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  1. So if anyone wants a new creative way to work out your shoulders and traps go shooting! We had our annual qualifying this week for our Sig P229. I shot 220 rounds and man let me tell you, I thought I had decent shoulders, but my arms were wiped when I got done! -Loran Ps I shot a 93.2, so if you happen to be in my jurisdiction, BEHAVE!!
  2. Thanks everyone...Im hopin to get the other side done soon. Potter...got it done at Lucky 13 on Broad by Guru. It hurt pretty bad too! -Loran
  3. This is the only pic I have right now and its also a test to see how well I follow directions here it goes.... http://img224.imageshack.us/img224/944/0119070007lp9.jpg hope it works! -Loran
  4. Thanks everyone! Im excited to be here...And yeah, Im VCU PD to who asked. I plan on putting all my stuff up here along with pictures, of course , and Im really lookin forward to my time on the board! -Loran
  5. Hey guys...ive been checkin out the discussion board pretty much all night, readin up on things...and I decided to join. My name is Loran and Im a cop in Richmond, VA. Im kinda short and skinny (5'5" and 110lbs) and Im lookin to put on a couple pounds. Ive been a vegetarian for over a year, and I am in the process of going completely vegan, altho most my meals are vegan. So anyways, Im here to learn lots of stuff about fitness and diet and gain some weight!
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