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  1. 1) Because the plea deal would be 3.5 years (unless we bribe them--er sorry, make a "charitable contribution" to the city), whereas if we tried to appeal the denial of the motion to suppress the evidence, and lost, it would be a 12 year sentence. My lawyer was super confident we would win the motion to suppress, because they had a case thinner than the layer of ice on a lake in April. But the cop lied his ass off in the police report and on the stand, and lied in very carefully constructed ways to ensure that the lies would not be able to be disproved on the video; the judge bought the laws, or more likely knew they were lies and didn't care. After that mockery of justice, and knowing the corruption and failure in this county for the "justice" system to actually follow laws, I'm not gonna risk 6 years in jail versus 3.5 or less for an appeal. Cost/benefit analysis. We don't trust the appeal board--especially if we drew conservative judges instead of more liberal ones--to be any less biased and unconstitutional than the county judge. If I knew the judges were actually going to be fair and impartial, I would absolutely appeal it because my lawyer and I both know the law as written is on my side. But just like we see in vivisection laboratories and slaughterhouses, just because something is a law on the books, DOES NOT MEAN it will actually be followed in practice! 2) "Another drug dealer off our streets." LOL. Ah, it would make me laugh if it weren't so sad and painful. Medical marijuana clubs are not drug dens. They are compassionate caregivers that HELP SICK PEOPLE LIKE ME. They help reduce or eliminate people's dependence on dangerous pharmaceuticals. They're not drug dealers. I wasn't selling this on the street. I was trying to get myself out of dire financial straights brought on by being disabled (according to my doctors and me and anyone who spends 10 minutes with me) but denied twice thus far for disability, when I saw no other realistic options and had to eat and pay rent and take care of our rescued animals. And I was trying to help sick people get good medicine that would help them feel better. You sound like some old conservative O'Reilly factor obsessor who can't see a difference between heroin and meth and crack, and medical marijuana. It's insane.
  2. Right, I'm gonna trust a cop to accurately show why cops are not agents of repression. As Upton Sinclair said, "It is difficult for a man [sic] to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it." I've provided example after example after example of how cops have lied, repressed, suppressed evidence, and on and on and on. The universe balances everything out? How exactly does it do that? Sounds like some pretty hippie-dippie magical thinking for a copper.
  3. I've revealed more on my support site than my lawyer would probably want me to. I don't THINK the search was illegal. It WAS. It was predicated on a traffic violation I did not commit. The cop had NO reasonable and articulable suspicion; his stated reason (on tape) for searching my vehicle was that "This is a heavily trafficked corridor." HARDLY legal grounds to search someone's vehicle--if there were the case, they could stop and search ANYONE with western plates--oh wait, that's exactly what they do (and RIGHT before the drug dog got there, the sound conveniently disappeared from the tape).
  4. How the SHIT am I a bigot??? I'd be willing to bet vital organs that I've given more of my time and risked more of my freedom for any one minority than you for all combined.
  5. I don't see how this is significant. While I'm sure racism's still pervasive there as it is here the apartheid ended sixteen years ago, the ethnic makeup of those incarcerated isn't itself significant, and, oh, you're not black. But hey white guy going to jail, by your logic, thanks for making the system less racist. Sorry...I support you over the whole marijuana thing, but now you're just being obnoxious. Um. If you don't see how it's significant, try thinking harder. Why are you being a jerk? OF COURSE the ethnic makeup of those incarcerated is significant. The "justice" system is targeted toward minorities and the poor (which are statistically often the same thing, the latter often being even more important). Think about it. If you have money you can afford to get better representation, and get off. Think OJ. But if you're poor you get shitty representation and you're much more likely to do hard time. It's very, very simple. And laws themselves (not to mention the priorities of law "enforcement" officers) are racist. For example, it takes 300 times as much coke as crack to get the SAME mandatory minimum. Coke is statistically a white drug, crack statistically a black drug. Boom, racially targeted. So you really, truly think the race of inmates is not meaningful? It means nothing to you that blacks and other people of color are incarcerated at FAR GREATER RATES than their population should result it? That makes you either racist or ignorant. Possibly both. Ugh. Gross. And trying to educate people on the inherent racism of the U.S. justice system is "obnoxious?" That's pretty damn screwed up, and again, either racist or ignorant. Or both.
  6. Oh, I forget to mention something fairly significant: America imprisons more blacks than apartheid South Africa. Think about that one. If you support the U.S. "justice" system in any way, you're standing up for a system that is monstrously racist and classist. Doesn't reflect back well on you.
