happens CONSISTENTLY than IDEAL VEGAN food that may not happen as CONSISTENTLY.
  7. Thats alright. - Google AdSense can make mistakes. - Ofcourse, the website developer can FILTER / NARROW happens - Ofcourse, in the END, the FINAL content is driven of the POSTS i.e. what we the MEMBERS write - be it sexual orientation, gay / lesbian issues, sexual preferences, bad things about dairy & avoiding whey protein etc. You could write 'i escorted her to the airport' and you'd still get some other stuff as ads. All words bring things up. So, there's no fighting some issues but ofcourse, we can establish some CONTENT RATINGs with Google.
  8. Anyone try to use the OwnZone thing? How effective is it figuring out your ZONES? I did a 15-20 min run at around 185-190+ HR while the damn thing put my own zone to a much lower pace. What should I be doing to get optimal FAT BURN from the EFFORTs that I put in?
  9. Gold! What are Stadium Bleachers anyways? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bleacher I looked that up. Was she trying to say that he should go up & down those bleachers?
  10. I used to go to 24 hr fitness Group X Classes 3 years back and do this 3 times a week. 6-7pm - Turbo Kickboxing 7-8pm - PiYo (Pilates Yoga Combination). Very effective for trimming me down and losing a lotta Body Fat.
  11. I have a friend in Athens from the last Europe trip I made. Lets see if I can make something happen.
  12. Big thanks Sir. I might like to take you up on this.
  13. Gold! Interesting post. I read partly and will come back to read again.
  14. Interesting . But SPROUTS are SEED-lings as well. . Thoughts? PS: I think weighing everything in the same vessel is not the best. Most plants use some kind of pollination. BUT THEY ALL .. use a variety of different kinds of pollination techniques (school biology memories) I am thinking some seeds were designed (by nature) to be EDIBLE and some not EDIBLE. The pollination was designed such that it would depend upon the RATIO of SUCCESSFUL seed to number of seeds produced. Hopefully with the given POLLINATION CARRIERS (wind, water, birds, animals, etc) the RATIO would be met.
  15. As a vegan, you wouldn't want a whey protein drink (whey is derived from the cheese making process). If you feel the need for extra protein, there are plenty of soy based protein powders. However, as most have noted in this thread, you probably don't need as much protein as you think you do. Since becoming a vegan, I have reduced my total protein intake dramatically. And you know what...........I'm still improving each year as a bodybuilder. All these weightlifters and bodybuilders thinking they need 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight, etc. are crazy. Best of luck to you and welcome to the board. Peace. DrJoe. I know you are out in MA but do you think you could comment on and recommend a fitness plan & diet for me based on the GOALS I have and where I am now? (I'll post more information about it). If might end up moving to the east coast in maybe 6 months.. and maybe meet you in person at the time. But until then.. any help would be welcome.
  16. Pretty much every piece of Indian Cooking has onions in it. A lot of them use Garlic as well.
  17. Gold! What are Stadium Bleachers anyways?
  18. Brilliant discussions points from everyone. Very interesting thoughts.. open ended . One thing I will comment on: I dont think that the age of STOCKPILING for MONEY came before COOKING. Forget those times.. I am just making an example.. of tribes.. (Have you seen Apocalypto). The tribes in the jungle used FIRE to cook the meat.. and make porridges / soups. They did not have any concept of MONEY / TRADE. It was a COMMUNITY that lived like a family. EVEN IF - That is just a depiction of tribes in the PRE-SPANISH occupation / Mayan Empire / Inca / Aztec civilizations... in the ADs. If we really rewind it back to PRE-PRE BC - I am sure we had tribes that did not have a CONCEPT of TRADE for SELFISH PROFIT. FIRE / HEAT / BOILING / ROASTING have the ability to disinfect, kill bacteria etc. Also, STORAGE & LONGEVITY of food come from - UNCERTAINITY - the fact that there are times certain foods may or may not be available (they did not have an always stocked super market to go to). They had to literally GET their daily / weekly meals. Hunting (animals) & Collecting (fruits, etc) food probably came before FARMING. Some day they might have more luck than others. They have women and children to feed... Given the uncertainity of availability of food, they had to find A WAY TO STORE & EXTEND the life of foods. Its the DIET-AVAILABILITY-CONSUMPTION-FREQUENCY cycle. Something like this is applies to other animals as well: monkeys (eat as they find), lions & tigers (kill ONLY when they are hungry.. eat carcass for next few days / week), pythons (eat once in months & then sleep), bears (asteviate & hibernate) Humans are also an animal who have a varied & evolved social structure - PRIOR to when humans got attached to BREAKING the BALANCE OF NATURE / ECOSYSTEM. Maybe tigers & lions dont look at a HERD of DEER and think... let me kill 3 now and eat for 3 weeks. They lived with a certain confidence in the ABUNDANCE of the deer. Humans know they can barely kill one if they ALL get together as a team, trap & plan around it. Probably one deer in a month for the entire TRIBE. They lived in a LESS CONFIDENT ABUNDANCE factor. So for them to survive they had to ENSURE their FOOD lasted longer given the UNCERTAINITY in the availability. PS: Mind you we did not have the TREE abilities of the other apes when we started walking the ground on 2 limbs.
