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    I love it lightly steamed with fresh lime and salt. I also like to add it into salad(you could steam it alittle to see if that helps eith the gas) and I love to use it as a topping on pizza and in soup!
  2. Thanks Flanders! Hope you and your family are doing well!
  3. I think some entertainers are amazing...they are not all "famous"...but the ones most people know that I like are...Hillary Swank, the Arquettes, Carol Burnett, Selma Hayak... and my celebrity crushes... Mariska Hargitay and Missy Elliot.
  4. That last comment was cute..Robert, and it made me laugh! Thanks! Thanks to everyone for the Birthday wishes! It has been a great bithday so far and I still have more celebratin' to do!
  5. Welcome to the forum! I love the pic!
  6. lotus


    If you can get Masa Harina you could make your own corn tortillas!
  7. HEy all! I think it is great this discussion is going on. There are lots of valid points being raised. The thing that bothers me the very most is the language Johnny is using to promote the place. Viewing women as meat. The attitudes he is perpetuating toward women are not ok. strip club owner or not...unfortunately this attitude is the norm. Anyway...it just so happens that we are showing a movie about women in advertising tomorrow night at the Red and Black Cafe. Starts at 7p.m. The name is the movie is Killing Us Softly 3 Advertising's Image of Women with Jean Kilbourne. We will have a discussion to follow. Please join us!
  8. Welcome! We should meet in person! Looks like I gotta bug Randall to meet y'all....
  9. Wow! Potter...you should give JW credit for being your number one fan and just send the ca-ca for free....and start spreading the word that you now have a President for your fanclub! JW spends so much time on you that surely he/she is deserving of the title!
  10. no..no mullet...please! These are great photos! Looks like it was fun!
  11. What a reward, a bunch of unhealthy food! Weather you are Omni or not it seems more sensible to offer healthy food....if nothing else it would keep the call offs (due to sickness) less and the longevity of the workers at an increase. Some people don't think it is food unless it has some dead animal or animal secretions in it.
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