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  1. Hello! I first learned about Vegan Bodybuilding at the AR2010 conference in DC. I saw a woman with awesome biceps wearing a VBB tank top and I asked her how I could get arms like that. She suggested I join this group. Six months later, here I am. I just turned 33 years old yesterday and I have decided that this is the year of my physical health. Along with some other resolutions, this goal of physical health includes strengthening my arms, core, and back. I have done weight training on and off through the years, but I have decided that I will focus on lifting free weights at home. I have a set of 5 pound weights and those seem to be a good match for me right now. I hope to graduate to 8 pound weights soon! Thanks for being here. It's so nice to have a community of compassionate people. Thank you!
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