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  1. Your body doesn't work like that. It will not add significant weight the day after eating more. It has to be sustained as your body fights very hard to keep the status quo.
  2. Hi guys, So after seeing a view of the videos posted on the homepage I have decided I would love to have the strength etc that those guys have. I have had a brief look on the net but cannot find a workout plan which would promote the type of strength needed for the exercises shown in the clips. So my question is, does anyone know a workout plan or know where I can find a (actual) workout plan that would assist me in this goal? Cheers, Woz
  3. Hi all, Currently looking around for a new workout plan and this one caught my eye. Can anyone suggest anything wrong with this plan? http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/justin2.htm Cheers all, Woz
  4. Hi guys, Just wondering if I can improve my workout. At the moment i'm using antagonist/agonist training. Can I improve this workout regime? Here's my workout: Monday Chest/Back Barbell Press 3x8-12 Lat pulldown 3x8-12 Incline Press 3x8-12 Hyperextensions 3x8-12 Medicine ball push up 3x8-12 Cable Row 3x8-12 Decline Dumbell Press 3x 8-12 Pull ups 3x8-12 Dips 3x8-12 Wednesday Abs/Legs Squats 3x10-12 Leg Press 3x10-12 Dumbell Lunge 3x10-12 Jackknife 3x10-15 Weighted Russian Twist 3x10-15 Plank 3 sets Crunches 3x10-15 Friday- Biceps/Triceps/Shoulder Chin ups 3x8-12 Bench Dip with weight plate 3x8-12 Hammercurl 3x8-12 Close grip pushup 3x8-12 Barbell curl 3x8-12 Skull Crusher 3x8-12 Barbell Shoulder press 3x8-12 Weight plate lift 3x8-12 Shrugs 3x8-12 Dumbell lift (behind head) 3x8-12 I do cardio on tues/thurs for about 30 mins or so and consume around 2500 calories/day. I weigh 72kg. Generally average around 100g of protein a day and around 350g of carbs. With summer approaching I want to start to build more definition. What would be the ideal workout plan for that and calories to reach a day? Thanks for your input/time
  5. Taking one specific amino acid while consuming an adequate diet can be largely pointless. Your body is designed to deal with whole proteins (rather than one specific amino acid) and as such is much more efficient at processing whole proteins. There is also some evidence that consuming individual amino acids can overwhelm the body's transport system promoting toxicity (i'll see if I can find the source, was from one of my dietetic lecturers)
  6. As mentioned above, all proteins are amino acids (some lack essential ones, but thats another story) which are acidic. It is not necessarily a bad thing either, your body must keep an acid/base relationship within a given range . Furthermore, nitrogen is also released through the breakdown of proteins (roughly 16% give or take) and would have a ph in the acidic range.
  7. Hi all, At this point in time I weigh around 68kg, am 6 ft tall and 20 years old. I have been going to a gym for years, however, only recently have I become serious about gaining muscle. My question here revolves around calorific intake and the ideal amount. I want to gain muscle, but also build definition, something difficult if I bulk too much. So my question is, how many calories should I consume to gain muscle definition/muscle without gaining fat? This is my current workout load: Monday: Chest + shoulders Tuesday: Cardio (run around 5km or so) Wednesday: Bi and Back Thursday: Cardio (Sprints or bike ride) Friday: Whatever other muscle groups I want to work I was consuming around 2000 calories a day, however, I was losing weight (not ideal of course, and as can be expected with a low calorie diet). I have increased my intake now to 2500, is this where I should be aiming? My daily intakes generally are around 100g protein (can be higher/lower), carbs- 350g, fats- 60g (basicly no saturated fats). Thanks all, Woz
  8. You can have too much protein. However, as mentioned, most people consume 2-3x as much protein as they should and the majority of them do not seem to suffer any serious side affects. As you have mentioned proteins are not the main fuel source during activity, carbs are. However, recovery following a workout burns both carbs and proteins. The healthiest thing to do is to consume an appropriate ratio of carbs, proteins and lipids. Edit: While I haven't read the book you mentioned, I can only assume dietary, ethnic and location factors were factored in during the study of protein overconsumption.
  9. Hi Kat . Where bouts in QLD you from? How hard is it being vegan in a small country town? Welcome, good to see another Aussie. Wozza
  10. G'day all, My name is Tim and I've been a Vegan for 1.5 years now. I also work out around 5 days a week (3 weight days, 2 cardio) and am studying a BSc (Nutrition). I'm from Australia and am 20 years old. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute to this great forum and learn much in my time here. Tim
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