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  1. Looks like fun...Thanks for the photos! I never knew there was a gum wall in Seattle! I want to go! Did you all go see the troll under the bridge? That is a pretty cool Seattle thing...oooh and the statues that are always dressed up differently...did you see those? Seattle is very vegan friendly. Anyone go to the White Elephant? That is one of the coolest thrift stores and it is a non profit for animals! We gotta do a regional gathering in Seattle sometime soon! If we plan it out we can get a big group together! Although lodging is very pricey up there!
  2. Defiately gotta have lemon and the right amount of Tahini. I like to add a little Olive Oil and salt and I always put some garlic in it!
  3. lotus


    Hola y Bienvenidos a ti!
  4. Missed you when you came through! I am sure it was very busy for you! I got a massage space now and I am thrilled...very busy getting my business started...but it is great! It seems like you had a great time for the remainder of your USA visit. I am happy for you. I am sure, however, it makes going home very exciting too. Post some pics of your new tatoo when wou get it! Good for you to be too busy living life to be at the computer! Hope you are doing well and I am looking forward to seeing you around the forum more! Happy travels!
  5. It is possible to find (in Portland!) Actually, I think you can buy it online. The kind I have had was made from Cashew and it was amazing! I think I had a coconut milk one too.
  6. I goots say, I have been doing Pilates for about a month now, 1x a week. It has been great for me. My Chronic hip pain has decreased. I am getting stronger. It is helping my posture and I have lost some weight. I do other exercises that also contribute to all of this but I am really enjoying Pilates. I think a lot more folks should do it. Many people work the big muscles and forget to do training for the core muscles and the smaller stabilizing muscles. Also it is interesting that my class is always women with the occasional guy. Why don't more men do Pilates? Anyone else out there a recent convert? Or even a long time lover of Pilates?
  7. Look in the Classified section! I am offering a deal for your first massage with me! Check it out! Don't put it off any longer! You know you need a massage!
  8. Great Juggling Robert! You should take that show on the road! We sure do have some beautiful area here in Oregon!
  9. Hey Everybody I am finally licensed and I have just opened my new studio in the Hollywood District! I do Relaxation Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Treatment Work, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point work, Hot Stone Massage, and Deep Tissue. I am offering $10.00 off your 1st massage. Regular prices: 1hr massage......$60.00 90min massage....$85.00 2hr massage.......$115.00 For an additional $10.00 I will add Essential Oils Package into the Massage Treatment. Gift Certificates are available! More to come! Within one month I will be offering: Aromatherapy Consultations Foot Soak and Scrub Aroma Spritzers Call me to Schedule! 503- 752- 8340 or email [email protected] If you are from out of town and going to be visiting Portland, call or pm me ahead of time and we can set up an appointment for while you are here!
  10. nice dancing! Nice review of Offense's MySpace!
  11. I used to make fun of vegetarians! I had a baby at home with no doctor or midwife...just me and my partner and other kids. I was also a camp counselor...but only for 1 year ( when I was 18 ) at a camp for kids with Spina Bifida. I was a professional dancer ( not a stripper ). I was a model when I was a kid, not one of the creepy bunch of make up and ridiculous hair kid models.
  12. HI Potter! Maybe you are sick...(home sick for PDX!). 54 miles is so far (to me), that is amazing! Hope your adjusting to being back home and that things are going well for ya.
  13. lotus


    I don't get how the apple fits in with the rest of those pictures
  14. It is about time you get an official title too, eh?
  15. I already pm'ed with John about this. There is not such thing like a vegan eating eggs or dairy. The term vegan was originally invented to distinguish between vegetarians who eat animal "foods" and strict or true vegetarians. By leaving out the middle part of the word the term vegan stands for the essentials of vegetarianism. A lacto-ovo-vegan is a contadiction in itself. When I talked to Alex about these words yesterday he said that everybody can call himself vegan at least as long as he does not eat... I get that...I was just saying that way for ease of writing and wording...so i could use less words. Sorry if I confused you.
  16. Awesome that you are creating some vegan community in the 'Burgh! Y'all ever consider a lunch meet up at East End Food Co-op?
  17. It is worth alot to be able to work in fresh air! A produce stand sounds like a great place to meet prospective vegan mates! Yay for you making positive changes for yourself!
  18. Wow! This is great! I can not wait to see the Nominees for 2007!
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