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    Just saying hello, I was recently asked to join a team fitness contest at my work, which I did. After hitting the gym for about 4 weeks now, I am remembering how much I used to enjoy lifting! so, my first goal is to loose 50% body fat and gain 30 lbs of muscle. I did it before (14 years ago, yeow), and just want to see if I can accomplisg this again. I am 6' 4" about 196 (today), I was 202 at weigh in. I was always a hard gainer until I discovered creatine. I am a Portland native, and have practiced yoga and meditation my whole adult life. I currently also train in qi gong and Yang style Tai Ji, which I love. I really enjoy cross training in internal energy arts mixed with weight training and other sports. Also, I just finished Robert's book and am happy to learn some new diet and supplement tips. I am about 95% vegan now and feel great! Sammy
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