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  1. Ich wollte auch schon fragen, ob es konkret einen Standort gibt, wo das ganze stattfinden soll?
  2. Ach du Scheisse, schnell mal meine Tetra packs kontrollieren Danke für die Info!
  3. Not because of protein but because of the taste: Every time I fancy seafood I go for veagn sushi!!! *yummy*
  4. I´m writing this in German because this is about a German product: Sojola Margarine ist NICHT vegan:
  5. I can´t stand thoses homophobic a...holes! I guess someone who needs blood indispensable to life doesn´t care about your sexual preferences. "Sorry mister, we only have gay blood, so I guess you rather die..?!" http://www.mafia-forum.de/phpBB2/images/smiles/ohmann.gif
  6. and who knows if you didn't got that in a grubby roadhouse's back room. In a dirty kitchen done by a decaying crack whore
  7. Haha, had the same prob here. I really would do it again. But the tattoos... But here you "just" have to wait 4 month. After 4 month you can analyze your blood for HIV. So I will try it again in july.... if there will be no new.......... And what about new piercings?
  8. Dumplings rock. You can buy frozen vegan dumplings in every Asian food shop. In case you need a fast meal!
  9. That link is good. Nothing new but good to remember them all.
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