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  1. My son is quite into it.

    he just bought a new board in Boston when we were on vacation. We took cool pics of him all over the place.

    Even in Grand Central Station NYC


    I started fooling around with it last year and I really like it! So far just a nasty pulled groin

    My son is trying to talk me into getting a long board. we'll see..............

  2. survivor is just around the corner!!

    Just for fun, we should run a pool. What do you think?

    Someone runs them at my work (for survivor and Big Brother) I always find that it's tough to cheer for the people you selected because they turn out to be extreme jerks!

    fun though

  3. another walk last night. 20 min

    also threw in a 200m sprint and was humbled by the effortless pace of Sadie (our much loved family dog)

    I'm going full out and she is playing with the leash!!! Maybe I need 4 legs too.........


    felt a bit lethargic this morning but I packed the gym bag anyway. I think I'll try for another easy workout.


    I'm still dreaming of the meal we had in NYC. I found a vegan food cart while searching on line

    Went to it and had a great visit and fantastic food. The kids loved it too

    Some of the highlights were crepes filled with lentils and fresh veggies and the vegan "drumsticks" (sort of a seitan-like roll on a sugar cane stick) served with an assortment of mild to hot sauces.

    mmmm That was the best meal on the trip for sure!!!

  4. Hey Vegan Joe

    how are things?


    nice workouts! and I always enjoy the meal pictures!


    I know a few people who have experienced those symptoms and it has turned out to be blood pressure related.

    Looks like you've been going pretty hard for awhile, maybe give yourself a rest day or two and see if any improvement happens?

  5. almost caught up on my rest.

    caught a nasty ear infection last week after boogieboarding the big waves (hurricane season really cranked them up)


    Had the opportunity to hit the tennis ball around a bit on my vacation. It's been about 8 years but it came back quickly. My forehand was a bit spotty but net play and backhand felt quite comfortable. hmmmmm probably less injury potential for me than soccer???


    Sadie is settling in nicely at home. Still pretty tired but she is very content and happy to be home.


    Now I have to think about the gym membership. It comes up in 2 weeks. I'll have to give it some serious thought as to whether to stay, move to another gym or workout at home.

  6. Wow!!!

    finally back from vacation and it was quite the whirlwind adventure


    saw an awful lot of sights, ate some fabulous food and lost 5LBS to boot


    Our dog Sadie (my avatar) decided that 2 days into her stay at my wife's aunt's house that she would go out and find us.

    the garage door was opened for all of 30 seconds to take tha garbage out and Sadie ran outside, stopped and looked at my wife's aunt and just bolted away!

    Our first inclination was to hop a plane right home but the dog sitter was incredible! she mobilized this huge search effort, checked animal services, the humane society and dog shelters daily, delivered flyers, pasted posters all over the place....

    We figured that we really couldn't do much mor ourselves. We tried to keep the kids as busy as possible while we were away to keep their minds off of Sadie.


    A few phone calls started coming in with possible sadie sightings but nobody could ever catch her (she is quite wary of people)

    We arrived home last night about 11:30 pm and searched until 2:30 am with no luck.

    Another call came in late last night with a sighting closer to aunties' home and then another call at 3:20 am with a sighting even closer.

    My wife went and scoured the neighborhood this morning and found Sadie on her Aunt's street. Almost 2 weeks on her own and she returns right when we come back!!! amazing!!!

    she was pretty stinky, thin and had some pretty bad matted hair but she was awfully happy!!!

    she's sleeping at home now and that is the best thing of all about the vacation!

  7. thanks all!


    she doesn't have any allergies

    the holding your nose and blowing thing works well for me personally but a flight attendant told us last flight that it can potentially do damage


    It's pretty tough to see her in such pain and discomfort.

    Hope things go better this time around. Especially since we have a stopover on route

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