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  1. there is some great food here in PDX. The Harthorne Hostel seems nice, it is a great location. We live pretty close to it. We should have a forum get together when you get into town, so we can all meet! Eugene is great too. I think the Hostel you are staying at is in the Whitaker neighborhood, which is a nice area. I like Eugene a lot. Pizza Research Instisute is the best pizza place! I like the Keystone for breakfast.
  2. That is awesome! Carrots are super good for dogs too!
  3. There is some good vegan food in Salt Lake.
  4. I have some really nice friends up there but one of them is Asian and it seems that is a problem for you. By the way Vancouver has the best Chinatown I have ever been to. There is some great vegan food there and lots to see.
  5. Maybe next year you can do 2 doz. eh Potter? Next year we need a bunch of Mighty O brought down from Seattle...they even have raised doughnuts! The place is all vegan and trans fat free! (not that I don't like VooDoo)
  6. I like apple juice and Vitamineral greens alot. I have not made many of the types of drinks others are talking about here. Maybe I will try it when I get my Vitamix.
  7. our vegan community is growing...we are global. We have made great friends here in PDX and more folks are moving here all of the time! Plus we have lots of places to stay all over the world now!
  8. Welcome back Daywalker. I was not on the forum before but we have met in person. I was at VV last year...mama of 3....partner to LL
  9. Welcome FOGATRON! Were you my cashier? If so then we have met! I want to hear you beat box!
  10. I have been eyeing that place but I have not seen a for rent sign at all. Maybe I should stop by there....
  11. sounds like fun! Too far for me for now!
  12. I love to cook and if you ever want to cook together and learn some good vegan recipies, let me know. It is so fun to explore the world of veganism... I have a super easy great vegan choc pie recipe etc. Once you cook with recipes etc, you can just start to make stuff up and experiment.
  13. I think we will check it out when it gets to the cheap seats. Our kids really want to see it!
  14. I don't remember having any side effects to becoming vegan. It was a slow procees for me. I can't imagine you having any bad side effects unless you are not making sure to eat healthfully and getting all of your nutrients.
  15. That looks very good. I will try that place next time I am up there! Seattle is very vegan friendly! It looke like you two had fun, that is awesome!
  16. that is a really good question and a good observation. I am not sure of the answer but I belive it is really important to drink lots of water. I try ot drink one gallon a day and when I work out or sweat, I drink more.
  17. I am lloking to rent a massage space in Portland. Preferably SE PDX, if anyone know of one please let me know, otherwise please keep your eyes open for me. Thanks!
  18. I am glad so many folks had a great time! We are already talking about and planning for VV08! We are always looking for more help and folks to get involved!
  19. you mentioned wanting to not eat processed foods and so maybe you can do 50-50 cooked/raw and for the cooked part eat whole foods. Lots of beans and legumes out there and really good grains etc. The main thing is doing what it takes to be sustainable with your diet. take you time, learn as you go and find folks to hang out with that you can learn from and get support from. Also it is really important to get family support. Have you expressed to them how important this is to you etc? I know a lot of families are not supportive and theat makes things really hard. Good luck and cogratualtions on coming this far!
  20. I love nutritional yeast. I never heard the MSG thing before....interesting. I make a "cheese" sauce with it often and put in on noodles for mac and yeast, on pizza instead of cheese, i sprinkle it on salad, popcorn, beans and rice, lentil curry, toast. There is lots you can do with it.
  21. I use different kinds of natural deodorants. I just have to switch them out frequently. I usually carry some with me for when I need to reapply. I notice when i eat garlic and onion I stink more. Also make sure you are drinking wnough water.
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