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  1. ON ONE HAND: SHRUG IT OFF!!! - 1) People tease those who get affected - 2) People derive pleasure out of instigating & seeing an effect in you Let it not bother you.. ON THE OTHER HAND: IF YOU CANT MENTALLY SHRUG IT OFF!!! ADDRESS IT & RESOLVE IT. Professionalism is essential - If they cross that border line to the point that it affects you a lot. You need to tell them what that PERSONAL / PROFESSIONAL line needs to be. But, say it DIPLOMATICALLY, FIRMLY, POLITELY with straight face.. maybe with a little FIRM smile > But say HOW YOU FEEL. With any small things in life that bother you.. Shrug it off... or Address it. If you cant stand that your partner rolls the toothpaste from the middle.. Shrug it off.. or Address it.
  2. This is not about increasing surface area for PHYSICS. Why do some things hit your blood stream with high GL and others with low GL? Is how their NATURAL or MANMADE structure causes absorption. The more NATURAL the food, the pieces, the chewing - the better it is.
  3. Lets look at it this way. What is the Goal of Fasting? - No load on digestive system - Clean out the digestive system - Stomach, Intestines etc. - Prevent Dehydration - Prevent Malnutrition - Does not mean put body into self-sacrifice One way would be to give intravenous Nutrients.. he he. In india most people that fast use Fruits as nutrition. Typically in my family, they have one meal in the day (typically lunch) and skip the other meal or substitute it with fruit. Some may go with ALL FRUITS but only once in the day and some may go with only WATER. I think we have to keep the above points in mind if we are to FAST. The way I am thinking.. you have to keep yourself HYDRATED with nutrients / minerals closes to your blood stream. I am thinking lots of FRESH YOUNG COCONUT WATER (Exact composition and pH as blood plasma). The other thing that comes to mind is Watermelons. These 2 are perfect for nutrition & hydration and pose zero to minimum load on the digestive system. Another thing is Lemonade.. Maybe not.. if I think the CITRIC ACID has some effect on the digestive system that is detrimental to the GOALS of the fast. Any thoughts? Now I am thinking that lemon might act as a CLEANSING agent so it might satisfy the first clause in the goals of the FAST. Any thoughts?
  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arundhati_Roy Welcome to the western world where as much as you are made to believe its equal, but then you find out - if you own the media - you can UPSIZE or DOWNSIZE anything or anyone you want. It does not surprise me anymore that America is such an isolated system unaware of so many things in the world -
  5. Ravi - you do not want to miss out on driving through colorado.. see if you can add some of that to your route.. ps: have you been having cooked indian food with all the raw vegan you've added to your diet since getting on VBB
  6. Thats the problem with mixing any of the following: - Professional (Work) - Personal (Vegan, PETA) - Political (Democrat, Republic, Socialist etc..) Dont do it and ask your colleagues to refrain from it as well - They need to be PROFESSIONAL as well. Also, your VEGANism is your MINDSET & THOUGHT. Its a PERSONAL choice. For everytime I've had friends, colleagues etc others eat meat or talk how much they love the taste of chicken or a burger or seafood.. if I ended up getting ticked about it.. I'd have no moment of peace. You do what you can do and leave others to their devices. I dont drink alcohol and a lot of my friends have a great time drinking. They are who they are, they know me & my views and we respect each other & our individual choices. Just like RELIGIONS are personal choice.. these things are also a PERSONAL CHOICE. Let people live with their ignorance. If they are interested in a better lifestyle, they'll come to you. PS: Thats a little bit of Zen for ya.. he he..
  7. onion bhajis . mmm.. Is that your pic in avatar. Damn.. your ripped fit.
  8. http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Arundhati_Roy/Arundhati_Roy_page.html Booker Prize Author - Arundhati Roy An Ordinary Person's Guide to Empire http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Arundhati_Roy/Guide_To_Empire.html People vs. Empire - A Roy (1/05) http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Arundhati_Roy/People_vs_Empire.html New WorId Disorder - War is peace. So now we know http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Arundhati_Roy/NewWorldDisorder_ARoy.html
  9. Yeah.. RAW.. Any processing is processing. You figure out how much of it you want. All RAW foodists who blend, JUICE, dry etc are fooling themselves. If they think its ONLY HEAT that kills nutrients they are wrong. They should keep a PIECE of food / fruit out see it CHANGE. As Topher says - he someday wants to be able to pick fruits of a tree. That is ULTIMATE. But, if you want eat things unprocessed how YOUR BODY was designed to absorb those nutrients, I cant find a better argument than CHEWING the food. If someone forgot their Diet & Nutrition 101 - The enzymes and stuff in our SALIVA is designed to PRE-PROCESS the RAW food (bite & chew.. not blend) so that it is ready with the right kind of pieces + saliva as it enters the stomach. I think Blending & juicing take away that PRE PROCESSING one has with Saliva. Remember when your mom told you to always chew your food. It wasnt just about it not getting stuck or you getting indigestion. It was more.
