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  1. I was planning on starting up my business next Summer, but have decided to give it a shot this Summer (just starting with bootcamps). The thing stopping me from registering my business is coming up with a name! I want something that is not just related to fitness, but has to do with general wellbeing as I'm planning on adding more services as I work on the certifications this year. There is a quote by Hermann Biggs, "The human body is the only machine for which there are no spare parts" which I LOVE, so I was going to call it No Spare Parts Wellness. However it seems to remind most people of cars, so looks like it will be a no-go. Any creative people on here have some suggestions for me?
  2. I'm looking for good sauces and dressings for quinoa, couscous, rice, bean salads etc.. Preferably some that don't use oil (or don't use much). I'm getting very bored of food lately and thought this might help. Thank you!
  3. Just a very quick update-I currently don't have internet, and it took me losing it to realize how addicted I was to this forum LOL. I'm loving how things are going right now and can't wait to take some progress pictures soon! On June 5th, exactly one month today, I will be running my first 8Km! It's called Beat Beethoven, where a live orchestra will be playing Beethoven for 50 minutes and the goal is to run 8Km and get back in time to hear them finish playing. It will be a lot of fun! I have only just started running again, so I have a lot of work to do this next month.
  4. I blogged about the climb-it was so much fun! http://nosparepartswellness.blogspot.com/
  5. The 30 pounds that have melted off left behind a gift-batches of ridiculous looking stretch marks all over my body. I know there is no magic cure to get rid of them, but what have you found works best to reduce the appearance of them?
  6. And I almost forgot-On March 19th, I ran my very first 5Km. I have always wanted to run, but I am not built for it. Of course, I'm STILL not built for it! But I have enough knowledge now to know how to correct my patellofemoral and fix shin splints. I hadn't ran for months before this day because of being sick (and of course I was about 10 pounds heavier at this point thanks to not working out) so I was relying on pure determination. I came in with an impressive time of 35:28 (ok ok, not so impressive. But I couldn't have been happier!). This was a major accomplishment for me, and was a HUGE confidence booster for me. It made me realize just what I can do when I put my mind to it, and I have been pushing myself to try things I never thought I could do since then. (Please ignore the "I'm not dead?" face) http://i97.photobucket.com/albums/l218/UnHarnessed/189313_208439992505574_133356286680612_871876_3279790_n.jpg
  7. Thank you marcella! I will check that out now! WOW I can't believe how good I feel! I have been 100% on track with my diet-I almost have to force myself to have cheats every now and then. My clothes fit amazing-what an amazing feeling! My fitness is even better then before I got sick. I'm currently in a fitness challenge, so am working out up to 4 hours a day and I always feel like I could keep going. Summer is getting closer, and I am DETERMINED to buy my very first bikini this year. No backing out! If I don't have bikini pictures posted in a couple of months, someone needs to kick my butt. Lobsteriffic-Not yet, it's this Saturday. Less then 2 days away, I am so excited! Saturday will be crazy, I'll be waking up at 2AM so we make it to Toronto in time for the 6AM registration. I'll be sure to get pictures! P.s. Thanks for all your support, it really means a lot!
  8. I love it! The only thing I'm not fond of is that clicking on the forum opens a new page. But I'm picky like that! It looks so much more organized now.
  9. I have been feeling GREAT the last few days! I've decided not to touch the scale for alittle while, but I can tell by the fit of my clothes that the pounds are once again back to melting off. I have been eating fantastic, and working out like a mad woman. CN Tower climb is getting closer!!
  10. Thanks for the suggestions! I made up a huge batch of quinoa and beans for lunch everyday, and it has been a lifesaver. I seperated my snacks (dried fruit and such) into little baggies as well on Sunday, now I just grab and go! I'm back to having a big smoothie every morning and LOVING IT. It's like having dessert for breakfast, and it has made a huge difference in my energy level (err, as much as possible without being sick getting in the way). CAT Scan tonight, fingers crossed it comes back clear!
  11. Thanks everyone for all your support! Really means alot! I had Doctors apointment number 678 today (or so it feels like!) in which I got jabbed with another needle, and have a follow up next week. My Doctor has been fabulous, she is going to talk everything over with a specialist this week then decide who to send me to, or what action to take next, for my apointment next Thursday. I'm hoping I can get some nutritional advice from all you experts! Before I got sick, I ate extremly healthy. Then everything went out the window. I'm still overeating, mostly because of my choice of foods which consist of a lot of bad grains (cereals, breads, tortilla chips, etc.). I rarely eat fruits and vegetables now, when it used to be all I ate. I'm going to go back to a smoothie every day, plus my recovery pudding for after workouts. However, I would love if I could get recipes suggestions. They would have to be fairly simple and inexpensive, not require an oven to make, and something I can make and eat for 2 or three days. I'd like to increase the amount of raw food I eat, but I think while getting back on track convince might be a big key. I fatigue easy, so I am having a tough time making myself food (half the problem I think!). Really, any tips at all would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again everyone for all your support. THREE WEEKS until the CN Tower climb! Oh yes, the countdown is on. My sponsorship page: http://my.e2rm.com/personalPage.aspx?SID=2858224&Lang=en-CA
  12. Great idea! facebook.com/Laurakyle91 Also, I think Vegan BodyBuilding should have it's own facebook page/group (unless it does already, then oops!).
  13. Got this done a couple of days ago, on my upper right thigh. I have had this design in mind for over two years, I'm so glad I finally got it done! It has so much meaning for me, I can't stop smiling everytime I see it. (hope it doesn't offend anyone) http://i97.photobucket.com/albums/l218/UnHarnessed/MyTattoo.jpg
  14. Thank you for those tips! Another quick update: Is has been a hellish month. Whatever these health issues are seem to come and go, and it's rare I'm well enough to workout. With everything going on because of school and being sick, I got so overwhelemed that I basically went into shut down mode. Haven't touched homework, my grades have taken a nose dive etc.. The past week I have felt MUCH better. I've been working out almost every day (atleast once a day) and for the most part feeling great. It's motivated me to pull myself together again (hey...we all have our ups and downs, right?!). I've been back on track with eating, working out, and kicking butt in school once again. ONE MONTH until the CN Tower Climb! I am unbelievably excited!
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