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  1. There is a vegan-friendly IRC network called Serenia: irc://irc.serenia.net #vegan They require registration for regular users, and #vegan is a strictly "vegans-only" room; #vegan-info is used for debate and the like. I would say that if someone were so inclined they might create a #veganbodybuilding room, at least until there's a chatbox on these forums again. For those of you unfamiliar with IRC, there are several free clients available for use (XChat2 for Windows & Linux, & Colloquy for OSX). The Opera web browser also has built-in IRC functionality, and some instant messengers like Pidgin can also connect to IRC networks.
  2. Hi, I'm new here, and would first like to tell you all it's nice to be a part of a health-conscious online community like this. I've been vegan for about 3 years and have found it to be an excellent way to build a sense of discipline within myself. I'm hoping to engage in a regimen of training to get myself into better shape very soon and I'm considering my nutrition options. I was just checking out the Vega supplement, as I've read that it's fantastic, but I noticed that it costs $75 for half a months worth online, which means I have to pay $150 a month for it. At that price, is it meant to be a meal replacement? Can I subsist on Vega alone, or do I need to still eat whole foods? Common sense would tell me I must still eat, but $150 is a very large portion of my food budget. Maybe this is something that's come up before, and if there's a locked thread, please refer me to it, but otherwise, I'm wondering: What is a low cost alternative? I have tried "Greens Today Green Frog" multivitamin, which I like. Would combining that with a generic soy protein powder do the "trick" in terms of providing the nutrition I need to get myself into great shape? I'm also interested in how glutamine and creatine might help. Thanks for reading!
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