  10. Tarla Dalal is one of the most famour authors.. for Indian Cook books. Just amazon for it and pick out the ones that have good reviews. The thing with Indian foods - Anything that a receipe makes with a Meat can be substituted with different veggies, tofu or paneer. Its all in the spices / curry.
  11. You're going to have to duel it out with Topher. Me too. Competition here. I think if you have a balanced indian diet - i.e. Not just a lot of Restaurant Style curry - But a more HOME STYLE cooked meal + salad (w indian herbs) + Fruits etc. (thats what I used to have back home) you'll do better.
  12. Big, I'm dead serious and being sarcastic at the same time. For the rest of the summer I think I'll do push-ups, pull-ups, assisted HSP, squat and DL until the weather cools down. I'll lose some overhead pressing and power clean/snatch strength, however I'll be able to regain it in a short period of time. If I stop squatting and DL I'll lose a lot more strength and it'll take longer to regain it. Anyone who doesn't live in Philly has no idea how fuggin' humid it is in the summertime. If doing that is easier for you then you ain't training hard enough!!! I love working out in the sun/heat, I do hill sprints and calisthenics, it's great! I'd add something here. I played 2-3 hours of volleyball on pretty much an empty stomach. Guess what I ate. Fruits. - Watermelon. - Not even a lot of water.. but Watermelon. Lots of cold chopped watermelon. Try it out. PS: There are a lot of foods which acts BODY COOLANTS. Its part of the SUMMER routine in India. Moms would feed the following things: - Watermelon with / without Rock Salt sprinkled - "Raw" (i.e. Unripe) Mango pulp (this needs to be typically very SOUR) + Diluted with water + Sugar (or use your sweetner) + Some herbs, salt, etc. (Anyone interested - I'll get the receipe) Mangos ripen when kept out at room temperature.. In India we look at Raw Mangoes as a COOL food & Ripe Mangoes as GARAM (hot) food. Why? If you have excess of Ripe Mango in India as a kid, you will possibly get nose bleeds - I know its happened to a bunch of us. BUT I can remember - after having that Raw Mango Juice Blend - I could go out in the Indian heat.. and not Feel it through the entire day. - Earthen Pot cooled diluted Buttermilk with some herbs - Lemonade with some herbs. - Cucumber Bunch of other things that I cant remember.
  13. Anything in excess is bad. I guess so is this. I've recently started thinking a lot in terms of 'NATURAL' eating / drinking methods. As ancient humans in nature we would not COOK as much. We would eat high raw. But, there was a reason why we learnt to COOK somethings - because those were not consumable without cooking. e.g. Kidney beans, Soy etc. With the same mindset - I am thinking back in the day humans did not have the time, energy & logistics to have SO MUCH water all day. Did we? I would highly doubt it. Also, the amount of HYDRATION our body would get would not be from PURE WATER. It would consist of: - Ground / Spring Water with Minerals from the soil - Fruits (Lots of interesting minerals) - Veggies For some odd reason NATURE does not provide us or any other animals with PURE DISTILL water. It always has a way of providing water with minerals. I think this is by design. Because our bodys would not respond well / Would respond better with the minerals, salts etc. I think the same fundamental is discovered by Pro athletes & researchers when using a GATORADE type drink v/s just water. PS: Conclusion: Have a lot of Watermelon.. LOL!... I've been having a HIGH FRUIT diet off late and I have to go to pee OFTEN and its ALMOST always clear even if I dont have a lot of water to drink. So I think the whole, having CRAZY AMOUNT of water theory might have some holes. PPS: JUST A THOUGHT!!! .