  7. As I recently wrote in the novel I'm working on, not ALL cops are bad people, but ALL COPS ARE BAD.
  8. What IN THE HELL are you talking about?? I never said ANYTHING of the sort. Most police officers DO lie though, that's fer sure. I'm guessing you've done absolutely no research on the matter, before or after this thread. You're making it clearer and clearer with every post that you know nothing about the injustices of the American (and in general) "justice" system. And that you're too lazy to expand your knowledge in the slightest. Here, I'll hold your hand and walk you through it. Google "Geronimo Pratt." Or google "Fred Hampton assassination." Or google "MOVE 9." Or google "COINTELPRO." Or google "Leonard Peltier." Or "Jeffrey Luers." Or "Eric McDavid entrapment." Or "Marie Mason." I could go on and on and on. But I'd probably be lucky to get you to research a single one of these. I named so many so maybe other people would look into this stuff and realize that we don't live in a democracy, the justice system is a d isgusting, racist, classist, corrupt joke, and that cops and judges and the government and corporations (as much as there's a difference) can break multiple laws with utter impunity and get away with not so much as a slap on the wrist, that there is NO accountability whatsoever for these scum.
  9. I hear ya. I still think ALL cops are agents of repression (to steal a line--or rather book title--from Ward Churchill), but some are certainly worse than others. America does indeed imprison far more; in fact, America is the #1 jailer in the WORLD, and that's NOT just per capita. We have the most people in jail, PERIOD. Even more than China, which has probably 4-5 times our population, and is known the world over for being a harsh communistic country that arrests people just for protesting animal cruelty, for example. That should tell you something about the "justice" system in Amerika.
  10. Rob, I just read your post again because I'm feeling rather down and it nearly brought tears to my eyes. Means so much to me. Not to say that others in this thread who have been supportive don't mean a tremendous amount, but I know Rob personally and we've shared some good times (remember watching late 80s WWF while in San Fran with sweet little ratties crawling all over and cuddling with us? hehe), so it has a personal touch to it that makes it even more meaningful. I love you bro, and I just wanted to say again that as fellow writer, I'm super proud of you for self-publishing and working so hard to get it out there. I have a really tough time finding the energy and motivation to write due to my disability--that's just under normal life circumstances--so you can imagine what it's like for me now, with all of this hanging over my head. And yet your hard work inspires me to fight tooth and nail through my pain and resultant difficulty in maintaining focus, and write as much as possible. Thank you so much for that. <3 Jan
  11. That's a dangerous outlook to have. Even my lawyer, who is quite moderate, admitted that RULE NUMBER ONE is that "Police officers ALWAYS lie. Just because a search was illegal, does not mean it will get thrown out of court. Do you really think justice is actually blind? I think Lady Justice is peeking under that blindfold, and seeing only what she wants to see. Especially in the corrupt armpit (not to disparage armpits) of Henry County, ILLinois. The cop lied about EVERY. SINGLE. LITTLE. DETAIL. in his police report, and the judge bought it all, or knew he was lying and didn't give a shit. The system is corrupt. To assume that even their skewed, inhumane version of justice will be served is ignoring countless historical examples, and aiding in the very corruption and injustice that compassionate people should be up in arms against.
  12. i WAS prepared for the consequence--I was just stupid to think the consequences would be REASONABLE, as these are clearly NOT (see, for example, the child rapist's sentence vs. mine). I guess I was also stupid to assume that the filth (not pigs) would actually follow the laws, and the judge(s) would uphold them, which I THOUGHT would protect me from illegal traffic stops and illegal search and seizures. See, my lawbreaking was going to HELP sick people (directly) and tortured animals (indirectly). THEIR lawbreaking, on the other hand, is doing NOTHING but hurting people and animals (our many rescued ones)--directly. That SHOULD mean something to anybody with a conscience or a half a brain. I sent this out to the LA Animal Rights yahoo listserv, where I developed a lot of friends and allies when I lived down there and was highly active, before my disability got so bad I had to be mainly on the sidelines. It has a lot of important information, and time is of the essence, so I'm just gonna copy and paste it here: Hi, me and all our rescued animals and fiance and the rest of my family are still in dire need of help. I'm going to jail in fewer than two weeks in Illinois, that is for sure. The question is for how long. (FYI, this is all predicated on a traffic stop for a violation I absolutely did not commit, and a textbook illegal search and seizure. But the cop fabricated every. little. detail. in his police report, and lied through his lying teeth with his lying mouth and his lying vocal cords on the stand; but of course, no surprise, the judge gobbled his lies like so many chunks of putrid animal flesh). The plea "deal" they've been offering is SEVEN YEARS (reduced to 3.5 for good behavior, so generous!), with NO chance of reducing that by taking classes or anything. For some perspective, the convicted child molester with whom I shared a cell for four days, who piddled a 2 and 3 year old, spent two years in jail. The message is, they'd rather have infant molesters on the street and someone who was transporting medical marijuana in jail. "Justice" system indeed. I would be in a medium security facility with three other types of offenders: