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  1. Hello vegan friends, I have always been underweight but pretty athletic, I feel my age becoming a factor and I have to start to turn it up to keep feeling youthful and avoid the onset of aches - I turn 28 this year. I currently take a weekly ballet conditioning class and a weekly aerial circus class. I do a bunch of workouts at home through the week; some days are just 60-90 mins self-guided contortion training, some days I'll just do some pullup sets. I also work up a sweat dancing around my living room alone at least a couple of times a week haha. I have never been into lifting weights or even been in the type of gym that isn't for gymnastics, I prefer body weight exercises. My major goal is to do a wall-flip by the end of the year, which seems a bit different to the lifting goals of most people on this forum, I'd also like to get my splits down and into overspilts and finally gain some bulk. I think my major problem has been a calorie deficient diet although I eat really clean. I am going to work my way through the Beachbody Programs - starting Monday with 'insanity' and also try to find a sport in my area, that isn't too expensive, as I find I get pretty motivated by competition.
  2. Bees are farmed to pollinate most of the agricultural crops we eat, especially sunflower, canola etc visit these farms and see hives along the fence every 100 or so meters. They have a negative impact on Australian native bees in areas where these crops are farmed, but the native bees still thrive in harsher areas where there are no agricultural crops.
  3. No Pharma Medicine is 'vegan', even syringes and medical equipment are batch tested using the blood of the horseshoe crab (at least in the western world, Chinese and Indian versions are likely to skip this expensive testing). That said medical science, namely the human genome project is the crowning achievement of humankind, and diseases are being cured exponentially, particularly through gene therapy and viral engineering, SCID (Bubbleboy syndrome) is now a thing of the past if detected early. HIV was eliminated from the Berlin patient and we're heading toward a feasible cure and there are current, promising, gene therapy clinical trials in different stages for cancers, influenza, hemophilia, Parkinsons and countless others. Still there are some eyebrow raising instances of natural treatments seemingly being buried, perhaps suppressed by big pharma, the other day while researching the safety of spirulina - sparked by another post here, I happened upon a 1996 Harvard Study that proved spirulina prevented replication of the AIDS virus, yet I don't think the medical community has adopted it as a treatment. Also worth mentioning is that recreational abuse of natural drugs prevents them from being explored and applied for their medical applications. I was part of the only CanAid (THC/Marijuana in pill form) clinical study for treatment of a rare seizure disorder and it was the Pharma Company that spent millions lobbying to get it happening. Though it was less effective at treating my PKC than the anti-convulsion meds I now take, it has been very successful in treating similar conditions like Dystonia - yet CanAid is not available to be prescribed to patients here in Australia because of government fears it will be abused recreationally - which it would be. Same goes for with LSD for severe migraines etc.
  4. I take the synergy brand in supergreens and looking at their website is pretty reassuring about safety, and says acidity, upset stomach and diarrhea are a possible side effects of taking too much. I have been taking it, not consistently, for 2 years, not knowing what it was.
  5. I run laps of a local suburban athletics track, it's very peaceful, except for my music, and having to dodge the ducks roosting there if they don't hear my music and get out of the way. Stargazing helps me keep good form with eyes above horizon and I almost always see shooting stars. Also the sprinklers come on at 1.00am good fun.
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