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  1. Started making up a work out plan/tracking sheet tonight. Will post when I have it completed.
  2. Celestial- Thanks, I am sure I will have plenty of questions. Right now I am trying to sort out a diet and eating schedule. I plan on going into the gym at 1AM after work. I will be getting my membership this week and want to start a routine a week from today. I plan to stay up a bit after getting home and read or watch a movie to unwind. I also don't want to go to bed immediately after eating. I like Ft Collins a lot. I drive though about every other month on my way to visit friends in Laramie. Boulder is cool and I dig downtown Denver a lot. Hopefully someday I can find an equally good or better job that is closer to those areas. My job is about 9 miles to the south of Castle Rock. I will be working on a full-fledged advice thread later tonight. I will drop the link here after I do. Cheers
  3. Just thought I'd drop in an introduce myself before I start picking minds and gathering advice. I'm almost 28 and living outside Denver, CO (Castle Rock for now). I have been vegan for around 2.5 years and vegetarian for around 5. I used to be very over-weight but now days I am mostly scrawny and in need of some "toning up". I eat healthily for the most part but would like some help with developing a weight training routine and supporting diet. The major obstacle is that I have a unusual work schedule. 2pm-12:30am 4 days a week. I have struggled putting on weight in the past. I will open another thread under the appropriate section for this topic. I am vegan for pretty much all the reasons. Ethical, health and environmental. I'm interested in meeting fellow vegans/vegetarians in the area and look forward to getting involved in the site. I am into bike riding, going to shows, hiking...pretty much anything that sounds like fun. Regards, -T
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