  14. Elliptical Trainers MIGHT be good in that respect - Low impact due to the motion. Also, Yoga, Pilates will help you get LEAN. They helped me once. Tai Chi. / Silk weaving. Brisk Walking - I know people who've done that in place of running / jogging due to knee issues and found it effective. Calisthenics - Some bodyweight exercises (get your doctor to certify which ones will be okay). Instead of Normal pushups, Hindu Pushups have a very FLUID motion. I am just throwing out thoughts. I am not sure which of these will or will not be allowed. Hope that helps.
  15. Hmm.. Nah.. we cant bomb Sweden.. I love some of their bands.. - Roxette - Ace Of Base - Michael Learns to Rock I cant remember others..
  16. Great memories.. of climbing a guava tree as a child.. to get some of them with yummy pink guava meat inside the green skin..
  17. http://www.who-sucks.com/people/monstrous-myostatin-misfortunes-a-collection-of-myostatin-deficiency-pictures http://www.indianpad.com/story/75729 Myostatin Deficiency - Is this for real? Many of you have seen or heard about Wendy the whippet - a dog with a rare genetic mutation that has led to her being called the Arnold Schwarzenegger of dogs. The genetic mutation is a deficiency in myostatin, which is a growth factor that limits muscle tissue growth. But that rare genetic defect does not occur only in the whippet breed. In fact, it can and has occurred in other animals… even in humans themselves! Behold! The ultimate collection of myostatin deficient monstrosities!
  18. My mom used soak them overnight for us by keeping in a cup of water (in the fridge - India / outside weather might be too warm / hot). We used to have it with a glass of milk in the morning.
  19. I think you are an exception. http://www.vegsoc.org/info/pulses.html http://www.herbsarespecial.com.au/free-sprout-information/lentils.html http://www.theshamanskitchen.com/kitchen.glossary01pulse.php
  20. http://www.organiconline.com.sg/GrainBeans&Seeds.html As I had posted before.. in Indian food.. there are a bunch of lentils we cook directly, some we soak overnight before cooking, some we can have as sprouted salads.
  21. Nice - I'd recommend a picture slideshow on the front page that shows some of our best Veg physiques.. the guys on here as well as the ones like Bill Pearl... & MM.. etc. Pictures say a 1000 words.
  22. Can I invest in that company? - Robert - An idea that just popped in my head.. Since a lot of VEGANS, PETAns, Environmentalists are all working sort of in the same direction.. would it not be possible to pool resources. If there are any Investment Bankers / Private Equity / Finance & Banking people here.. who could better explain it that would be great. What I am thinking of is FUNDS / PORTFOLIOS that invest in GREEN, CLEAN, ECO & ENVIRON / VEG friendly companies / research... especially since a lot of these could be profitable. I am sure a lot of Vegs & Non Vegs will invest in them.. on the whole.. we'd get better ECO-results out of it.
  23. I've moderated other boards - The thing is to delete all OFF TOPIC stuff or SEPARATE, SPLIT & MOVE IT INTO ANOTHER THREAD. If the thread was about AGAVE all tangential discussions about insects, animals & honey should've been deleted and the topic left open for Agave discussions (so that all AGAVE information was collected in ONE discussion thread). You did not have to END the argument with a couple of posts. As a moderator, you need to be unbiased and work towards keeping the DISCUSSION on topic. You needed to delete their 'OFF TOPIC' posts and let the AGAVE thread live on. By closing it you have made waste the efforts of people who were ON TOPIC and the ones who went OFF TOPIC win by causing disturbance. Anyways, these are fundamentals of managing discussion boards. I see that non of the moderators here really doing that. Too many threads become personal battlegrounds for people to throw their VIEWPOINTS in despite being off-topic from the original discussion - Thereby making it counter productive to the ORIGINAL agenda of the thread. What if all the vegan Madhava consumers on this board tomorrow found out that they have been consuming 'honey' as a part of Agave Nectar? Keeping a discussion board CLEAN & discussions ON TOPIC is what moderators need to do. Discourage people from making every discussion a fight about their borderline Vegan-ism. Do you drive a car? Well your tyres use animal products... Are you vegan? Do you have a house? All the paint in the house contains animal extracts.. are you vegan? I know that it is not as trivial as Insects & Animals, but.... > All such ARGUMENTS need to go into their separate threads. You basically just hijacked your own topic! Maybe YOU should have opened up another thread about how you dislike people hijacking other threads??? I figured someone would point that out. But again, thats the job of the Moderators. I could not drag his or mine posts out from any of the other threads.
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