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  1. Well, it's $300, including 7 gourmet raw meals...and camping is the cheapest (and most fun) way to do it. Yet, there is a plane ticket. I totally understand, but as an (ex) music festival organizer, I have a deep compassion for the people who put these types of events/festivals on and know that they usually lose money and the price they ask, is the least that can be offered, for their year long service or organizing, planning and creating a festival that people can relax and enjoy themselves at. Plus, it costs a hefty penny to rent a space, fly out the presentors, buy the food, etc. etc. etc. I hear you though. Totally get it. Since it is 7 months away, I'm planning now. It's my goal.
  2. Anyone going to this? It looks great...I'm getting my ticket ASAP. I wonder if they have any bodybuilders coming? I took this info from their website: October 12th-14th in spectacular Sedona, Arizona! http://www.rawspiritfest.com Located amidst trees and ponds on viewy lawns beneath Sedona Arizona's famous Red Rocks, The Raw Spirit Festival is 'The Grandest Raw Vegan Celebration on Earth'! Featuring: Raw Vegan Meals, Music, Education, Exercise, Comedy, Nature's Beauty, Spirituality and YOU! Raw Spirit is making history as the first festival to attract so many well-loved raw vegan celebrities such as invited guests Woody Harrelson and Alicia Silverstone; acclaimed performers such as William Eaton, Shimshai, and Tina Malia; dozens of Distinguished Doctors, including Dr. Sheridan, Dr. Fuhrman and Dr. Lodi; famous reverends such as the Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith (of 'The Secret') movie; and vegan Congressman, Dennis Kucinich, who is establishing a Department of Peace. Plus, all of 2006's speakers, vendors and performers are returning in 2007! ...As well as oodles of dynamic international presenters such as Jasmuheen, Suki Zoe and HRM! Come discover ancient wisdom and the latest findings from the greatest minds in the fast-growing Raw Vegan World. Bonuses: Educational Vendor Booths from hemp clothing to animal rights to peace awareness, Outdoor and Indoor Stages, World Class Music, Ongoing Play & Workshops, Eclectic Exercise Area, Food Demos, Dancing, Leadership Sharing Circle, Celestial Yoga, Meditation, Nature and Fabulous Friends! Admission includes 7 organic gourmet raw vegan meals. Come for a day or An Entire Weekend $300 All inclusive Early-Bird Price. Register here: http://rawspiritfest.com/REGISTRATION.html To get updates and keep inspired, join the yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rawspiritfestival/
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