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  1. Anyone who lives in the midwest/east central/southeastern part of the US is basically getting pummelled by rain, thunder, tornadoes, hail and the gods only know what else. So, who here loves severe weather? Personally I don't. But that's because we don't have a basement to enjoy it from. And huddling in the bathroom hugging the toilet is just..not fun. So, anyone?
  2. Mine is just from the movie Million Dollar Baby, just replacing baby with Veggie. I love boxing.
  3. Mmm I like to eat sweet moist things that have holes in them.
  4. Why did that scene have to exist.... Well, I could have said: "Use the force mods" but that kind of sounds like an enema slogan.
  5. I'm kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place right now and could use a little advice. What's going on is basically there is a bill in Congress that's going to be passed in 8 months that is going to cut housing funding. (My landlady told us this already) And our rent is going to be increased 300%- I'm not exaggerating. We currently live in Indiana and theres nothing here. Much less the ability to afford that much of rent increase. It'll be a domino affect, the tenants in our apt complex will mostly move out, as well as the landlady and maintenence crew will leave and the apt will turn into a slum. There are no jobs here as it is, and to make the matters worse, I have no car. (No buses around here either) My cargo is this: 1 paraplegic wife, and 1 anxiety-med-needing 15 pound dog. As well as whatever we bring with us which honestly could fill the back of a van maybe halfway. My wife doesn't drive. That being said..Our destination is New Jersey. Our family and friends live there and we are pretty much isolated over here. So it makes sense to go back to where we have some sort of network, plus the ability to find a job would be greater because I know the layout there much better (I lived in NJ for the first 18 years of my life before moving out here) Give or take a few miles this is going to be an 800 mile trip. As far as I know, we're pretty much on our own with how we're going to go about doing this. Driving a uhaul is out, because my wife can't get into the passenger side of the truck, it's just too high. Flying is out as well, because there's a chance my dog could die in the cargo since he's too big to be in the cabin with us. Getting a rental car is defintely an option but finding a roof would be a problem once we got there. Unless we rent a cargo van and lived in it for who knows how long. We're both just very fed up with this state, I've been here almost 5 years and her almost 8 years, it's really given us nothing. Except alot of stress and we're ready for a change. If anyone has any plan or advice they could offer us, it'd be really great. Thanks PS..The cheaper the better.
  6. http://i56.tinypic.com/2vkb9td.jpg Can't we all just get along?
  7. Round about 200-250, closer to about 220 a month, its two people. Its a tight immoveable budget since we're on food stamps though.
  8. Lol @VE no problem man take your time, just enjoy picking your brain for this. @Lobster, I know whoever embarks in doing it would really work their asses off, whether its worth it or not would always be something thats in the back of my head, kinda why I'm really trying to research it it beforehand. @Duncan, good luck man I hope it works out for you guys! @Fallen, ty for the kind words and I know it would definitely be a rough road. I have several things I'm truly pasisonate about so we'll see how that works out. Congrats on working towards your degree!
  9. I'm doing some research, pretty much for my own knowledge. I would love some input from you guys. In times of economic instability, soaring gas prices and no-mcdonalds-need-apply, don't you see this as a real depressing time? The need for Prozac skyrockets and the irony is noone can afford it. All joking aside, I personally would love to flip this around and make it into a positive. If you have food, clothes, electric, running water and a roof, well I guess you're in decent enough shape to let your mind wander with mine for a minute... Vrooooom....Ok, couldn't a time of such instability make you feel like you want something more? Are worth something more? I do. I've been on this planet for 23 years. It's not a long time but I guess it's long enough for me to realize, I've had enough of this whole kissing-someone-else's -ass-to-pay-me shpell. (Just from watching my parents, it turned them bitter and hateful people) I would love to work for myself, or at least start my own business. You're constantly taught from childhood to be hard working and depend on noone but yourself, picking yourself up by your non-leather bootstraps and make it in this world. And yet so many people are wasting their lives working their life away, not for themselves. For someone else. Depending on someone else. Kissing someone else's ass. So what about doing something you love? Doing something that you would normally do every day anyway. Working to live, instead of living to work. Jumping out of the 9-5 routine and jumping into your pajamas. Sure there are risks, but is working for yourself any less stable than working for someone else? I think it's safe to say everyone employed has the same chance of being unemployed tomorrow. Maybe the ones who are unemployed have the better advantage point. Maybe being unemployed can give you the time to figure out how to make your life work for you, instead of you working for your life. Maybe I'm just talking out of my ass because its 2am. Like I need an ungodly hour to talk out of my ass anyway. I'm not a spoiled rich brat who doesn't know anything about the working world. Quite the opposite. I be's po and broke. Unemployed as well, though I know I'm not the only one. So, does anyone work for themselves? Are your own boss? Sign your own paychecks? If so, how did you start out? Why? What lead you to doing it? Do you have regrets?
  10. Also don't forget, your abs won't show if you have fat over them. No matter how much you work the muscles underneath, they're still underneath. Get some good cardio in, HIIT, sprints, that sorta of thing and make sure your diet is clean. The ab wheel rocks, I've heard nothing but good about that little piece of equipment from every training forum I ever been on.
  11. I'll give this a whirl... http://i55.tinypic.com/1zznehe.jpg Cris Cyborg, she trains like a beast!
  12. That whole post gave me Charlie Brown nostalgia of the adults going ''wah wah wah wahhhh wah wah"
  13. Figures tomato sauce..Italian blood over here, homemade tomato sauces are incredible! Aside from that..I dont do alcohol, or fatty foods (I have IBS as well...Yeah my stomach basically hates me)
  14. I have GERD, more commonly known as acid reflux disease. And it sucks lol. Was wondering if anyone else has or ever had this and if there's something I can do aside from taking prilosec my entire life. Foods to avoid, or foods I should consume more of? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Reese.
  15. Sweet! I'm gonna make a huge salad with some vegan tacos.
  16. Anyone know what they're having for dinner tonight? Or already had? (whatever your time zone is)
  17. Not too high, just a little bit of everything, I still bought beans and grains and all that good stuff as well. And right now, I'm cutting so I'm not real worried about getting too little calories since I'm only eating about..15-1800 a day. It kinda works out nicely for me.
  18. Lol! That is a really good value, jealous! Our farmers market in town closed for good so I been stressing out about the cost of produce in a conventional supermarket. Soooo happy.
  19. It was awesome and all the fruits were really pretty and fresh too. Not bad at all for a conventional supermarket.
  20. So I just did my first vegetarian shop. Now, for the most part I shop for the month. For 2 people. (I know I'll need to replenish my produce in about two weeks). This surprised the hell out of me though. According to the receipt, I bought 100 items. The cart was filled to the brim! It only costed me $191. 89, for a months worth of food! I always thought it would hurt my wallet, it costs less than an omni diet! I didn't buy any protein powders or tofu (Dunno what to do with it enough to buy alot of it yet) or veggie meats. I wanted to keep it as close to whole natural foods as possible so I bought fresh veggies, fruits, rice, beans, pastas, nuts, seeds, granola, all that good stuff. I just never realized how much friggin' cheaper it all is than being on an omni-diet! I think I just found a solution to the world's economic problem, everyone go veggie!! (This was probably old news but it's a spankin' new realization to me!) Never gotta worry about my food budget again!
  21. Great progress!! What's cooking in the oven in the second pic?
  22. Salty cravings= raw..goat..milk? Sure, anytime I want a potato chip Ill just open my mouth under a goat nipple! (Or just bake up some sweet potato wedges with a bit of salt and cinnamon)
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