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  1. Oh wow ! I just now read my messages hahahhahaa I eat 2 meals and drink 1-2 meals. I start around noon or 2pm and stop at 8-10pm. I drink a smoothie and eat a coconut for the calories and zucchini pasta. Sometimes I can force another smoothie but its hard. I have to be really motivated to consume food when I do not want to, and since I am not a competitive bodybuilder i usually neglect it.
  2. Yeah sorry, I dont do social media anymore. I did make a youtube channel for a short while, but grew tired of that as well. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNUGigqj7UMRX5RJzuVuIbg
  3. I believe you will find that weight training will give you far better results than the 45 min runs 3 times a week as you mentioned. The reason being is that cardio only prevails "as your doing it" for boring calories. When you stop, so do results. Thus weight training works wonders because as your sitting at your job your still burning calories and recovering. I would suggest a 5-6 day workout plan then. Sadly I cannot recommend a same day diet regime every day for 6 months, the body is not designed for that. Everything in nature rotates from season to to season and so should diet for that reason. Basically it works like this, carbs are the best form of calories for the human body. They have the anti-oxidants which protect and can cure the body and protein foods have few in most cases. However, for weight grain, these foods are nearly down the line what always put weight on. Starches are the culrip and grain. Lower those forms and you will find the results you are looking for. Smoothies are great as they fill you up, they are cold which shrinks stomach and kicks on thermogenesis while also giving you plenty of photo nutrients. Try the pea protein because it fills you up for a long time and is a concentrate and has a pleasant taste. I find pea protein goes with Cherries or Mango well. Hemp milk as base works good too or coconut milk. Food wise, watch the phytoestrogens, I know I'm on a vegan website here and most eat soy, but I am not a soy fan. Not for more than 1 meal a day anyway. Foods like cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, etc..) raise Testosterone, but also do not have them daily, they can offset the thyroid. So rotate them in, your exercising will balance hormones as much as it can. So breakfast smoothie, big lunch of Yam, squash, and side of steamed vegetables. dinner of soups are great as well. If I were you I would actually do polyphasic eating, this is No food for 16 hours or 18 depending on work, lifestyle or willpower. Allowing you to eat just from noon - 6 or 8pm. This works wonders for people. And it gives the liver some amazing longevity benefits and boosts Hgh, metabolism and more. So skip the breakfast! You can have a tea, but no insulin spiking sweetener! Since you are training safe, then you can get away with a program like this day 1-Push, use up all those muscles that require it. Front delt, tricep, chest, abs! Day 2; Legs - Squat, lunge, leg extension, hamstring curl and calf. day 3:Pull day. Lats, bicep, forearm, low back day 4; Shoulder; side delt, rear delt, traps. day 5; arm day, neck, abs, cardio. day 6/7 rest. Tell yourself, the more I eat, the more I snack, the more sets I have to do, simple. Stretch every day before hitting it and even a 10 min jog to warm up is fine. I hope I answered the correct way to your questions. Rawmatt Out!
  4. Hail ! Good question. I myself in Somatic typed as an ectomorph aka vata body type as well. I notice a few things with your program I would consider switching around and maybe adjust. As far as calories go, we metabolize fast and the more we eat the faster we burn. at the same height as you and lighter, I find it hard to pack weight on, but I am no bodybuilder. To grain size for fights and train 6 days a week including mad cardio, I learned the hard way. Its all about carbohydrates. At 22 years old I would feast on bowls of Sprouted Quinoa and Amaranth and Oat meal. (start off eating them plain, when you get full, add flavor or a tad bit of coconut oil, and celtic sea salt then eat more), I didn't eat no small meals throughout the day, I pounded large ones and had to train often, so small meals were not an option. It worked. I see a lot of good foods, and verity but sorry they are not bulking foods. perhaps get to your goal weight then maintain with the salads and smoothies. But fuck those things right now. Smoothies just make you full so you cannot eat. If you want bonus elements to your diet try herbs like Schizandra berry, Goji, astragalus root, and abhwagandha as herbals and some supplements like NAD to benefit from longevity Sirtuins activation without needed caloric restriction, and maybe L- Carnosine for cellular life boost and fight glycation from cooked foods. Also eat your fruit first, order of digestion is always important. Pea protein is a concentrate, so remember that and it is very filling as well. Bulking almost, so only have that at night or else you slow digestion down and bloat and get gas. Replace it with the nasty gritty lame mixing hemp seed hehehehe. Also, fats make you full feeling, save them for nights, not for morning smoothies or bread or oatmeal. Fats digest through the lymph system so you really feel weighed down and full for too long, skip them till 5pm and then load up for the calories they have. Nut butters are ok, but weak compared to sprouted walnuts and almonds for example. P.s. don't eat broccoli every day, they fuck up the thyroid and can cause goiter's in time. Though cruciferous vegetables boost testosterone a bit, I suggest you rotate them throughout the week, working out boost testosterone enough.
