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  1. lol, definitely not. RE: dips...I mentioned doing 3 sets of 15 of them, is that the way to go? Or should I just be doing as many as I can until I give out?
  2. I run several miles daily and have lost fat rapidly everywhere else, it must just be one of my last trouble spots.
  3. Does anybody have the secret to cutting up lower pecs? My chest is really solid from the middle third up, but I can't shed that last bit of fat. Granted it's an ever-improving situation, but really marked improvement is taking much longer to see there than other parts of my body. I'm guessing I should just keep at it with the cardio and it'll be the last fat to go along with my inner thighs and lower-inner arms. Technical terms, all I work my chest 2-3 times a week. 1x12 135#, 1x10 155#, 1x6 185#, 1x3 205#, 3x8 185# on the bench. 3x15 dips. 20 reps each of dumbbell flys and press with 20# bells. I do 50 push-ups before bed most nights. My bench has a decline press setting but I did that exclusively for quite a bit a while back and didn't notice any improvement. Thoughts?
  4. Hey all, new guy here. I was vegan for two years in my early twenties, gave it up for a couple years for some inexplicable reason, and am back at it again more enthused than ever. I'm currently 5'11" 218~ pounds. I weighed over 270 in high school and even after focusing on a more regimented workout routine, I couldn't get below 240. The weight started melting away with a switch to a vegan diet unsurprisingly, but I'm still not where I want to be physically. I have Popeye forearms and decent traps but could stand to improve a lot everywhere else. I'd ideally like to get down to the 205 range with more toned overall musculature. My current regimen could probably use some fine-tuning. I have a pretty basic setup at my disposal with a bench (which doubles as a squat rack which I neglect for the most part), an EZ curl bar and some free weights. As of now, I do chest/upper-back/shoulders alternating with biceps/forearms every other day. I run several miles at least four times a week. Because of that, I'm apprehensive when it comes to leg extensions/curls and squats because I want to maintain lower-half endurance for runs. My legs are actually developing a nice tone from running alone, though my glutes could use some work. I've always heard that lots of cardio can limit gains when it comes to lifting, but fat loss takes precedence at this stage. Nutritionally I eat a lot of whole grain cereals with almond milk or water for breakfast and lots of brown rice plus a decent blend of vegetables for lunch and dinner. Lots of avocado too! I take a really nice once-daily multi that picks up any nutritional slack plus a B-spectrum supplement. Though I have lost touch with flax (used to be a staple) and wonder if I'm missing out on any benefits there. For additional protein I eat a Clif bar after lifting, though I'd like to go soy free eventually. I wish Lara bars had more protein. I'd love to know about any user experiences with Pea Protein as that route intrigues me. Well, apologies for the lengthy intro, but I look forward to learning all I can!
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