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  1. Hi Dec I'm a fellow Brit from Kettering northants. Welcome to the forum. You will find a lot of help and support here.
  2. Ok Baby Herc you twisted my arm i shall dedicated a seperate post for each kitty: First up snowy we were going to call him snow white as we thought he was a lady but soon discovered she was a he. He is a very sensetive boy and loves cuddles but in private!! I have to go in the toilet (and sit with the lid down by the way) shut the door so he gets private petting away from the others. When we lived in Bletchley (Bletchley of Alan Turing -Enigma fame) he went missing for two weeks. We spent every day posting pics of him, and searching for him we were literally 1 week away from moving to our new home - here in Kettering and he just turned up ...phew!!! Snowy as a Kitten Snowy now 8years old Shall post another tomorrow, Love your bassat hound by the way Synny667 lovely Dogs and monka is a beauty baby herc
  3. Yeh my wife had 40 quid on Italy winning it - frustrating I will keep an eye on threads for the Olympics most defiantly as it is in my home country ( I am about 60 miles from London) and can get to St Pancreas station from Kettering or Euston from Northampton easily within an hour. I have not got tickets but may pop down to soak up the atmosphere. Big fan of running 200 meters was my best track event at school. But will be interested in seeing how the inclusion of footie as an event pans out - no David Beckham in team GB though....wtf?
  4. Heres one of our seven cats, his name is Tom and he is much bigger now. Most nights he joins me on the bed, he likes to sleep at the bottom of the bed in between my feet. All our cats are rescued. We rescued number seven - skippy - from the council rubbish tip believe it or not. We think she was dumped there by some ahole. Luckily we found her there and after making enquiries soon realised she was not owned by any staff members. We took her home her fur was bald (she was infested with fleas and must have been rubbing half her fur off with the irritation) and nursed her back to health she is now totally flea free and is actually a long haired cat. I will post more pics of all seven cats if anyone is interested, i am not a mad cat person honest but me and my wife are suckers when it comes to rescue animals.
  5. Yeah you never know what you are going get with him. He must be a managers nightmare
  6. Well Spain really turned it on and showed everyone why they are defending Euro champs, world cup winners and now euro champs again. That is a new record now to win 3 major titles back to back. They played the best football I have seen in the tournament. A pleasure to watch let's see if they can do it again in 2014 world cup - hope not, I would like to see England win it again.
  7. Hi MF not at the moment I have been having some health checks done but once I am sure all is ok I shall get back to it. I don't mean to be mysterious as it is all probably nothing but I shall fill ya in soon. How did your daughters birthday go by the way? Hope she had a fun day.
  8. To ight is a nervy night England vs Ukraine. I shall post more later after the match if I have not collapsed under the stress. At least Rooneys back should help add some more strength at the front
  9. Hi MF just to chime in to wish your daughter a happy birthday hope you all have a great weekend
  10. Hi all, Looks like Ireland are struggling again. Mind you I am only in 35 min at moment - so who knows? Maybe by some miracle Ireland will show some sheer inspiration- doubt it. Dylan, might have been a fluke for the Danes - but wasn't it 92 when they didn't even qualify for the tournament but went through because of the expulsion of Yugoslavia (because of the war I believe). Then went on to win it! Who knows with this competition what will happen it's a funny old game as saints and greavsie would say. I think England will do alright against Sweden tomorrow because they just have to gosh dang it!
  11. You've got to remember this is a new fresh England team with a new manager. Rooney is on suspension at the moment so we lack his flair but to hold against France like that shows promise. I agree Germany should be better than that but this not the same team from the klinesman era. Fair play to Ukraine what a superior second half and made this the game of the tournament so far. I think with the way it went so far England can play Sweden with confidence, however they shouldn't underestimate the Ukraine.
  12. Can't believe nobody has mentioned doctor who, Tom Baker was my Doctor I grew up with ( yes I am in my 40's). However one you may not of heard of was the wombles - the first Eco kids program about strange animals living on Wimbledon common and recycling the rubbish left their by us humans. A bit of trivia: the British actor Bernard cribbens did all the voices for the puppets and also had a recurring role in the new doctor who as Donna Nobles grandad.