  5. There are also so many variables to training and duration. Age, Calories consumed, rest time you can get, sleep, genetics, DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), diet. However I believe (hormonally) from the science i have read. That any programs that exist pushing the body over really 45 min is havoc on the system and raises cortisol (stress hormone) levels. I enjoy max overload training, just find it works best for me around 5-7pm because mornings I really lack at pushing the extreme weight. I am not a pro-bodybuilder, but I have a lot of experience in weight training.
  6. You should keep in mind that lots of vegan protein powders can have legumes or nuts/seeds, these are broken down in the intestinal flora and not by HA of the stomach. This is exactly why beans give you gas. So pea proteins, Mesquite flavors, Carob, etc... Have a gas effect. Also some of you may be sweetening with Honey, this also can cause gas and too much a laxative. Often times the sprouted raw rice proteins do not cause this, however many do not like the chalky constancy. Also, be careful with the spirulina and sun chlorella's because they have a high concentration of phosphates and there rough on the kidneys. But you can get away with some and i notice they do not cause that problem.
  7. NFPT = New Life Personal Training. Cost 400$ guaranteed a job at any location for Anytime Fitness.
  8. David Jubb's Lifefood recipe book. First book handed to me and been 100% Raw from then on.
  9. Went from my 1100 calorie diet a day to almost 2000. 100% raw is tough because most all vegan foods in their natural state contain fiber. Ive had to re-design my whole diet program. Ive added 10lbs of solid muscle however and doing it with bodyfat still below 10%. Let me know any particular foods that you have had success with that I might add to my regime.
  10. Fats; Almonds, olives, hemp seed, macadamia, avocado, durian, acai. Carbs; Figs, mangos, peaches Protein; Pea Protein & Jarrow's Fermented soy protein Grains; I don't eat them. Vegetables; Sprouts, fermented sauerkraut & roots like turmeric, ginger, onion and radish. Pre-made bars; Jake's unbaked Goji Bar Herbs; Milk thistle seed, Reishi, saw palmetto, astragalus, licorice, clove Supplements; MSM, magnesium, copper, ascorbyl palmitate.
  11. Not sure how many people would be interested in a harvesting their own food, but I can try hehehe. Not sure what I plan on doing for this message board. I have always been about sharing information and teaching, but im actually really tired of it now hahaha. I never wanted to do that anyway, as I always recommend people to Markus Rothkranz for that. But ill share what I do with the foods I harvest.
  12. Oh man thats great! Yeah I was living fruitarian for many years and started doing goji berries, lucuma, acai and other superfoods. I think most of them are not worth the cost, however I do make my own tinctures and more focus on herbalism. I eat small but more frequent now, as opposed to my two meals a day program. I'll start my training program here when one of my bad injuries go away. Ill document what I do, and post what works for me and if something fails ill let everyone know.
  13. Hello Ss0p, Since you are not looking to go all the way vegan I ask then what you decided to leave in? The Dairy perhaps? Anyway, I find that hemp protein is gritty and doesnt mix well and the taste is just so-so. Also you must keep in mind that many seed and nut proteins can be phytoestrogenic and should be consumed about twice a day, no more. Of course this is all my opinion and you can read up more on your own. My personal favorite proteins are Pea protein, Rice protein, You can find a mix of these in Veganprotein.com I also like fermented soy protein from Jarrow and spirulina.
  14. Hello everyone! I've been a raw vegan 9 years now. I have been doing a lot of trial and error when it comes to diet, practicing everything from; Caloric Restriction, Extreme fasting, Fruitarian, liquid diets, you name it. I have found exactly what works for me now and want to inspire people though health and wellness, which has always been my goal. I have decided as a new years resolution that I want to pick up the sport of bodybuilding. I currently still teach cage fighting and brazilian Jiu-jitsu but have turned down my training to focus on this goal. My goals are realistic and I anticipate in a few years to be competing. Your website is wonderful and extremly helpful, I have thousands of friends on facebook and I link it often
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