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  1. Would like to see what kind of home squat cage everyone is using? I've been looking at ones in the $350 to $500 range. I think the Phys-X Power Cage is the one I'm going to buy. Any thoughts appreciated! http://i54.tinypic.com/2q9w84x.jpg http://i55.tinypic.com/noizrs.jpg
  2. Deadlifts is one of my primary exercises. I don't like crunches, so I have been thinking of getting the ab wheel like the one pictured below. Anyone here use one? http://i53.tinypic.com/znmx.jpg
  3. Ab Exercises? Ab Gym Equipment? Ab Gadgets? All of the above?
  4. Yes, I'm looking for a general consensus here. Surely there will be different viewpoints and experiences. Other factors to also consider like gender, age, body type, activity level and beginning, intermediate, advanced bodybuilder. It is interesting that in Ayurveda, the body types of Air (Vatta), Fire (Pitta), and Water (Kapha) correspond with Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph. Everything must be tailored to the individual. No one size fits all.
  5. I'm curious what formulas are you guys using for gaining weight and muscle? Most seem to agree that eating every 3 hours and a minimum amount of protein and calories combined with compound exercises is key. Do you find the following formulas agreeable? Have I missed anything? Protein 1.5 grams for each pound of body weight Example: 150 pounds of body weight = 225 grams of protein Calories 20 calories for each pound of body weight Example: 150 pounds of body weight = 3,000 calories Fat 0.5 grams for each pound of body weight Example: 150 pounds of body weight = 75 grams of fat Carbohydrates 2.1 grams for each pound of body weight Example: 150 pounds of body weight = 315 grams of carbohydrates Protein For Muscle Maintenance 0.8 to 1.2 grams for each pound of body weight Example: 150 pounds of body weight = 120 to 180 grams of protein Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat, Ratio 50% of calories from carbohydrates 30% coming from protein 20% coming from fats. References Building Muscle on a Plant Based Diet - Robert Cheeke http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/2010/04/25/vegan-bodybuilding-and-fitness-with-robert-cheeke Nutrition Calculators http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/calculators.htm Calories for Bodybuilding http://stronglifts.com/how-to-gain-weight-for-skinny-guys
  6. What type of fast are you doing? There are many different types of fasts.
  7. Yes, I have a good blender Fresh dates are on my "building foods" list As the title of this thread implies, I'm exploring alternatives to maltodextrin Thanks for the insight
  8. I forgot to add 1 medium Banana = 100 calories Total = 365 calories
  9. Stevia = Low or no calories Sucralose = Artificial Extra calories and organic non toxic is what I am going for
  10. I purchased a jar of Organic Brown Rice Syrup by Lundberg Farms today The label lists 1 Teaspoon = 25 calories I added 1 Tablespoon to 1 cup of unsweetened hemp milk and 4 tablespoons of hemp protein powder The flavor profile was very good and no stomach upset 1 Tablespoon rice syrup 75 calories 1 Cup unsweetened hemp milk 60 calories 4 Tablespoons hemp protein 130 calories Total 265 calories
  11. I was being sarcastic. Thanks, we all need a little sarcasm and humor in this game of gain
  12. Also Agave Syrup 1 Teaspoon = 30 calories Maple Syrup 1 Teaspoon = 17 calories Coconut Palm Sugar 1 Teaspoon = 15 calories
  13. Maltodextrin Alternatives for Weight Gain? I've noticed many commercial weight gain drinks contain maltodextrin. And I've read here some are adding maltodextrin to their protein drinks for additional calories for weight gain. From a more healthy perspective, the following foods seem like they would be a better alternative since they are available organic. Maltodextrin is made from corn. Most commercial corn comes from GMO corn. The following numbers came from Nutrition Facts for each food. It is not clear how many grams of Maltodextrin make up 1 Teaspoon, so I will assume 4. Maltodextrin 1 gram = 4 calories, 1 Teaspoon = 16 calories? Dehydrated Sugar Cane Juice (Sucanat) 1 Teaspoon = 15 calories Date Sugar 1 Teaspoon = 11 calories Brown Rice Syrup 1 Teaspoon = 27.5 calories Barley Malt Syrup 1 Teaspoon = 30 calories It would seem the Brown Rice and Barley Malt Syrup are the best alternative due to the high calorie content. I think all of these foods are classified as Complex Carbohydrates vs Simple Carbohydrates (Glucose). I have eaten these foods in the past, but I have not put them to a real world test in terms of strategic weight gain. Also whether adding them to a drink or directly to food in terms of flavor profile, ease of digestion, and amount is something I plan to test. Eastern medicine classifies Brown Rice/Barley Malt Syrup, Dates, Sucanat as energy tonic foods and facilitate weight gain. Reference: Planetary Herbology by Dr. Michael Tierra, The Yoga of Herbs by Dr. Vasant Lad Any thoughts on this topic appreciated!
  14. In Ayurveda, they say it is essential to go to sleep by 10:00 PM in order to be in harmony with natures rhythm's. I've heard that the liver performs an essential cleansing function at 11:00 PM and you need to be asleep for this to take place properly. Also I have heard that sufficient sleep is required for balanced testosterone and growth hormone levels. Plus one should wake up naturally without a jarring alarm clock. Personally, I find I need at least 7 to 8 hours sleep and I wake up with a iPod/iPhone app called Relax Alarm Clock which gradually increases the volume of a relaxing guitar sound.
  15. Thanks for the welcome guys! I will be receiving the Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness book any day. Once I read through it, I will be sharing my thoughts. Rob_T, I do not have a particular title on acupressure, but you can find many titles on the net. All the best Arion
  16. Aloha From Maui Hawaii, I'm excited to see a forum dedicated to Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness! I've been a vegetarian/vegan most of my life. I just bought the Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness book, and I look forward to gaining weight and muscle. I'm a certified counselor of Ayurvedic medicine and I have studied Chinese medicine. I hope to contribute eastern wisdom here that you may find enlightening. Wishing everyone a long happy healthy life! Sincerely Arion
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