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  1. cool thanks for the help. I'm going to try the MSM for sure and maybe the other stuff. Will something like MSM make the tendents and ligiments stronger so there less likely to tear?
  2. i was wondering want supplements form what companies i could take to help my joints. When i squat my knees pop and hurt. my wrists are bad also
  3. I didn't read the part about you joking. Good because if some one said that they'd be very dumb
  4. What are you talking about. There not one person in the UFC that doesn't do Jiu Jitsu. Thats why they call it MMA. Chucks been doing Jiu Jitsu for 10 years and wrestling his whole life
  5. i'll have to check them out. How many grams of protein are in like 1 cub
  6. cool thanks for the info. Where can i find raw oats? Is it a complete protein?
  7. what do you weight and whats your height? You must be pretty lean. What raw food has the most amount of calories? is it raw oats?
  8. thanks for the site I don't know what you work out routine is but i don't 2 hours of kickboxing, 2 hours of jiu jitsu and 1 hour of weights so i need at least 2,500 cal. But it's hard for me to get that many cal raw
  9. What do you guys think of it? It looks good, all raw all organic with some great superfoods. The only problem is the price for how much protein and calories are in in. The whole can has only like 946 calories in it and like 175 grams of protein. That wouldn't be a big deal if it was like 20 dollars. But after the tax they charge and shiping it over 40. I need a ton of colries because i exercise like 4 hours a day. I'm 185 pounds right now and i'd like to gain lean muscle up to 200.
  10. i thought about that, but i allways feel off balanced when i do those. I would rather have real heavy two hands
  11. What is the best way to add weights to pull ups to go real heavy. I was thinking about getting a 100 pound weight vest but then i thought what about when i want more than 100 extra. I remember seeing Johny Jackson using some thing that was attached to neck (if i remember corectly) that he had like 2 or 3 plates attached to. only help would be great.
  12. I really want to know what i'm low in
  13. do blood tests tell you every single vitamin and mineral?
  14. I remember hearing about some machine that can tell you exactly what nutrition deficiencies you have. If you guys know anything about this or something similar then that would be great.
  15. How is Hemp butter made? Is it heated?
  16. I never had a problem with cramps. I was drinking well over a gallon of water maybe even two
  17. I started taking creatine and my strength went up a lot and my stamina doubled, but i noticed that i started to fell really bad. I went to my natural healer that i go to and he said that it was affecting my adrenals and thyroid glans and it put some metals in my body. This is all within 2 weeks of use. before this point i had no heavy metals in my body and all my organs and glans were working perfectly. Do you guys know of any natural creatine products?
  18. the 2 things i worring about is first protein. I can't eat seeds and nuts because it causes digestive problems to me. even if i soak them over night and let them dry. the other thing is i heard that people that eat too much fruit have teeth and gum problems
  19. can you guys give me a link to a site that has a all raw diet written out.
  20. how do you go about making sprouts? don't you just soak seeds and nuts? the reason i don't want to eat cooked foods is i want to keep my PH very high and if i eat cooked foods it lowers it
  21. because it destroys my conditioning
  22. ya thats the problem. i would eat beans but their cooked. I need all raw
  23. I've been on a raw vegan diet for a while and i find this the best for my cardio conditioning. I've been reling on hemp seeds for most of my calories and protein, but i notice it causes digestion problems to me. Even if i eat a little it causes problems. So what raw food can i eat to get like 100 grams of protein and alot of calories? Another problem i have is if i get alot of protein for seeds and nuts i get to much fat. Give me a list of foods with alot of protein in them
  24. Tito will destroy Forrest because Randy is the only guy with the cardio of Tito, so Forrest's only chance is a KO or TKO, but that isn't going to happen. I don't think anyone in the UFC is going to be able beat Arlovski maybe some of the Pride guys but probaly not
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