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  1. Thanks for the quick reply Beforewisdom. Very helpful information (Y) I knew that coconut oil is mostly saturated fats, but the reason I included it was because I thought we needed some saturated fats for optimal health? Am I wrong in this assumption? Also thank you for the tip about credentials. I am a bit of an internet fiend and rely on google for most of questions. I guess I should take the authors experience etc. in future.
  2. Hey, I'm new to the boards Basically, I've recently become Vegan and I'm looking to gain weight (at the moment im 145lbs, 5 ft 10 in). However, I was recently told by my doctor that my cholesterol is borderline high (probably from being a chocolate addict -_-). I was just wondering what you guys think about cholesterol and dietary fat. I've made myself a diet plan on fitday and at the moment its roughly about 50% carbs, 20% Protein and 30% fat. In grams the fat is 80 g per day coming from flaxseed oil, walnuts, olive oil, a small amount of coconut oil and Natural Peanut Butter. I've read that excess fat in the diet can raise "bad" cholesterol, but then I've also read that these "good" fats can help lower bad cholesterol and possibly raise good cholesterol. So essentially my question is do you think my fat intake is too high? Sorry I waffled on.
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