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  1. Hi! It is quite easy to clean. You have 7 parts to clean. Most of them you just put under water and rub them a little bit, done. Only the strainer may need a little more effort to clean. Everything is done in less than a minute. No it is not a centrifugal juicer. Something I would absolutely keep my hands off unless I would have no other choice. Maybe there was no was no medical evidence for Dr. Walkers suggestion then; but by now lots of his ideas have been confirmed - as far as I can remember his book. For me it is a lifetime too since I read the book. And btw, why should it be disrepectful to question something?? Good look!
  2. Use a slow rotation juicer. Not these high speed rotating ones. I have a Green Star Elite Tribest juicer (https://amzn.to/2yJE9aL) for 10+ years and it still runs smoothly and juices even salad. Though it has a drawback: it's one of the more expensive ones. But if you have the money think about it this way: how much does ist cost you per year if it (only) lasts 10 years? In any instance go with a slow rotation juicer like the Green Star. Good luck! P.S. Did you read the books by Dr. Norman Walker on this topic?
  3. Hi! I suppose most of you take supplements like proteins, amino acids, or creatinine I was inspired by one podcast of the Gary Null Show to look into possible supplements or nutritional changes to reduce the amount of damage done to the body by the training. Mr. Null is a avid proponent of intense physical exercise to stay healthy and age well. And he recommends the following supplements after (or before) training: post-workout capsicain (Chili component) resveratrol quercitin + vitamin C ribose L-carnitin grape seed extract pre workout and/or during workout red beet juice mixed with coconut water Do you have any further recommendations on this? Cheers Andreas
  4. Hi! By accident I stumbled across the book "Body by Science". The authors, I think both are MDs, propagate weight as the main tool to stay fit and healthy (besides nutrition of course). And they also propagate a weight training with one set to failure with 2 to 6 excersises and a one to three weeks interval! Since I found it very fascinating I tried it out. And it works perfectly. I increased the weights and the time-to-failure (they emphasize the time not the reps) even after two weeks off with no muscle ache or anything else. But somehow I really would like to do a little more just for the fun of it. Currently I have a two weeks interval between my weight training sessions. I was thinking to split the exercise in three parts and rotate them weekly. This way I should offer each part three weeks to recover and increase? I think this might be a good split scheme: viewtopic.php?f=46&t=18686 How about doing non-failure weight training in between? Does anyone has any experience on this? The point in the book is that the muscles need a much longer time to recover ... Andreas
  5. Hi! If I want to have a self made and easy-to-digest sports drinks I guess that one juice isn't enough or not at all tasty... And coconut milk... well this is a thing with my philosophy: I try to use fruits/vegetables that grow (normally) in Europe and at approximately the current time (doesn't refer to dried things). Otherwise coconut milk is an excellent idea!! Bye Andreas
  6. Hello! I did some more or less fruitless research on self made sports drinks. I am looking for drink that contains only vegetables and/or fruit and/or nuts whether fresh, dried or whatsoever. No minerals or refined things whatsoever, e.g. salt or sugar. Any experience on that? Bye Andreas
  7. Hi! Perhaps you want to have a look at this thread in another forum ...: http://www.rawfoodtalk.com/showthread.php?t=24355 Bye Andreas
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