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  1. Just found this site. I am a woman ht 5'2 wt 125. I am eager to get lean. My goal is to weight is 110 . So came my user name Temple110. I feel that our bodies are special Temples of the Spirit, and somewhere I lost touch of that because mine ain't looking so holy right now. I love growing my own vegetables. I got Chard, broccolli, green onions... growing plenty right now. I have a beautiful family including our 2 dogs, one which just put his head on my laptop just to get closer to me. I finally got myself to let the gym test my BF the other day. When the gym staff guy brought up diet, I replied "I eat good things I am a vegetarian". The first thing out of his mouth was "oh then you don't get enough protein". He just assumed that I don't get enough protein because I don't eat meat. So after that encounter I went online and Googled Vegetarian and Vegan Body Builders. So you can imagine my smile when I saw your pics on this site. My experience with being active has been running. In the past I ran distance. Running soothes my mind, but running alone has not made the break through I need. Not sure how to start with the weights? Cardio is my comfort zone, so I been kicking myself off the cardio machines after 30 minutes to make myself pick up weights. I kinda have just been going from one station to the next, doing 3 sets of 15 on each machine or free weight. Don't know what I am doing but figure it is better to do something than nothing at all. Can someone direct me to a weekly workout plan, you know weight workout for dummies version with pictures? I am very self motivated when I got a plan. Temple110 needs a plan. Thanks
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