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  1. I just got some unflavored NOW Pea Protein and I'm wondering if I add it to things like: soups, stews, pasta sauce, marinade etc. is it okay to then cook these things afterwards? Maybe I'm being superstitious, but I have this voice in the back of my head that says "if you cook with the protein it will deteriorate" or something...
  2. I concur. It happened to me at a Noodle World and there was chicken and egg in there, I just told em I was allergic to animal protein and they couldn't be more sorry. Its like saying bomb on a plane, if you say you are allergic to something, they will make sure not to put it in there, but if its a minor note on the order they might miss it or just DGAF about it.
  3. agreed. Glad to see the bulk protein coming through also. I am a firmm believer in 1+ grams per lb of bw. I used to believe that, since it was on the back of my Whey Protein Powder when I was in high school. I keep hearing conflicting figures about that... like 1g protein/1kg body weight or 0.7- 2.2g protein/1kg body weight. What figure is correct. Getting 170g of protein is a little hard for me, or even cost effective on my unemployed college student salary
  4. Thank you Adena, I bookmarked it. Reading on this site over the last few weeks has inspired me to become a more "devout (for lack there of a better words)" vegan, approach weight lifting and cardio in a more enlightened way and kicked my butt into finally incorporating fruits and more veggies into my diet. I feel better, and I feel its helping me focus less on the stressors in life. Good stuff.
  5. I took my GF to go them like the moment they came out ( exciting I know)... totally horrible. I was expecting In& Out Quality or something, or at least Carls Jr. Waaaay to much salt, they go crazy with it ( more becos its natural, idk the logic). Man, the only reason to go there is the baked potato i can eat while my friends chow down on burgers.
  6. Cool, I needed to read that. Extreme pressure from everyone is making me go through that biannual vegan self doubt I get. Seems like in addition to her Dr. being biased, Tasha was looking for someone to "tell" her to stop, and all they had to do was use big words and scare her right outta her faux leather boots.
  7. Do they sell the NOW Pea Protein at GNCs or can I only get this stuff online? I currently have a Soy Protein that is like... unmixable in anything besides oatmeal. So I need to try something else, plus the soy only had 11g of protein.
  8. Hey, I'm new to the board, but I've been training on and off for 7 years and vegan for 5 years. I joined this forum since most people think being an vegan athlete is an oxymoron, and I need a little help getting all nutrients I need. I have been scouting the site out for weeks and finally decided to join today. I'm looking forward to gaining some insight from all of you.
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