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  1. Hitting the gym again... Went with a nnice back and abs workout. Pull up's-rows-pull downs... felt really good to be back in the gym. And yes-plenty warm up this time. 5 minutes on the eliptical machine and streching. will hit shoulders and tri's tomorrow. Later!
  2. Thanks asparagus. Yeah major pain to have something like that happen when you are seeing results little by little. Will certainly try those forearm stretches and be more careful about proper warmup. Most times I workout at the end of the day and take being warmed-up for granted. Cheers!
  3. Been out of the gym (except for legs) due to a forearm injury on the top of my left arm. Went to do a second set of 55's for my DB bench press and felt something really wrong. Ugh!! I can't grow if i don't add weight/reps. At a loss for what's next... Hopefully can work my way back up... Just don't want to loose 8 months of gains. I believe it was either the Extensor Digitorum or the Extensor Carpi. Either way gotta lay low till they heal. it's been just a week, so hopefully I can get this behind me.
  4. Today I was back at it and hit shoulders and tri's. (on 5 days rest) I think this step of hitting each workout every 5 days will really pay off. That is roughly 4 extra workouts per month. And the rest time seems to be working. I hit a personal best on the tricep pull downs. 100lbs for 8 clean reps and 3 partials. (down to 85 after that) hitting 60lbs on my military presses. Don't know why but my overhead work is the slowest to increase weights on. I'm ok with it though as long as I am adding more weight or a few more reps each time. Ran the dog today too. Good workout for me because she loves to play fetch. She just doesn't run back to me after catching the ball! So I have to run to her. Hmmm... I think she knows exactly what she's doing. hey-it can't hurt to run a little more!
  5. Congrats on competeing in that race!! dang.. 48 minutes in the water... (I can barely last 30 minutes in the bath tub! ) Incredible to say the least. Oh and that getting kicked in the face thing. Next time I say wear those spiked gloves and see how many kick you then. Must be some 70's roller derby gear on ebay... Glad the knee hung in there. I'm sure that was a concern from time to time... You are on the East coast and they had vegan munchies at the end?? Wow-Very cool. Cruddy about the breathing.. I know for me anytime I enter a patch of scotchbroom or other types of plants, my throat starts itching and harder to breath if I'm working. Hopefully that's all it is. Thanks for such a great after race report. Fun to read. I can't agree more. Well done!!
  6. Nice going on the 40lb bicep curls... As far as the number of meals... It really comes down to planning ahead of time. (something I really have to work at) But it pays off big time. When I'm off to work, I use one those larger coolers with the single handle on top. My mid day meals have to add up to around 1200 calories/100 grams protein. (body builder workouts) The last 1000 calories and 125 grams protein I get at breakfast and meals/shakes at home after work. You already have a food journal going so big plus there. If you have not yet got Robert Cheeke's book, I would recomend it 1000%. Really helped me plan/stratagize meals/workout's etc...
  7. Today was actually back and abs day... I was a little off on my last post. Did great and felt good today for some reason. Best day on the T-bar rows Just eeked out 10 reps at 150lbs. (followed by 135x2 & 120x2 each with DD sets) Pull ups are still a struggle but grinding them out. Tomorrow will be shoulder and tri's. Plus legs Still dealing with waist fat! Probably ok as is with the greater amount of workout's I'm doing now. We'll see after the July 4th weekend.
  8. Have a great race and looking forward to your post race report. GO GET'EM!!!!!
  9. Yeah major congrats on the 2 year mark. Oh-And hitting over 90 seconds on the plank!! Freaking awesome strong core. Well done!
  10. Wow this is a VERY COOL journal And hitting more than 100lbs for your OH presses is just insane over a 16 week period. That is PROGRESS!! I swear as soon as I am more certain that my "not so great" lower back is strong enough, I would love to hit the 5X5 program for 16 weeks to see how I do. (And to throw a variation at my muscles) I'm one of those people that has my 4x5 cards and writes down weight/reps in the gym. No way I could track those things in my head. Good journals I feel are a big key to success to gaining the body you want. Looking forward to more posts!!
  11. Great couple of workout sessions the last few days. Wednesday hit the cardio and Thursday nailed chest and biceps. *Tonight will hit shoulders and tri's. Working towards 5 workouts per week and so far so good. Now just have to eat enough! Oh! Tried the 55's and pulled off 7 reps and 3 partial ones. Pretty happy with that. *update-did not hit shouders/tri's.. will do those today (saturday) triceps still felt a little sore-but good today!
  12. Yeah I am struggleing with that too. I have been increasing my carbs some, and going for 1.5 to 2 grams protien per pound of body weight. that has seemed to be a better target for me. (Bodybuilder training is my main thing right now) Keep a food journal? I really suggest it. That way you know where to make those subtle changes and what works best for you. I even use to plan my meals for the day. Make Sunday afternoon your "meal prep" time for the week. keep going for it.
  13. Dang... Wish I made progress like that in just 2 months... Freaking nice going!
  14. Ummm... Not unless I get a 5 minute running head start! Great definition/mass in the upper body... Dig the shoulders for sure. Vegan since Jan 2011?? Right On!!! You will love the change in your diet.