armed robbers, attempted murderers, and rapists. Violent (alleged) criminals, in other words. For a nonviolent, victimless offense. However, there is a ray of light, however dim and obscured, on the horizon. If we can pay a significant addition to the $16,000 bail already paid (more perspective: the child molester's bail was $5,000), I might be able to get a plea deal of 4 years (reduced to 2 for good behavior), WITH the ability to take classes and reduce the sentence further, to 18 months or even less. Up to two or even more fewer years away from my fiance and our rescued dog, 2 cats, and 6 rats (we had 7, one just passed away today, RIP sweet darling Trenton), possibly two or more fewer years not surrounded by violent offenders, against whom I would not be able to defend myself given my physical condition...then again, if I get this deal, I would more likely than not go to a MINIMUM security facility, where I would actually be with OTHER nonviolent offenders. I am a disabled medical marijuana patient. I have severe chronic pain, possibly arthritis or rheumatological-disease based, in my knees and spine; I've had 5 knee surgeries. On an average day I spend 13-14.5 out of 15 waking hours in bed. I would NOT be able to defend myself adequately if attacked by homocidals or rapists, and every day in there would be a miserable challenge of fighting through the pain and potential physical threats. Two years (or more) is a SIGNIFICANT reduction, and would be well worth the money. My dog Rikki is my puppy soul mate, and she whines and pines for me the few moments I'll be gone outside my cabin to empty my bladder. I can't even imagine how devastated she's gonna be to lose me for 1.5 years, let alone 3.5! I'm not a violent criminal deserving of that kind of sentence; I've seen firsthand countless times how medical marijuana can be a miracle for people with wretched conditions where NOTHING else helped (it certainly helps me immensely with a host of primary and secondary conditions related to my disability). Almost everybody I know and have talked to who have found medical MJ effective have reduced or even eliminated their use of animal-tested corporate pharmaceuticals, trading pills that are toxic to the environment (and hence wild animals) and our bodies for in this case organically grown plant medicine not tested on animals. I did this out of absolute financial desperation--being disabled for over two years, according to all my doctors and anybody who spends ten minutes with me, but being denied for disability TWICE because the system is underfunded (billions of dollars a day to kill people of color overseas, but comparative pennies for sick people who dseperately need help HERE!), corrupt, and based on a model of finding any reason possible to deny, rather than making a non-biased determination of whether or not the person actually needs aid. I also did it because I wanted to HELP suffering patients and HELP animals by reducing the reliance on Big Pharma. See where that compassionate mindset gets you? The biggest problem right now is we're running into a wall of what my mom is willing and more importantly able to pay. I need all the monetary support I can get to take some pressure off her and make this deal possible. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help make this happen. I know it's a tremendous amount, but it would reap tremendous benefits--for me, for my fiance and the rest of my familiy and friends, and most importantly for the animals who love me and for whom I adore and help care for. Anything and everything helps. Money is obviously paramount, unfortunately, but emotional and psychological support helps immensely as well. Please visit www.SupportJan.com to make paypal donations or for my P.O. Box address. Check out my political blog website http://therewildwest.com/, where I have radical eco- and animal-literature for sale to help raise money. If you're on Facebook, please join the group "Support Jan" my wonderful fiance Rebecca started, and invite your friends! Thank you so much. Love and rage, <3 Jan
  13. Thanks Robert, that means a helluva lot to me. I've heard that letters can be a best friend in jail. I think you're a member of the facebook support group Rebecca started? Once we know my address, she'll post it on there and probably send out a mass email; I would love to hear from you! love and rage, <3 Jan
  14. Straight up, if Triple H (I have to stop myself from giggling every time I type out his name, seriously) were alive in the 50s and 60s he'd be tellin them "niggers" to stop complaining about their just desserts. That's what blind slavery to laws of a stolen land that is murdering innocent people the world over and putting them in jail for outrageous lengths of time for NONVIOLENT offenses, while letting RAPISTS walk with less time, does to you. In case you're still on the fence, the CHILD MOLESTER I shared a cell with, who piddled a 2 and 3 year old, spent 2 years in jail. My PLEA DEAL is 7 years, meaning 3.5 for good behavior. Still think the "justice" system is just?
  15. Triple H (can I really expect much mental acuity from a guy named after a friggin WWF wrestler? apparently not), spend one week in my shoes, with my knees and back, having all your doctors say you're disabled but getting denied TWICE, being utterly broke and barely scraping by for two years, then I'd like to hear what tune you're singing. Until then, please stop posting in here. I don't want your input, I don't need your input, the world doesn't need your brain. No means no. This is supposed to be a support thread, instead I get attacked and have to defend my actions, which to anyone with half a brain and/or a quarter of a heart would be completely unnecessary. Thank EARTH there are 50 kind-hearted people with critical thinking skills who have sent me a tremendous amount of love and support for every 1 of you. Is there an ignore button on here?
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