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  1. Gorilla I know you going raw because it's healthy. Are you doing this plan to maintain where you are at or hoping to grow muscle or lose fat? Also, how did you figure out what you needed to eat based on your weight eating raw? Protein, Carbs and Fat? Does your body need different amounts than what a normal bodybuilding diet consists of? Thanks Khayil
  2. I have just ordered Rob's new book and am looking forward to getting it for this help, but until then can someone help me with a sample program? I viewed some on the website, but got confused. I like eating a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, but with cooked proteins if veggie burger, etc. Can I put both together in a diet form to gain muscle and shred fat? I have always read eating certain carbs specifically fruit are bad carbs and will make you fat, but viewing some of his stuff got me excited because he puts a lot of fruit together in those plans. So, how do I put it in a program for me. I weigh 190 lbs. and am 6' tall. I want to eat a lot of greens and fruit again, but cooked protein and protein powders. Thanks for any help. Colin
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