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  1. Welcome to the forum! Why did you move to Fla? If you feel like travelling a little, Gainesville is a cool town, pretty vegan friendly. Also, if you get the chance to try boiled peanuts you should to it! The garlic ones are almost always vegan, but ya gotta ask about the cajun ones to be sure...I love boiled peanuts!
  2. It does help to have like minded folks to talk to...but sometimes time alone to reflect is needed. I hope you figured some things out, I like to check in with myself from time to time and see where I am and where I want to go. Hopefully we will meet you next year!
  3. Why didn't I think of that?! Oh wait, I did. Just not possible - financial obligations dictate that we start working - soon! Work and Job are profanities in our household! Teheh. We're in the position now, however, to be more flexible with expenses. We'll be living in a vegetarian (communal?) house with our friend Steve. 3 veg*n adults and 6 veg*n kids! The shared costs make it less critical that we sell our souls and go back to the corporate grind. I'll do whatever, however, to make it possible to travel next summer. We both look forward to meeting the Portland crew and tried to make it work for VV this summer, but, when you're living on $400 month, you can't justify spending that on airline tickets or gas! Yea, working (for the most part) sucks! We used to live in our van and travel, that way we did not have to pay rent! We would make money here and there, along the way. It will be nice to live in a community of like minded folks. Have a great time.
  4. I like Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline. I also like a few other country songs I have heard.... Mostly I like songs that have something good to say...
  5. Thanks for posting this Robert! We hope to make it!
  6. I make the same thing and do so much with it...I usually use wet stoneground mustard but other that that i use the same ingredients. It is super good on Pizza! Also I love to make up some seasoned Tempeh or tofu and have that with the mac and yeast!
  7. If you could come up with a raw vegan pecan pie...that would be awesome! If you come to VV08, you can always test out recipies on us!
  8. That is awesome that your mom makes you vegan food!
  9. Don't get discouraged though! I have not worked with Buckwheat very much but from what I hear it is not easy. So try, try again!
  10. I am a total fan of kale in salad as well....I don't feel like it is very hard to chew in a salad. As a matter of fact, I like very litte lettuce in my salad, I like kale and chard and maybe a little mustard greens! Top that with some shredded beet, and carrot...some dried currents and sunflower and hemp seeds and some avocado and it is so good!
  11. My guess is the least processed oats are the most nutritious...I think Steel cut/ irish are the least processed.
  12. Glad you are having a great time, and eating some good food along the way! I hope Jaime is finding some good Java!
  13. Hi Shesfit! LL already answered a few of your questions, but I will add to what he said. I have been vegan for 13 years and veggie before that. Our kids have always been vegan so it has been pretty easy. First and foremost I like our kids to be educated about the choices we make. That way they understand and agree with veganism, heck they insist on it and advocate for it. We also practice compassion in other ways (ie, catching bugs that are in the house and setting them free outside, respecting and caring for other beings etc), we encourage and engage in fitness and we teach them about health and the environment. I really commend you for making your home vegan! It seems a little more difficult for kids to adjust after having an Omni diet but stick with it, discuss the reasons, and try out lots of different things so they can see what they like. We pack our kids lunches for school and when they attend non vegan parties etc, we send like items for them to have and they don't mind at all. I am always amazed and excited at how accomodating other kids and parents are to our diet. Especially here in Portland most people want to make things for our kids. Some of our kids' friends are so thoughtful about it that they have told their parents that they want a vegan party! This is so great yet, if it were not the case our kids could still be involved. For school events we just send them with something vegan and teachers or the kids will often tell us ahead of time that they are having a party and what they are having. With raw foods, the kids love just plain fruit and veggies (each kid has their favorites and their dislikes) and they like some if the raw things we have tried and don't like others. Good luck with this and please feel free to ask any questions you may have! We should start a vegan parenting section or thread! I hope to meet you at VV08!
  14. I do have many fond memories of McConnells Mills, heck even a few not so fond memories...but anyway it is a fun area and I have spent a lot of time there. I love the picture with the roots! It looks like you all are having a great time! If you start heading west soon you may make it here with in a year for VV 08! (There are tons of great places to stop along the way).
  15. Rainbow gatherings are a great experience.... There are so many amazing people to meet and it is great to see what can come together with community and co-operation! Pittsburgh is a great place to hang out for a while, I wish I could visit there sometime soon...but ewwwww the cold winters!
  16. You work wonders with that little camera!
  17. Great to have another parent here! Are the kids vegan as well? I am a mama of 3 vegan kids, 2 of them are the same ages as your kids! It would be great to have all 3 of you come here for next years vegan vacation! We need a bigger crew of kids around for sure!
  18. Happy Birthday Liz!!! I hope you are celebrating life and what a great person you are! And, eating some really good sweets! Hope to see you when you are here!
  19. lotus


    You all should do an Ottawa Forum dine out!
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