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  1. I was in chat, but everyone actually did leave lol
  2. Do you do a push/pull split? Upper/lower split? 5 day different bodypart split? Or something different? I've seen members have results acheived by all of the above and am just wondering what's your split look like?
  3. So, I've learned that I'm a grazer. All day, from the time I wake up til the time I go to bed. Seems like I'm always hungry, always chewing. Total cow-with-cud. That being said, I'm considering going !Rawr! (You know, raw) I figure I can't go wrong with grazing all day on fruits and veggies. Not sure if it'll really be an 80/10/10 thing. I kind of just want to eat and adjust according, see what's best for my body. I know I won't have an issue with calories. I need to cut anyway. Any input?
  4. There's more to a person than what they eat. She is a decent actress.
  5. It's definitely a coin toss what's gonna happen next, if anything. Could be nothing, could be something. The day will go down in history nonetheless.
  6. The brand is Silk, and my mistake it's not fat free, it's "Light" but at only 1.5 grams of fat per serving, it's still really good since regular soy milk is 4g of fat sometimes more depending on the flavor and brand.
  7. I'm pretty sure it's at Krogers. I've seen it many times.
  8. Beans are the fruit of the gods. All those good carbs, protein and fiber packed in one little nugget of goodness.
  9. Horse...Thank you for your opinon, but just as a side note...Nothing in my dinners are processed, everything that is listed would be made from scratch. Nothing processed. Beans are very present in just about every one of those dinner meals.
  10. 2097- Yeah I have seen it and yep it's from that movie. I've always done well with a more moderate-good-fat level diet. Everyone's different. Fallen-1500 is perfectly doable, thanks.
  11. According to fitday.com, the majority of the fats were polyunsaturated fats from the sunflower seeds, and a few stray ones from the soymilk used in the protein shakes. But that was because the option of fat free soy milk wasn't on the given list, when I shop for soymilk, it's always fat free. Regardless, fats are still 30%
  12. No, but the calories to this diet plan only equal 1200. The marco breakdown comes out to about 40% carbs 30% fat and 30% protein.
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