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  1. So, I've learned that I'm a grazer. All day, from the time I wake up til the time I go to bed. Seems like I'm always hungry, always chewing. Total cow-with-cud. That being said, I'm considering going

    !Rawr! (You know, raw) I figure I can't go wrong with grazing all day on fruits and veggies. Not sure if it'll really be an 80/10/10 thing. I kind of just want to eat and adjust according, see what's best for my body. I know I won't have an issue with calories. I need to cut anyway.


    Any input?

  2. According to fitday.com, the majority of the fats were polyunsaturated fats from the sunflower seeds, and a few stray ones from the soymilk used in the protein shakes. But that was because the option of fat free soy milk wasn't on the given list, when I shop for soymilk, it's always fat free. Regardless, fats are still 30%

  3. In the past, I've been kind of winging it and I'd like to have a nice healthy organized diet now. I'm trying to lose weight so any opinons are welcomed please and thank you.












    A salad made up of:







    Sunflower Seeds




    One of the following:


    Vegan Pizza

    Bean Burgers with roasted potatoes

    Vegan Chili

    Rice and Bean soft tacos


    Burrito Pie



    In between meals will most likely be a protein shake.

  4. If you look through the forum, you will find many discussions and debates about raw food diets. Otherwise, it sounds rather obnoxious to say that someone who elects to eat cooked vegan foods doesn't want to be healthy. The nutrition world is not that black and white.

  5. Honestly, I don't think anyone could truly answer that for you off the top of their heads. You have to figure out your caloric needs, your activity level, and what your goals are. Everyone is different and what one person suggests may not be right for you. There are several 811-ers who have great success with it and you don't, so obviously that's just not the right way to go for you. Often times just listening to your body helps. Evaluate how you feel everyday, after meals, after certain foods, that sort of thing. Listen to your body. It's a part of you afterall.

  6. That's actually..pretty....Disgusting.


    I agree with the one comment wholeheartedly about taking a stock picture of a tomato is one thing, but taking a stock picture of a dead baby sheep and pawning it off as vegan shepards pie (Which is delicious!) is just appalling-to say the least.


    This little guy makes me feel better though.




    Dontcha want to give him a kiss?

  7. Congrats on the weight loss!


    Most stretch marks diminish over time. But noone really wants to wait for them to go away lol. It's important to keep your skin hydrated and mosturized. There are alot of creams and lotions on the market now, from my experience, finding a good cortizone cream or a cream rich in Vitamin E seem to work best for stretch marks.


    Remember though, not all stretch marks are created equal. Alot has to do with your genetics and your skins elasticity. In the end, something as simple as cocoa butter may work, or nothing may work. Trial and error but make sure you don't keep trying to the point of going broke. Some of these products are expensive.



    Of course, there's always laser surgery. Even that isn't a guarantee though.


    You could always think of your stretch marks as battle scars, especially with your weight loss success.

  8. Strong storms seem to break up before they hit where we live but it's still mind boggling to see all the watches and warnings and crap. Especially when the storms don't break up til about 20 miles before they hit our town so we're waiting with anticipation to see what will happen.


    Generally it's just alot of exaggerated worry for nothing.

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