  13. I agree Russia is looking pretty good. Germany played pretty well against Portugal although I did want Portugal to win England however did very well against France. Pity about the French equaliser but it was a cracking good shot. However we did very well on the whole, the team has a new vibe with Roy Hodgsen in charge. As I am typing this I am watching Ukraine vs Sweden. 0:0 at the moment (40 mins into game) so I am finding it very difficult to keep my train of thought whilst watching at the same time. My wife is right men cannot multitask ( unless of course you consider drinking beer and watching the footie multitasking )
  14. Hi there, you are not far from me I am in Kettering Northamptonshire. I was also born in Bedford and lived in kempston for my early years. Good to meet you and look forward to your posts
  15. yeah looks really good - shall get my wife to help with the translation though. Although she is Portuguese she does understand italian.
  16. Don't feel bad these groups exist in all countries! Poland is still a great country with a lot to be proud of. I do find it ironic that the main reason Britain got involved with WWii was to keep these scumbags from getting their grubby paws on it in the first place. Missed the Poland game, however did watch Russia game they do seem to be the dark horses in this tournament. Portugal vs Germany today as my wife is Portuguese - come on Portugal
  17. Yeh it's terrible. I saw some footage on bbc news last night of some Ukraine fans making chimpanzee noises and gestures to the non Caucasian players - makes me sick to the stomach knowing these arseholes are out their. Also the controversy around john terry and rio Ferdinand as well - in my humble opinion ferdinand should never have been dropped from the team a far superior player to Terry. It's a pity the beautiful game gets tarnished by the actions of a few mindless thugs, whether they are the fans or players!
  18. Hi Robert, Got the banner ad from Richard and have now added it to my site. The banner Richard created is 'the dogs bullocks!' (that means 'exceptionally good' by the way, for the non-UK forum members ) Edward Goins looks ultra cool on it and also, i only noticed it just now, but the US flag is reflected in his shades - genius!! Anyway hope it gets more traffic to your site and helps spread the word Now i am going to enjoy the rest of the Queens diamond jubilee bank holiday in the pissing rain - bloody typical! Doug
  19. Hi vegan rossco, You can get them both online but I have a food cooperative about 10 mile drive from called dailybread and get tempeh there. Still yet to find wheat gluten to make my own Seitan in a shop though. Holland and barret sell mock duck which is a wheat gluten mock meat - it is not bad but you need to watch the added salt etc
  20. I recently discovered a specialist shop in Newport Pagnell ( a town just on the edges of Milton Keynes in uk ) which sells vega and sun warrior. Unfortunately this is the only store I know of that sells the physical product. As I commute to Milton Keynes for work this doesn't make it a problem. Apart from that though the only other really good quality protein powder I can get ( store brought as opposed to online) is hemp powder made by uk growers and producers the good hemp company. My problem is the same as above, if I order from the USA then I get hit with custom tax. I agree the USA has more choices, even getting hold of staples like tempeh or Seitan can be a right royal pain in the butt!
  21. Brilliant result mate. You are looking in fantastic form. You have re- inspired me ( is that a word? ). Now where are my weights?
  22. Hi Emma, You've come to the right place. So many people on here who want to help. I have the same problems as yourself. One of the people Karen mentions. She has helped me out a lot and there are others who help keep my spirits lifted. Don't be afraid to be honest in your journals and talk about how you feel. Writing it down is quite therapeutic and it also helps others as well. I did this a while back and got a lot of positive responses that helped. And finally before I bore the pants of you take advantage of those moments you do feel 'uplifted' and train. Hope this helps
  23. Sorry to hear about the phone mate. There are some real scumbags out there! Anything I say is going to sound a bit lame and predictable but I hope you manage to get it back. Did you manage to get any of the photos backed up to pc . If you had iPhone did you have it set up for the cloud with backups automatically backed up to this?
  24. Thanks for getting back to me Robert. I shall explore the digital option I think
  25. Hi Robert is this going to be available in UK? If so could you let us know shipping costs?
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