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  1. I'm also wondering if Uriah Faber is a vegetarian. Watching countdown to UFC 128 said he grew up eating veggie tacos and green smoothies .
  2. I had the same experience, corporate gym from hell, too many machines, conflict-oriented staff and managers. Right now I'm at a YMCA and it's very good.
  3. The EC stack is probably the most effective of your list, though the aspirin isn't necessary. you're right, doesn't really make that much sense so ill try cutting out the 84mg asa
  4. ACtually it's all about getting a good v-taper and body building will help you achieve that goal. You can also try electrolysis for permanent hair removal .
  5. just with open ended parallel bars
  6. whoa they have some awesome scream core going on. i would love to play in their mosh pit
  7. actually dips will give you very nice definition on the lower pecs, provided your body fat % is low enough. when doing dips bend your knees/legs back and lean slightly forwards and make sure most of the force is coming from your pecs. at least iv'e noticed very nice striations from the lower left and right pecs connective tissues after i've done this exercise. just like in the film 300. you can view this link to see a screenshot from 300 http://www.blu-raydefinition.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/BDDefinition300complete-l1080.jpg
  8. actually you should be taking fat-burning suppliments MCT oil, 3 tbsp a day chromium picolinate, 500mcg/day CLA, 3.4g /d l-carnitine, 1.5g /d one grapefruit /d 3 cups of 'real' green tea /d [ 200mg caffeine, 24mg ephedrine, 84mg aspirin ] morning and lunch 5-6 Litres of filtered water along with your standard vegan diet 3-4 times a week of high intensity interval training for 20 minutes. usually my diet consists of as much food as i want, as long as its whole foods, plant based. fasting is bad, because when you're hungry, the body goes catabolic and stores fat and uses your muscles for energy. if you need to constantly eat throughout the day to stay not hungry, even if it's chopped up carrots and celery then that's okay too. within 90 days if you follow everything exactly you should have a flat stomach. http://fitness.mercola.com/sites/fitness/archive/2010/06/26/10-minutes-of-exercise-yields-hourlong-effects.aspx (press esc to get rid of message)
  9. organic/non GMO maltodextrin should be available if you look for it
  10. http://sports.yahoo.com/mma/news?slug=dm-mmavegetarians021711
  11. http://a3.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/62048_443879572448_201798422448_5189841_31497_n.jpg
  12. Just to let everyone know, gravity is still considered a Theory
  13. is that comment not uncalled for ?
  14. Wow! Best line I've seen in a long time. That truly puts it all into perspective its quite juvenile to mock one another because of a typing error.
  15. So is the solution to this to smear c-section babies in the entrance/exit of the vagina of the birth mother for good measure ? Strictly staying in the scientific camp here...
  16. Also if you shave your underarms or even better get electrolysis, the odor causing bacteria that accumulate in the long underarm hairs will have no place to hang out anymore
  17. But it's the winter, and you're still depressed. Not to mention you're willfully ignoring the wide array of studies and data that overwhelmingly shows links between sun exposure and mental health benefits. For someone who's desperate for solutions, and yet you're not exploring all the avenues available to you, is in a way a sign of mental illness. Synthetic vitamin D cannot be absorbed by the body at the large requirements one requires when there is a nutrient/vitamin/mineral/hormone deficiency going on (which is all depression is really) and UV radiation exposure in amounts that don't cause you to sunburn will produce 4-5 times the amount of vitamin D that is considered unsafe to take orally. http://www.healingtherapies.info/sunlight&vitamind.htm Furthermore, what I'm reading from that webpage is again backed up and sourced in The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell
  18. That's right! Avoid petro-chemical derived cosmetic products if possible. I only use natural soap. Sunscreen actually will give you cancer rather than protect you. Also on the subject of good bacteria, a natural birth vs c-section... natural births provide the flora required to develop healthy gut bacteria to fight off degenerative and auto-immune diseases, while c-section births have been linked to more problems in life (can't get too specific here until I look up original article )
  19. http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/096/3/0/Dwight_Schrute_Tee_by_Sangel99.jpg 2097, congrats on being educated about anti-depressants Now back to the disagreement: Natural sunlight is potentially more dangerous than pure UVB/A from tanning beds, because of x-rays, beta, and gamma ... if you wear really concerned about skin cancer caused by the sun you should know about that already. Your body will protect itself from cancer given a whole foods, plant based diet with adequate vitamin D. source: the china study Given the fact that despite all ancient mummies from 10,000 years ago have no cancer in them... http://rt.com/news/blogs/contrarian-view/the-mummy-returns-with-a-cure-for-cancer/ and that these people spent all day in the sun with a natural diet despite having signs of severe anaemia and hemolytic disorders... I really don't want to embarrass anyone else in this thread, but if you insist I will just start citing more sources, peer reviewed studies and references... spare yourself the grief of looking silly online !
  20. http://trollercoaster.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/trollface_hd.png serious lulz are had in this thread
  21. skin cancer is actually caused by diet, and tanning (linked to high levels of vitamin D ) has been shown to shrink melanoma, improve mood and boost metabolism, and reduce risk of prostate and breast cancer by 60% . Let's get educated by ourselves, not the cancer industry or government who stands to get rich off of dying sick and unhealthy people ! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_China_Study_(book) pick up this book, and get the facts about vitamin D and regular sun exposure... 15 minutes a day natural sunlight, and if it's the winter/fall go indoor tanning, but you don't need as long or as frequent because it's more pure/intense UVA and UVB. For someone so concerned about their depression and how it controls your life, you really seem to be locked into a 'im helpless' mindset. It shocks me to hear that someone who's looking for solutions to their problems won't explore all the possible solutions ! Everybody has problems, that's a given, and no one is perfect either including me. BTW, would you really think that I'm using my free time on this forum to spread dis-information and waste your time and mine ? If you really are so concerned about 'risks' then look into anti-depressants which increase the 'risks' of suicidal tendencies. It comes down to your choice, have a nice day
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