  19. I totally agree. My doctor also told me that. She said that eating fruits with cooked food is a total waste 'cause fruits' nutrients get absorbed in the small intestine and when combined with other food, they get blocked p.s. i try hard for a high raw diet but i still have those nasty cravings for vegan pizza with soy cheese, bean soup, lentils etc. When i read this thread i get inspiration from you guys who manage a high raw diet. When i'm out though, there are moments that i find myself weak to cooked temptations. Any suggestions how to fight these yearnings? I sure know it's in my mind only but i still suffer! There are 2 aspects to it: 1 - You have a craving for something (spices, indian food, curry, thai cury, pizza..) 2 - You are in a situation where its not possible to get something RAW & fulfilling as easily (typically travelling for work, business lunches & dinners / social activities / parties) I think 1 is a function of - will power & - options - that will satisfy your craving - e.g. You have a craving for some cooked stuff. You have a nice juicy mango AND/OR watermelon AND/OR some young coconut AND/OR strawberries AND/OR nice cranberry & nut salad. That will take care of your craving. GUARANTEED. Works for me. Flavors of Fruits you LOVE will calm all cravings. 2 - This is most likely what happens to me. You are short on time, energy, location, patience to prepare or get a SATISFYING RAW MEAL I tend to get busy and cannot prepare a RAW meal all the time. Typicaly SALADs at restaurants or other places dont really DO ANYTHING for me. Some social functions I have to end up eating cooked foods.. in the lack of options, time, courtesy to others etc. So - (1) You can control more.. (2) lesser control So for (2) I have to ENSURE a little bit of regular cooked food into my diet to prevent a sudden reaction from my body. As they say... a little bit of TOUGH STUFF to make the body tough. e.g. Immune systems of american population are very weak compared to those living in Asia... Why? NO EXPOSURE to the TOUGH STUFF.
  20. I agree with Klienman. At the same time, I am thinking of a counter argument. How, when & why did COOKING the food begin? I am guessing after they found FIRE. Now under what SET OF SCENARIOS would the humans start cooking their food - the same food they had been having RAW for generations. Because they figured out that "SOME" of the COOKED FOOD had "some benefits" - Mind you - we were still PRIMAL CREATURES back then so I am thinking there are some reasons why... For the very same reasons that we cannot eat a bunch of LENTILS, LEGUMES, BEANS "RAW" as they are. Some are to be sprouted, some are BOILED (Kidney beans). Some have to be "boiled" if they are not to cause a stomach upset. So, I see that in our SINGLE DIRECTIONAL - PURSUIT of RAW FOODS (and I wholly support HIGH RAW) we need some minds to play DEVILS ADVOCATE. I am of the thought that certain foods are better not consumed RAW. I am sure there are a lot of foods that are not EDIBLE for the human stomach as they come. But, thats part of our EVOLUTION in learning how to "pre-process" foods for better human consumption. I do not advocate using that to justify EXTENSIVE DEEP FRYING.. he he. But, I think you get what I am trying to say. PS: Also, RAW FOODS are typically very perishable. So, there is some SENSE in increasing the longevity of foods by DRYING, COOKING, etc. I am sure NATURE did not provide us with REFRIGERATORS that allow us to CONSUME more than our fair share of RAW foods. What would happen if in the lack of refrigerators we had a FAMINE, DROUGHT or some "NATURAL" condition where FRESH, RAW foods are not easy to get. For the very same reason, I think NATURE provided us with Water & Fire and helped us figure how to best use it for our DAILY LIFE. - THIS IS NOT AN ANTI-RAW THING - THIS NOT A HARD STATED OPINION - This is simply OPEN MINDED thought. A counter thought process.. Some thoughts into WHY & HOW we changed.. / evolved.. We are not Gods / All Knowing so we can never be a 100% about things. Everything we learn changes.. with time.
  21. I did something to my Shoulder again. I'll post more about it here..
  22. I was there a couple of weekends ago with friends. Night out 4th & 6th. Day at lake travis rented some jet skis... lotta fun.
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