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  1. Your doctor may prescribe things for you to use against what seems to be mild asthma which may not be too good for you in the long run. The Buteyko method is proven, safe and very effective. The book Close Your Mouth and ABC to be asthma free are self help books to teach yourself the Buteykjo clinic method. They are available from www.amazon.com for USA and amazon.co.uk for UK and other countries. Patrick McKeown a renowned practitioner teaches many other natural clinic methods at his site www.asthmacare.ie It will be well worth your time.
  2. I personally like Myochem’s CEE-MYO CE2X 6080. I started taking the CE2X about 3 weeks after I starting weight training and have noticed WEEKLY gains in strength and overall muscle size. They do a lot of research and development and recently added a new product myomale 2012. Find detail at www.myochem.com This is a product worthy of every penny paid and one that has found a home on my shelves!!!
  3. How much do you sleep? You can be tired from too little sleep, or too much sleep. What about your diet? What you eat also plays a factor. Make sure you're getting all your nutrients. I feel better with THROTTLE MATRIX everyday, being a graduate student, I have to put in long hours of research late at night and Throttle Matrix keeps my mind focused. Have a look at their site myochem.com. I don’t know what I would do without it.
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