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  1. Guys & Girls hello to you all. My first post. New year etc etc....and I'm trying to look after what I've got! Here's the deal. I'm 11.5 Stone and thin as a rake from head to toe apart from a little spare around the waist. I enjoy press-ups and sit-ups although lower ab region not as defined as upper. I swim and run in moderation but not much else and would like to increase my core strength and legs in particular as thighs & calves not very strong. For the next 8 months I won't have access to gym facilities due to working/living in a rural area. Therefore I need to adapt an alternative work-out. In essence, I'm looking for an all-body workout with extra emphasis on the legs. What do you recommend? I really appreciate your assistance in getting me on the right track. Wishing you all the very best for 2011 Johnny
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