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  1. San Diego has a great yoga community and I'm sure there are a number of studios that offer donation based classes. With a quick google search, i found this one: http://www.yogaonesandiego.com/classdescriptions.html Getting in a class is going to be invaluable in starting a personal practice that becomes powerful and consistent. But trust me, it won't be long before you realize it is *worth* paying for,
  2. Yoga and strength training practices support and inform each other and I am a huge proponent of doing both. The best metaphor I've heard that speaks to this comes from Ken Wilber (integral philosopher and general expert on anything and everything). This quote was (paraphrased): "strength training builds the peaks, yoga deepens the valleys". The power of yoga in my opinion is its unique ability to promote greater body awareness and control of movement of energy in the body. The more muscle one has, the more energy one can potentially generate. This is why they complement each other so powerfully: strength training literally increases the energy your body can generate and yoga deepens your control of that energy and turns it into meaningful strength that permeates into all areas of your life. I definitely feel way stronger after staying in handstand for an extended period than I do after my last set of a bench workout. I also don't draw the line so firmly between the two. When I do strength training i will do some yoga sequences and transition into yoga-informed core/ab work outs and then into handstand and shoulder stand before moving into more conventional stuff like pull-ups, incline push-ups, dips.
  3. nutritional yeast is great food source for B12 (and every other B vitamin). two heaping tablespoons has 133% RDV. trust me, once you start using it, you will find it easy to use more than that in a day. i put it on everything savory now. its delicious.
  4. I'm surprised no one has mentioned maca yet. The evidence for raising testosterone specifically is tenuous, but it is a powerful adaptogen, meaning that it supports the endocrine system and tends to bring hormone levels into balance. This means is you have low testosterone levels, as NYVegan seems to think he might, maca could help bring testosterone into balance. That being said, studies aside, using maca I've experienced increases in all of the traits we traditionally associate with higher testosterone levels: increased stamina, libido, general feeling of strength.
  5. Its nice to see this information simplified in this way. No need to make it more complicated as so many do.
  6. well it just so happens a friend of mine harvests locally and sells on the web. shesellsseaweed.com my only caveat here would be to be careful not to have seaweed exclusively fill the "greens" portion of your diet. we depend on "greens" for a wide variety phytonutrients in addition to vitamins and minerals. seaweed will provide some of these but far from all that we need. A green powder (vitamineral green, etc.) would provide a wider array of phytonutrients be a better way to easily "check the 'greens box'" for a given day.
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