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  1. such a great song! I agree it is not Janis though! Melanie is a different artist.
  2. one step closer to a liger. Sam 801: I am curious about the video in yer above post. Why ya felt like adding it.
  3. unfortunately they also use whey, cheese and milk fairly often! I know, I know, one thing at a time. Although they actually came out with vegan meal starters, vegan "steak" strips and vegan "chicken" strips...I think they are very good! If you call this may be a good thing to bring up! They actually can make good vegan products!
  4. Just thought I throw my opinion in and say that smoothie infusion is very good! Also, i am not crazy about vega with water but I live it in smoothies! Both great products!
  5. so day one of the Master Cleanse..We skipped the all liquids day for different reasons. I woke up feeling o.k., even though I thought I would awaken hungry. I drank the lemonade about 2 hours later. So far I have had 32 oz of the lemonade. I am getting hungry again so I think it is time for more. I have drank about 50 oz. of water but definately feel very thirsty. I am thinking about food alot...and realizing that I have some emotional issues around eating. ex: It's a nice day so I want to eat, watching a movie I want to eat. I feel a little nervous and shaky and cold. I am still very tired and was hoping that my energy level would pick up. If it does not by the end of the cleanse, then I will know it is not very food oriented. the kids are eating all raw foods so it is easier that I do not have to smell food cooking, but I am preparing it, which makes it a little tougher. I feel kind of "wimpy" that I want to eat so much... I am peeing alot and my poop has changed, I really want to see something funky come out (O.k. not too funky!) cuz everyone has stuff stuck in their Gi tract. I am glad to be doing this with loveliberate, it is nice to have support and accountability.
  6. I enjoyed the site! The food looks great and easy to make. I like the recipes in print at the end!
  7. so I thought since I am doing the cleanse with love liberate I would add to the blogthang! So I am going into this with a head cold and feel kinda crappy. Yesterday was o.k. with whole foods although I did notice really wanting sweets. today is my third day off of caffeine and the first day that I have had a headache most of the day. Today I was advised not to do a cleanse by a Chinese Medicine Practicioner/Acupuncturist due to spleen deficiency/yang and Qi deficiency. I am going to continue anyway and see how I do. I am hoping the cleanse will improve my health and help me to get off of caffeine and feel more energetic. Anyway, today is raw foods day...I am doing o.k. so far but feel kind of hungry...I have eaten lots. I am not sure if it is due to old habits or just that my body is trying to change over. I am thinking of pizza, warm miso, toast and tofu and all kinds of other things. I find myself thinking about when I can eat warm food again. hopefully it will get easier and easier. I am still very tired as usual, so no change in energy level so far! Tomorrow is liquids day but I may start the cleanse early.
  8. Hello and welcome! Sounds like you have travelled around a bit!That is awesome!
  9. Hi and welcome! I am always excited when someone decides to become vegan! Looks like there is lots of good advice from the folks that have already posted. When I first changed my diet I found it very helpful to be around other vegans who would show me how to cook or introduce me to new foods I did not know about. I usually look at vegan cookbooks at the library and go for the ones that are not too complex and have "everyday" ingredients. There are also some great online recipe resources, just google "vegan recipes" and the first few that pop up are pretty good! There are also some recipes here on the forum! Welcome aboard! *Fixed by Loveliberate*
  10. i know this is really old but i gotta put my 2cents in! pluse I love learning about and sharing info about DIY healthcare! it is a good idea to take the acidopholis orally and vaginally and then take a break (a couple days) and do it again. It is very important to take probiotics during and after taking antibiotics. Antibiotics can not determine which bacteria it is killing - they just wipe them all out, and so it is important to replenish the good ones again! Also with a yeast infection, it is important to avoid sugar, white flour, and alcohol. hope this helps.
  11. I am looking to buy or trade for: clemente's anatomy 4th edition or newer massage chair, preferably oakworks portal pro or stronglite excalibur 9 tray dehydrator thanks!
  12. I like to put (in a blender) frozen banana frozen fruit of choice, blueberry, raspberries, peach,mango,strawberries,etc almost to the top with the fruit then I pour unfiltered apple juice in, just enough to cover up the fruit, and a dash of soy milk (easily omitted or substituted for rice or nut milk or soygurt) a scoop of vega or vega smoothie infusion other throw ins: coconut almonds spirulina hemp seeds If I want a chocolatey smoothie, (kind of a shake) I put in the blender frozen banana soy milk peanut or almond butter cocoa powder and sometimes a little sweetener, like maple syrup blend and enjoy
  13. lotus

    my intro

    Thanks again for the the welcomes and kind words! I am excited to learn as well as contribute to this great on line community! I am finishing up finals this week so wish me luck!
  14. awwww.... well have fun in Latin America, I hope you will keep us updated on your experiences there....so I can live vicariously through you!
  15. thanks for your reply... i noticed that recipe in the book you mentioned at the co-op but was a little nervous about the avocado part...and the combo of ingredients have you tried it? thanks for the website edress...I will check it out, i did not know about it! lotus
  16. I'd like to see a replay of that at Vegan Vacation...if you are gonna make it this year! You can even live out your dream to jump in freezin cold water!
  17. anyone have a good recipe for raw mousse? I want to make the parfait type things like they sell at Blossoming Lotus (for folks who are familiar with that)
  18. I am wanting to get a colonic...what is the gravity centered method? why is it the best?
  19. lotus

    my intro

    thanks to everyone for the welcomes! Looking forward to seeing ya all this summer....I espeially can't wait to hang auht an' talk yinzer with Michael and vegan madre...some days I sure do miss Pixsburgh! oh yea, maybe DV can get in on the fun with her Philly accent!
  20. lotus

    my intro

    Hi everyone...after suggesting that I join many many times I finally gave in to loveliberates suggestions to do so ( i am not much of a computer person). So, I will tell ya a bit about me.... I am partner to loveliberate and mama of 3 awesome kids...we are all vegan. I have been vegan for about 12 years and veggie before that. Our kids have been vegan since day one! I am currently in massage school (almost in my last term) and I love it more than I even thought I would...especially the sciences. I learn a lot about the body and nutrition and it is very exciting and motivating for me. I have lots of hobbies, I have been slowly learning to spin poi (I have recently watched some of Tanya Kay's DVD...thanks Robert), I am also (very) slowly teaching myself accordian. I love sewing and doing crafts, henna, cooking, travelling, bellydancing, aromatherapy, and herbal medicine/nutrition. I am a doula. I love to learn new stuff and share my knowledge with others. I am trying to be better about my exercise program of some cardio, weight lifting and stretching... but have low back problems so I sometimes get set back by that. i love to swim whenever I can and hope to get a bike put together real soon. I am glad to be here and look forward to being a part of this community. I have enjoyed meeting those of you whom I have already met and look forward to meeting more folks. I will be attending vegan vacation!
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