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  1. I just started taking Lexapro last week and it is already helping a little bit. But it seems like I am more stressed in the morning and start feeling better in the afternoon. Is this how it starts working in some people? I have some Xanax too and sometimes take a half when I feel like I need. I'm hoping there are some people who DON'T have a really bad experience getting off of it. Is there anyone who did not have a lot of problems? I had a bad experience with Zoloft so I was scared to start another drug. Any advice? Please help!
  2. I am 23 and noticed breathing issues a few years ago. I was in college at the time and didn't want to go to the doctor because I didn't have trouble breathing, I just didn't have as much breath as I thought I should have (and as I remembered having in High School). After chest pains a few weeks ago, my worried and sweet wife convinced me to go to the doctor. After some pulmonary tests, EKG (to make sure the chest pains were not my heart) and X-rays (no heart swelling, thank goodness) the doctor said I had mild asthma and put me on Advair. It's been a week now, and if anything my chest hurts MORE. It's still not too bad, but I definitely don't feel any better. I don't have major asthma attacks, but I do wake up sometimes with slight breathing issues and need to get a drink of water and cough a few times to go back to sleep. I also get a tight and painful chest (normally on the left side, but this morning on the right) sometimes. What can I expect from the medicine and what’s the best way? Thanks in advance!
  3. If you had to pick just ONE protein powder for gaining muscle, what would be the best one for the best results? Please pick product and include the brand. Give your reasons. The best answers will be displayed on the main Bodybuilding.com site for millions of people to see! (Note: This is not a discussion about how or when to take protein, if protein works, or why some protein powders do not work. Just list your absolute favorite protein powder and give your detailed reason.)
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