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  1. Where can I get "this kind" of a measuring tape? I went to stupid Sports Authority and they said they did not have any. Should they have it? Any other stores?
  2. Hmm.. that would be torcher.. I wanna move to Europe
  3. Hello, my Greek friend Yeah I heard that about Greece and and being vegetarian, what to say about being vegan. I would be nice to visit Greece, I havent been there yet And Robert, I hope this site starts to get full of Greeks and Spaniards with such a promotion Hmm... are we thinking a European / Mediterranean Vegan Vacation ?
  4. Damn! What was your program like? You had a max of 10. So you did...how many, how many times, how far apart, how many days? rest?
  5. Thats my catch phrase.. my motto. Explore Dream Discover Learn & live a fuller life.
  6. Now the question is where did you buy them? How much did you pay? Here in Houston, the typical Watermelon at Whole Foods, Central Market & Kroger is MUCH smaller (probably close to half the size) and goes for around 5-6$ + Tax.
  7. What is this one time posters taking over? Can someone spend some time to verify authenticity of information in this thread?
  8. So, are you coming next year? I think it will be high on my agenda. I've been going through some other issues around work, career, fitness, work-life balance, What I want to do?, Spirituality.. How I want to live life..etc.. Maybe it might have helped to come.. but I wasnt mentally there.
  9. Thanks both of you. I'll try this and let you know in a bit.
  10. http://i194.photobucket.com/albums/z309/VeganVacation/vacation24.jpg http://i194.photobucket.com/albums/z309/VeganVacation/vacation25.jpg Where can I get "this kind" of a measuring tape? I went to stupid Sports Authority and they said they did not have any. Should they have it? Any other stores?
  11. Liz had told me that. Eat FRUIT "before". I've been doing that. Lets see how this goes.
  12. Make sure to contact the europpean board-members before starting your trip! I've been thinking of making another Europe trip.. a lot more eastern europe / cheaper spots compared to my expensive HOT SPOT trip last year. You already planned it.. or could use the company? I'll see if I can add that to my agenda..
  13. To not feel any drawbacks, you'd have to eat from about 50% raw to about 80% raw. Having a cooked meal once or twice a week will definitely be noticed in your body. So are we saying have a couple of cooked meals on the weekend or have a cooked meal atleast once a day / once in 2-3 days? Zack - Its not just mindset. My stomachs ability to handle spicy indian curry has gone down. I can EAT it .. My tasted buds dont feel it spicy, actually enjoy it.. opening of sinuses etc. he he.. Flavor.. .. But my stomach gets sensitive. HERE's THE BOTTOMLINE. I cant eliminate cooked / semi cooked foods (listed above in the first post) from my diet. A lot of times I have no time & control over the places I will be and have to eat. (travel, business meetings, social engagements & love of indian food (mom) etc.) How much / how often do I need to have in circulation regularly to not have issues. My diet of COOKED items will typically consist of that LIST I've outlined.
  14. I completely agree. OregonIsaac - I agree with you on the PRACTICALITY of not being able to CHEW everything - time, strength, patience.. etc. So I eat cooked foods, drink blended smoothies & jamba juices, etc due t practical time & portability reasons. But I try to add as much RAW CHEWING to my diet. The point of my argument being.. Chewed > Chopped > Blended > Dehydrated / Dried > (COOKED) Steamed > Boiled > Fried.. etc. I think for so called RAW FOOD purists.. and their arguments around Nutrition.. and food AS IS from Nature.. they need to go up that chain.. For some reason the so called DEHUMIDIFIERs are probably not top of that nutrition scale. Just a thought. PS: People.. please dont try CHEWING a coconut okay.. he he.. You have to Chop / Break its shell first.. ..
  15. Can you post your workout routine please? Also, what kind of GTG / repitition break up do you guys suggest? Lets say your one Set max for pullups is 8 or 10. What should you do? e.g. X reps Y sets through the day separated by Z hours? Please replace these X, Y, Z's with numbers. Thoughts?
  16. I've been eating a lot more of fruits because I naturally find them appealing for - Flavor & Satisfaction. Lately, thats also causing me to not be able to consume the quantities of normal foods I used to have: - Veggie Wraps w Tofu @ Whole Foods - Lentil Soup @ Whole Foods - Lentil Curry @ Indian Restaurant - Other Indian Food - Asian (Thai) Food (Pad Thai) I get a Heart Burn Feel / Acid Reflux at times and other times my stomach just gives away and I have to make a bathroom run. If not at that time, then I the next morning its not the solid motions that indicate good digestion. A couple of things I might have done in the past 6-7 years might have aggravated this: - Skipped lunches & hogged at dinners - Skipped meals entire day / day and half - Eat out all the time esp when traveling - vegetarians have limited repetitive options - Not eating right per se - Pretty much almost no fruit / salads in 7 years. Atleast, never bought much of it by myself at home even when I was cooking.
  17. You mind my asking what you are taking time off from and what you are planning to do after?
  18. I'll say hello to you next time I am in Madrid.
  19. I was in Spain last year for 2 weeks or so. Amazing Falafel Salad shops all over Barcelona. Great cheap food.. unlimited salad.. I was veggie through it the whole time. I had some produce there.. not a lot but it seemed good from what I can remember.
  20. If I end up getting a chane I'll visit you guys for a Vegan Snow Boarding Vacation.. Say what?
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