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  1. I've been looking for something like this--thanks!
  2. Also, I've had a few estheticians tell me that baking soda is the best and cheapest natural exfoliator there is. Adding a bit to your cleanser a few times a week is supposed to be pretty effective. Or mixing with plain old water sounds like it would work, too.
  3. Thanks, gsop! I'm new to all this, I wouldn't have known that increasing protein would help.
  4. Thanks for all the tips! Definitely would like to try making my own deodorant. I use jojoba oil on my face, and it seems to be fine. I usually add a drop or two to my moisturizer, though. Plus it smells kinda funky on its own.
  5. Oh wow, I've never even heard of BMR. Just looked it up - 1424.85. (I'm 137 pounds at 5' 7--I've lost 3 pounds) So, that's the number of calories I burn without even trying, correct? So, if I'm burning (for example) 300-400 calories at the gym... how many calories would I add to that 1424 number? I'm afraid I don't know the ratio of my macros. That sounds headache inducing, but I will begin to pay attention. (I know that most of my calories tend to come from fats and carbs. Lots of fats--but I keep them within the allowable calorie range). Yes, I've been thinking some resistance training might be beneficial. Thanks for the tips! Gosh, when did this get so complicated?? ---------- A little more googling led to this (http://www.shapefit.com/basal-metabolic-rate.html) Fat loss = 12-13 calories per lb. of bodyweight Maintenance (TDEE) = 15-16 calories per lb. of bodyweight Weight gain = 18-19 calories per lb. of bodyweight So, at 137, my maintenance is 2055, and 1644 would lead to fat loss (without exercise)? According to the formula on that URL, 2207 is my "total daily energy expenditure" if I'm 'moderately active'. Cutting 500 calories would land me at 1700. OK. 1700 is reasonable, and plenty of calories to keep me satisfied.
  6. This is mostly for the women on this site (although I welcome input from anyone knowledgeable on the subject)... What brands of skin care and cosmetics do you use? Do you have any natural beauty secrets you'd care to share? I'm seeking out skin creams and make-up items that have a limited number of mostly natural ingredients (and don't test on animals). The ones I know of so far: Burts Bees, Alba and Jason. Burts Bees being the most affordable, as far as I can tell. But I would like to learn of simpler, more natural alternatives. I have break-out prone skin, so I'm not about to slather my face in coconut oil (for example), but jojoba oil seems to work well. I've used coconut oil on my hands and feet, but commercial creams with unpronounceable ingredients still seem to do the job more efficiently. Anyone? (just dawned on me that Burts Bees isn't totally vegan... No offense meant to anyone, but I'm keeping it on the list for now. It's the most affordable commerical option I've found. But as I said, I'm open to alternatives).
  7. OK, getting back on track. (I've been strolling along beside it) Those damned vegan desserts are what nipped me in the caboose. Sugar is sugar is sugar, whether it involves a cow or not. Pledging... now.
  8. blessings45


    I'm new to the game too. I've found a ton of great information here. The Health and Nutrition section is great, be sure and read all the 'stickies': viewforum.php?f=6 Best of luck!
  9. If you are happy with your health and weight and life then who gives a gives a crap what you eat? I concur. If you are happy with your body and level of heath, then naysayers be damned. Consider yourself lucky! If I ate all the bread I wanted (and oh how I want...), I would be a large lady indeed. Have you tried mixing the nuts in with your oats or quinoa? I *love" the extra crunch in my oatmeal and salads and such.
  10. The best vegan source of omega 3s is ground flax seeds, either color. At this time researchers think some people need an additional DHA/EPA supplement and some do not. There are various vegan brands. 5 English walnuts a day will give you adequate omega 3 fatty acids. Some other vegan foods, including soy have some omega 3s in them, but these are the best. Vegans tend to get too much omega 6 from the oils they choose, eating backed goods, eating fried foods out and eating packaged foods.........which use oils high in omega 6. When cooking at home use olive oil or canola oil if you have to use oil at all. Unless you are eating large amounts of nuts and seeds ( over 2- 3 ounces ) you probably don't need to worry about your consumption of other nuts and seeds. Watch the whole Dr. Greger video, even if he does wear glasses and is bald, he still has some good things to say Thank you. I do have problems trusting the near-sighted, but I managed to find the videos very informative.
  11. You might not be. Many nuts and seeds have a lot of omega 6, which tends to diminish the benefits of omega 3. Many vegetables lack significant amounts of folic acid. beforewisdom, Is there a thread here or separate website you know of that outlines the best and 'worst' nuts to consume, in regards to Omega 3/6 ratios? The information I'm finding is confusing me just a bit. Can nuts then, even the 'better' nuts with more acceptable ratios, be harmful if eaten in larger amounts? Thanks, K
  12. I'm new to this forum, but I'm trying to dive in to this new lifestyle. I like the idea of an on-line fitness journal . . . maybe I will be able to pick up some advice and pointers along the way. Weight loss has never been difficult for me in the past, but the weight I'm trying to lose right now isn't budging. Basically, a rather depressing holiday season bludgeoned me in the face with 15 pounds. (Those late night cookies couldn't have had anything to do with it, could they?) I've lost 6, but my weight is staying PUT right now. I've been eating between 1400 and 1800 calories (but I tend to stay around 1500), with a pretty hardcore spin class thrown in almost every day. I don't want my net calories to be too low, but I'm definitely not losing weight. My stats from the last few days: calorie counts are approximate, I tend to round up and down slightly to keep myself from going crazy and quitting Feb 9th: 1550 cals, spin class Feb 10th: 1400 cals, spin class Feb 11th: 1580 cals, spin class Feb 12th: 1700 cals, short 25 minute spin class morn/Elliptical machine 30 minutes evening This is all far less than I ate maintaining my original weight. I'm very confused. I should note that outside of my workouts, I'm very sedentary.... long hours at a desk job. I'm eating healthier than I ever have... salads, fruits, vega, fiber cereal, almond milk (homemade!), sprouted quinoa, wild rice, olive and coconut oil. Lots of ground flax seed, almonds all day long. Nut butters, this coconut/chia oil desserty tasting stuff I got from Living Tree Community. It's been, in a word, delicious. (I've started taking pictures of my salads. Seriously.) I will update in a few days, and try to be patient with my body in the meantime. (aaaaargh!) K
  13. Very, very helpful. Thanks! (Also really enjoyed your post of Dr. Greger on Omega 3 and B12).
  14. Hi there, My story: I did the Master Cleanse in early January, and vowed to eat healthfully afterward. Without even trying, I realized last week that I have been eating a primarily raw vegan diet! So I've been lurking around this site trying to learn about vegan nutrition. I really love eating raw foods.... salads and fruit have become a staple. I'm even sprouting quinoa! (I can barely boil water.... so this an accomplishment for me). Also Vega.... Vega's the sh*t! Anyway, I've enjoyed the journey so far. I look forward to learning from all of you. Kristina
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