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  1. Agree with VE, it's alot more stable from the front, from the back you could really hurt yourself.
  2. 1. Explosive/plyometric movements such as burpees, box jumps, clapping pushups, knee to chest jumps. It's not adviseable to try and do muay thai movements before learning them in the class because once you have a bad form, it's hard to fix. 2. I found this: http://www.pmaaustin.com/ they give different martial arts options as well. 3. Be patient, you're going to do something wrong, you're going to get hit, you're going to fall down. It's all a part of learning. Keep your hands up, your mouthpiece in and your jockstrap on. Best of luck, MT is really awesome. Hope this was of some help!
  3. www.runnersworld.com has alot of articles on how to prepare to really Race a marathon, plus if you want to make an account up there, you'll be able to click on the "smart coach" link and enter your info and it'll basically give you your plan according to your running info.
  4. Hey everyone! My name's Reese, I'm 23 (female) and live in Indiana. I've been lurking around here for weeks now. I've belonged to a couple other forums that really down the vegan lifestyle and are always advocating animal products, blah blah blah I'm sure you've all heard it all. I have been wanting to become a vegan for a while, I started in my teens (round 16-17) but I was the only one doing it and my family wouldn't prepare completely seperate meals- especially not vegan meals for me. So I went back to eating meat. Then I moved out and in with my spouse who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and is a (from birth) paraplegic. From there all hopes of wanting to be vegan were pretty dashed since I was told (ignorant misinformation) that a diabetic can't be on a vegan diet because the grains will jack up glucose levels. After trying every animal product diet in the last 4 years for myself and my spouse, veganism calls me back as it's been doing so for years. The best part is my spouse is all for being vegan with me! I have no problem going "cold turkey" so to speak from eating a diet of all animal products to a diet of no animal products, in fact, I am in excited. Because I've known this was right for me from the start. Was just a matter of weeding through the junk info. Unlike alot of members on here that I've noticed, I'm not trying to bulk or gain weight, I'm trying to cut and lose and be healthy. Of course, save a few lives in the process. I look at my dog and think "I'm not eating you any time soon" Then I look in my freezer and think "Then why the heck am I eating you?" New year, new me.
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