  15. Today is Wednesday June 8th and just doing cardio. (Including a fast paced mile with my doggie) Yesterday was a hard back and abs session. But worth it! Tomorrow will be chest and biceps done on 5 days rest. (Going to try the 55's again on the DB bench press!) Checked and since fall of last year, have gained 2.5" on my chest and 2" on my biceps!! Yee haw this is REALLY WORKING! Shoulders are bigger too. Never before have I ever had a chest and shoulders to be proud of. Ok-Ok... I'm not at my goal by any strech, but super happy I am moving in the right direction. Love seeing those veins pumping vegan goodies to rebuild my muscle tissue...
  16. Today I hit 2 workouts... Started off with my back and abs routine. (About 45 minutes) This was done on 5 days rest (instead of 7) and felt just great. Also did a heavy legs workout... This was done however on 7 days rest and will be shortened up when I hit legs again in 4 or 5 days. Prior to this workout, I have started running and hitting the bike machine for 30 to 45 minute hill sets. TUFF!!! I think overall this will be a good start to my program change. I know that most people here like Robert can hit the gym hard everyday for weeks with no breaks. But as I am in my 40's, I really do need some recovery time between workouts. and unlike most, my muscles certainly take awhile longer to rebuild than most. I have been eating as clean as I can and getting down 225 grams of protein a day. (I weigh 175lbs)
  17. So far some great workout's in the gym... Wednesday did back and abs and really got after the pull up's Thursday back at it and worked a long tri's and shoulder routine. So that's Saturday chest and biceps / Sunday cardio / Monday legs and back-abs / tuesday Shoulders and tri's / Wednesday back and abs / Thursday off (or chest and biceps)/ Friday will be legs and evening workout will be back to chest and biceps.
  18. Hope it's not too serious. Your still stacking up some great workout's though....
  19. watching a little tv and trying to lay out my next workout plan. sticking with the basics of my previous workouts... just adding in more different routines and doubling up on some key moves. really trying to figure a way to hit the wide bar pull ups-DB presses and squats. I feel like my workouts have got me to a point I'm happy with, but need to get to another level of appearance. Legs are way to skinny compared to my upper body. (but the fat is way low!) going to be more attentive with my diet too. I like Octopussoir's plan especially the evening quinoa and tufu... I am having a tuff time with my food intake. Up the calories/carbs and end up with a heavy waist. drop them down and not enough to fuel muscle growth. Going to figure it out though! Only question now is how long do I really need to wait between workouts. A full 7 days I think is too long between workouts. going to try 4 days and see how that works.
  20. Been busy insane!! But workouts are coming along great. Now eating at "SEED" in Venice Beach. More info soon! Been traveling thru southern California. Great vegan places. The Vegie Grill-the real food deli-Seed and others. They all seemed busy too. Which is pretty cool for this area. Workouts have been coming right along. Lucky to have decent gyms around. Had great session using a Smiths machine. The one at my regular gym is always busy so a nice change to have to myself. Blasted legs This morning for the long drive in the car today. Day before yesterday hammered chest and biceps. Should be at 55's for chest DB presses in a few weeks. 70's here I come!!
  21. WOW-It's been 27 days since I updated my journal.. Yikes! Been busy traveling to best friends in Philly and sitting on planes for cross country flights. Kinda fun though because this was a solo trip and wanted to stay true to my plant based diet as well as maintaining workouts. My friends were super cool and lucky me there was a Trader Joe's nearby AND within walking distance. There was no issues at all and my collection of Cliff Bars made the "in-between" meals a snap. Sorta nice too not having to stand in line for some terrible airport food. (Going back to non-stop flights a must) Funny but I forgot I packed a soy yogurt in my carry on luggage... Lucky me the screeners at PHL let it go thru! Back on my routines at the gym and despite a little hand injury at work, on track. I am soooooo close to complete a full rep on the wide bar pull up. OK-More soon!
  22. Cool video... I REALLY LIKE that first movement. I need to watch that a few more times to get the exact technique down. AND I am starting with 10 DB's. Thanks for the vid
  23. Geesh... Does sound like a wierd day. Sorry about the strange dudes, why don't they just stay home and go online like the rest of us guys! Clearly-They don't know who they are messing with . Good luck in the race!
  24. OK-That sounds just awesome... Glad your getting back into your routines after being sick.
  25. Thanks MarySella... And that $20 is in the mail to you for saying that!! Ahhh... Another Thursday of Triceps and Shoulders. I am trying to do these from home once a week to give me a little less drive time and a little more time around my awesome dog. Dips-6 sets with dropdowns. Between the washer and dryer. DB lateral raises DB front raises Seated military presses Overhead DB presses Bent over raises skull crushers laying down DB kickbacks. (harder than it sounds) Behind the head t-cep extns DB floor presses DONE! Also includes a 40 minutes fast paced walk with one happy dog. Another 10 grams of protien to consume before this evening. Later all! GL
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